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  1. My wife had the same thing happen to her in November, The surgeon indicated that they accidentally stapled a fold in the pouch and had to completely remove it. She has revocered well and is losing weight but also wonders about the long term effects
  2. Hi All, Haven't posted in a while, I have honestly not been doing the greatest, my weight loss has stalled pretty significantly for about the past 3 months or so. No real secret there, I have discovered that while I cannot eat exactly like I used to, I do not have dumping, and can eat in the same manner as I once did if not the quantities, if I chose to.Anyways this is an I went to Mexico on business last week and ate very poorly the entire time- call it not preparing properly for the trip, or vacation mentality but the bottom line was that I ate what I wanted just in much smaller quantities than in my past- the good news, not the NSV, was that when I came home from Mexico I weighed exactly what I did when I left. So what felt like out of control eating was still nothing compared to pre surgery eating. The NSV was that my sons were at a roller skating party the day I flew home, so I met up with them at the skating rink and skated for about an hour and a half. I hadn't been on skates for about 30 years at that point! I actually did well and had a lot of fun and my sons loved it. It just helped remind me why I got the surgery in the first place and what is important to me- it is look on my son's faces when I rolled out onto the floor and skated with them. It does seem as though the surgery has taken me as far as it can without my direct help to a loss of 140lbs, time to remember why I did this in the first place and start helping the surgery instead of fighting with it and trying to defeat it. I am also not the poster child for weight loss surgery, I have stumbled and fallen but not stayed down and not done too much damage in the process thankfully. I love the words LadyFi used above "I am a work in progress" too
  3. I will echo the thoughts already put out there by all of the follow-ups and add only this: I had to and continue to treat my surgery as an absolute last resort, without any other options available to me. If there was ANY other way I could have done it on my own I would not have had the surgery. I had to get to absolute rock bottom. Having said the above it was the best decision of my life, I am down 130+ lbs since surgery and have stalled a couple times but continue to lose. And there really is no good time to get the surgery, I got mine in June, my wife had hers scheduled for May, and postponed twice and ended up having it in November- She is right now going through the stages and will not be able to have turkey for Christmas. She also suffered a couple of complications that set her back.
  4. I was thinkin the same thing just didn't know how to ask where your parties are without coming off wrong
  5. I pictured Braveheart where William Wallace is on the slab and cries out FREEDOM! at the very end- lot's of parallels to my weight loss there too. Good for you and congrats
  6. she is doing well overall, resting comfortably ad in good spirits. Just worry about the long term effects
  7. OK so I posted in the DR forum too but am wondering how many of us out there have had the same thing My wife had surgery on the 7th of November and they indicated that she had a small complication- her esophagus was longer than normal and it caused them to staple the pouch in the wrong spot and close off the opening, they ended up attaching her esophagus directly to the intestine so that she has no pouch- The surgeon indicated that it was not really a big deal, but she has been in the hospital for 5 days where I was in for 1.5. He indicated that this was how many bypass surgeries are performed now but it seems like this is not true. Anyone have a similar circumstance? Also was wondering what other restrictions she might face Ie dumping food, etc Than all I will keep you posted
  8. Hi Guy, I would say that this site has helped me in ways that a support group could not, and vise versa. for one I get to or got to lurk on here for a very long time reading all of the posts silently and without comment, Once I started posting I also found that sharing my own experience is just as rewarding. One of the things I miss from the face to face is the human contact associated and having people that are face to face and facing the exact same thing. I think long term I will opt for both, but will definitely continue on here as I am inspired by the successes, concerned for the failures for them and for cautionary tales for myself ( I am only 4 months out) And read on here and usually post daily as a reminder of where I have come from, where I am going, and the road in between.
  9. Good to have you out of surgery Bob, First couple days are rough but it keeps getting better. I couldn't swallow when I first came out of surgery and for about 30 hours after, I thought to myself oh what have I done, but it all passes, even the pain.
  10. Congrats Sunny, Welcome to the losers bench. Bob Hope all is well check in when you can