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  1. I had surgery three years ago today: July 28, 2016. I've been about the size and weight I am now for two years—two years ago I was about five pounds heavier, last year I was about five pounds lighter. I'm feeling pretty stable and solid—I had a little weight gain earlier this year, watched (and didn't watch) things creep just above 195 before I realized I needed to and could focus on it and intervene. I've taken most of it back off. I definitely had some fear and anxiety when I realized that it was happening, but ultimately all that I really needed to do to bring it back down towards a mo
  2. Home again. I had a lovely week and a half in three European cities, in which I denied myself very little. I ate a bunch of croissants and other delicious bread-type things. I drank a lot (like a lot) of cocktails (un autre Campari spritz, s'il-vous plait; einmal noch Aperol sour, bitte). I came home with six RitterSports in my carry-on. I managed to consume nearly an entire döner kebab in one sitting. I also prioritized protein the majority of the time and walked a ton—I don't keep track, but walking around is a primary travel activity for me by inclination. And on Tuesday, when I got on
  3. I'm about to take off for ten days in Europe. Two things about that relevant to this space: 1) I'm a little bit grumpy about the fact that I'm disrupting a really good groove. I've been interested in losing a little more weight, and lately that's been working out well for me: I've been in a good, easy, pleasurable routine that's made that feel very achievable. I'm seeing scale weights below the bottom of my usual range—the last few mornings have been below 177. You know what's not like an awesome step towards losing five or ten pounds? Eating in nice restaurants in Paris. That said, am I
  4. wow—right about goal on the dot on the year mark! Super impressive. The first year goes so fast!
  5. Here's my plan today—I've just finished lunch: Breakfast: big glass of cold brewed iced coffee with Fairlife chocolate milk Lunch: a piece of toast (quickly pan-toasted in butter; I don't have an actual toaster) with chicken salad (just poached chicken, mayonnaise, mustard, scallions, salt & pepper) and sriricha Snack: probably another glass of iced coffee with Fairlife; some cheater's kimchi (just napa cabbage shredded up into the juice of store-bought kimchi); maybe a flavored Greek yogurt (not together!) Dinner: ma po tofu (store bought; about 30 grams of protein for
  6. A+ thrift find! Woman after my own heart.
  7. You look fab! (Can I ask where the dress is from? Love it!)
  8. Thank you both! I feel good about where I've ended up (though I've never thought of myself as inspirational, I have to say!).
  9. Yeah, I agree with this. Letting go of my own judgey feelings of good/bad has been a trajectory of progress for me. I think as long as one's in touch with reality and feeling a sense of agency around one's own behavior and satisfaction with one's status quo, things are good. Like, I'd be concerned if I weighed what I weigh and ate how I ate and either didn't understand why it wasn't resulting in weight loss or was very distressed and felt out of control, but neither one of those things are true. I'm actually pretty much exactly where I'd hoped to be in terms of weight, behavior, and feelings—s
  10. Hi Julyers! Checking in over here too at (just after) the two-year mark. I'm really glad to hear from you about your experiences, and @Murk, I'm also really sorry to hear about your medical trouble (but glad to hear you've come through it well, and as ever, so impressed with your dedication). I wrote a little bit about my two-year mark on my wee blog here at TT, so you can certainly click through to that, but in summary: My high weight/surgery weight was 332. My current weight is ~178 (177.8 this morning). I've seen very slightly lower weights than that, but not much—like 174 is probably
  11. So my return here for the two-year mark has me wanting to think out loud about some stuff, I guess. I do really like this space for thinking through things. I often feel pretty out of step with the general discourse here or elsewhere in WLS support internet space. I have a sense of myself as a "bad" patient, I think, someone who gets away with things, who breaks or bends or disregards the rules, who doesn't work hard enough. The constant vigilance! The culinary monotony! The things that aren't delicious! How do people do it? I feel simultaneously concerned that I should be doing it and de
  12. Oof, that one hit me right in the chest. Thanks for it. Yeah, that is I think the thing that I am saying. I feel pretty at peace, which is not really a way I have ever felt before. My earliest memories are of body loathing, or infested by it. It's a brave new world.
  13. I also had a medical record of eating disorder history when I went into the surgical approval process. My version included an inpatient hospitalization (ED-NOS), but I'd also done a lot (like a LOT) of work since then and was not actively symptomatic, at least not on the clinical level. I was also very concerned about being denied on this basis, but with the diagnosis & hospitalization on my record, I figured it would be worse if I didn't deal with it, so I put it right out there from the jump. My surgeon was very up-front with me; he said "that is not a problem we can fix." (That's comple
  14. I am always really glad when it feels like something I write helps something else. I have definitely been feeling like I'm checking in with some of this stuff in my head, so I may end up revisiting this space more frequently!
  15. It's been two years. I had surgery two years ago—well, two years and a week or so. Things have settled in. My goal with surgery was always the same: stop dieting, stop white-knuckling, find stability that works. I've succeeded at doing that. I never hit my tentative goal, but I also (as readers who were reading back when may recall) didn't really have a goal weight—I never set out to reach a goal of thinness, or of a particular number. I did what I had wanted to do: found a place at which I do not have to diet, a way of eating that can autopilot and course-correct without tippi
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