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  1. Thanks for replying! Aren't you really going to be overeating every time you fill the tiny little sleeve? Yes, but you are taking a big gamble with the sleeve if you already have GERD. The sleeve is notorious for new cases of GERD and aggravating existing GERD. If it resolves, great, you made the right decision. But, if not, GERD is no joke. It can make life miserable if it can't be controlled with medication.
  2. He is right. If you have GERD you do NOT want the sleeve. Bypass would be the better choice.
  3. You might find this interesting, then....
  4. No issues eating and no throwing up. A bit of nausea sometimes.
  5. smallbites, was your GERD worse at one point and now it is better? or have you always been on just one dose of nexium?
  6. Nobody has replied yet....does that give me my answer? nooooooo
  7. Regrets?

    I am so worried that I will have to have bypass eventually if this gerd doesn't get better.
  8. I was at my PCP's today and she gave me a funny look when I said the dexilant I'm taking wasn't taking care of all the acid and that I was taking two pepcid every night too. That's unusual I'm sure, but how unusual is it for a sleeve patient? I've had a local bariatric surgeon tell me that I will have no choice but to revise to bypass if the GERD is this bad at this point. My surgeon tells me nothing - just that it may improve, or might not. Is there anyone here who had really bad GERD after surgery that improved over time - even went away? Please, give me some hope. I really don't want another surgery. -Anne
  9. Regrets?

    6 weeks with diarrhea? How did you work? That had to be six weeks off of work. How did you handle it?
  10. Regrets?

    I regret it. I am only one month out, though. Since surgery, I have been suffering through anxiety and depression, and I never had that before. I can barely sleep and I hate food and eating is difficult. I can only eat a tiny bit of food and I'm usually nauseous when I do and acid shoots up my throat after I eat. Which makes me not want to eat so I drink most of my "meals". I've got some pretty bad reflux that is being controlled by medication - just barely. If I could go back and not get this surgery, I would. Those are the negatives. The positive so far are that I've lost a LOT of weight that would have taken me months or even years if I tried to do it without surgery. Day of surgery I weighed 300 pounds and today I weigh 265. That's 35 pounds in a month.
  11. Regrets?

    Do you have a fairly large sleeve? How much food could you eat now?
  12. I am only 1 month out and not getting very many calories in. Yesterday I got my fluids and protein in, but the only actual food I had was about 3 oz of greek yogurt and about 2 oz of fish. That's it. I don't care about eating and honestly, I'm a little scared to put food in my new stomach. I start thinking about later down the road when I'm close or at my goal weight. Will I care about eating then? Will it be a struggle to get food in? If I didn't try, I could easily not eat anything all day. The weight is coming off of me so fast right now that I worry about getting to goal or lower and getting sick or malnourished because I can't get in enough calories to sustain myself. But, when I look at posts in the long term forum, a lot of them are worries about regain. Is there anyone at goal who is struggling to keep weight on?
  13. Mourning a loss

    When you had your sleeve? Did you revise to RNY? Why?
  14. Thank you for responding. I have seen a psychologist once since surgery and have three more appointments scheduled with her and I am going to attend a support group this month. I'm trying.
  15. Ever since surgery I have felt very anxious all the time. It's worse in the morning and sometimes gets better as the day goes on. It feels like butterflies in my gut or - worse -tightening in my chest and a feeling like I'm about to jump out of my skin. I thought that when I got home after surgery that I would feel better once I was home with my husband and my kids in familiar surroundings, but, no. I felt strange, weird, broken somehow and disconnected, if that makes any sense. I'm feeling more at home now but I have no motivation to do anything and I'm not happy - no matter how hard I try to get out and do something fun. I don't feel normal. I don't feel like myself anymore. This past Saturday night I went to a party and had fun with friends and relaxed a bit, was able to nibble on a little food and felt like myself again, but only for that night. The next day I was a bundle of nerves again. My PCP put me on wellbutrin but it hasn't been four weeks yet and I haven't noticed much difference in my mood - just side effects like diarrhea and insomnia. On 7/19 in the early morning, I took my bp and it was sky high and I felt super anxious - like I was about to jump out of my skin. So I took myself to the ER and since I was fine physically and my bp had gone down, the doc just talked to me and gave me an Rx for xanax. The xanax works great - completely calms my anxiety and I feel more like myself. He only gave me 9 pills and I've taken 6 of them at different times since then...but the next day I feel even more anxious than before. So I don't use them anymore. Plus, I read up on xanax and it's very addictive and the withdrawals are horrible. I see my PCP tomorrow and I will ask her for something else for anxiety and tell her about my family history. My father had anxiety disorder and I don't think that is in my medical record, and she's a new doc for me, since my last PCP just retired. Maybe I was "feeding" my anxiety, or it's the sudden loss of ghrelin. Even if she does give me something it will take about a month to start working. I just know that I feel awful and I have to go back to work next week to my teaching job - which is very stressful. I just hope I don't have a panic attack while at work. If I would have known this would happen, I would have never had the surgery. I want to be happy again. This is an effect of surgery I had no idea would happen. I've had a band before and never gone through this. I didn't feel like this at all after the band. Has anyone else gone through this? and hopefully found a way to be happy again? -Anne