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  1. Thanks! Did not do much of a workout plan to be honest. Still continuing to lose. I was just at the minimum BMI to have surgery so I started out with no pre-op diet so all the weight I lost was after the surgery. Need to start working out to tone up a bit however I was quite happy with the lack of excess skin I have which is wonderful to not have to get plastic surgery. I did however lose a bit of hair (thinning which sucked as my hair was already thin) around 6 months but it stopped after about a month and now is growing again. I don't really have a diet plan but I always have a protein shake for breakfast and a hard boiled egg around 10/11. My lunches and dinners almost always include chicken which I love but I still eat a variety of foods just small portions. I am still not taking in a lot of calories as I get full pretty quickly which I am ok with Good luck on your weight loss!
  2. Anyone want to be my buddy!

    How are you doing Mern?
  3. I use Kirkman Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D-3 in unflavored powder (1/4 tsp = 500 mg so I take it 3 times a day). Will have labs done 2/9 so will let you know I first bought the big calcium pill but am single and felt like I was choking every time I tried to take them - too big for doctor recommended the powder and it works great for me and it cheap online - I got a 16 ounce container for $12.00 and it will last me months!
  4. Vomiting...Nothing?

    I agree with Zen_Steph as I have had a similar experience these past several months - nothing comes up but it is like you are vomiting and it is usually eating to fast or to big of bites for me...
  5. August Surgery Roll Call

    How is everyone doing?
  6. Hello from an Alaskan gal.

    Alaska! I moved to Kansas City, MO in 2014 after living in Alaska for 15 years - sure do miss it - however not the snow Valdez gets sooo much snow it was ridiculous. Where in Alaska do you live?
  7. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Holiday party pic and Christmas card
  8. post your halloween outfits!

  9. New to Thinner Times

  10. Food funeral?????

    I ate and drank the weekend before my surgery as well, and like Cheesehead, I was only required to do liquids the day before - so it really all depends on what your doctor has you on for your pre-op diet.
  11. I also have a similar experience to ZenSteph when I get full or eat too big of a bite - hiccups, sometimes burping and definite pressure in chest like something is stuck - you definitely will learn to not do this too many times as the chest pressure is very uncomfortable.
  12. Hiccups!

    I had gastric bypass and also experience hiccups but only when I am full and it isn't uncomfortable - good signal to stop eating
  13. ONEderland!!!!

    I made it to onerderland this morning and feel AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for me