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  1. Workout Group not working

    Very true. Thank you Wendy. I've been looking on YouTube for at home workouts for bariatric patients and I'm going to start those. I know their intentions are good but I also know they want me to be successful and they too have to learn the new me. I'm so grateful for everyone's response. It has definitely helped me
  2. Workout Group not working

    It was like that at first, just walking and catching up, but then everyone wanted something more challenging and exercises to work out other parts of the body. Everyone wants to work and push hard. As much as I want to, it's just to hard for me. If I fall behind, they'll stop and wait for me to catch up which is nice and I appreciate it, but it makes me feel bad. They always tell me to do what I can do, and I do but then they're like pushing me do more to be supportive and it annoys me and I become a crabby patty. I just don't want to hold back anyone from what they're trying to achieve even though they are offering. I've explained and told them my emotions are everywhere and I'm just tired. I'm also afraid that if I don't push myself to workout or walk, I'll fall back into old routine and gain all the weight I lost and more back. Even though I know I'm only 3 months out and it's impossible bc I cannot consume the amount of calories I was once eating, but i still have those fears.
  3. Workout Group not working

    Thank you much. The Biggest Loser has a cash prize and I didn't want to join then someone say something. Even though their my friends and I love them, when money is involved, sometimes greed takes over and I just didn't want to put myself in that situation. I think I'll try working out alone or even just going for a walk. You're absolutely right, I'm so used putting everyone first before me, so that is something I'm going to have to learn to do. It really is a overall whole lifestyle change. I'm so happy I found this site!!
  4. A group of friends, my partner and myself started a work out group a few months back. My partner had wls in 2015 and is down 97lbs. All our friends are overweight, but the majority are not morbidly overweight. I started working out before surgery and did as well after, but it's going on a month that I've stopped working out with them. It's not that I'm intimidated, but I feel as if I hold them back b/c I cannot keep up or I'll stop bc I feel lightheaded or dizzy. They'll tell me to keep going and I know they're trying to be positive but i snap at them bc when I tell them to give me a minute they keep on pushing me to continue. My partner is guilty of that too. I know they all mean well, and I've explained to them but I just feel like an outcast. They say they understand, but at times I feel as they don't. I feel that I have pulled away from the group, but ultimately I have to listen to my body and take care of me. Plus, I feel if I work out alone, I'll hurt their feeling since we all started together. Also, they've all started a biggest loser competition and I refused to join bc I felt like since I'm losing without working out, I have an advantage and it won't be fair, so that's also made me pull away from them as well. I don't know if it's the fat girl in me that has always been lazy coming out and not wanting to work out, or it's my emotions getting the best of me bc I feel left out... but I think I shouldn't feel left out bc I'm the one who is making the choice not to go. Has anyone gone through this, or does anyone have any advice.. I feel stuck..
  5. Working out and Calories

    Thank you so much! That helps me put a lot with the calorie intake.
  6. Hello. I'm 3 months post op and I've stopped working out bc I would get dizzy and not feel good. My calorie intake in maybe 700/day if that, but i do drink water and stay hydrated. My questions is, if I'm working out and the goal is to burn calories, how do i do so without getting sick or feeling like I'm going to pass out? I've used the fitnesspal app and when I log in my calorie intake and add my workout, it adds more calories and I'm like baby stomach wont intake anymore! I'm scared to work out again but then I'm even more scared if I don't, I'll gain the weight I've lost back... Anyone been through this or can help me in any way please?