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  1. question about water intake

    I had my surgery on October 17, 2016 so this is still all new to me. With that I am having problems drinking water. I need Crystal Light or something in it to get it down if not it doesn't. I can have ice cubes and let it melt in my mouth but that's it. I know its weird so told my dr at my post-op visit and she stated that about 50% of patients are affected but it will go away just keep trying water. So that I where I am. I can get about 2 ounces without getting sick.
  2. The (unwanted) Power of Invisibility

    Hi TT. Like this post. I must say I agree with you as to why, fat or thin, society treats people differently. It is truly sad that society does this and continually allows it to happen. Yes it has happened to me on a number of occasions which ultimately changed me. I am no longer invisible no matter what the scale says. Meaning, growing up I was shy, quiet, and reserved also being raised with the motto "if you have nothing nice to say don't say it". Well, that is longer me. I am still very nice and helpful to anyone but through the years of complete ignorance I can no longer take it. So if I was in line waiting and overlooked, I would have said a lot and the ignorant cook would definitely remember me the next time. Is it right or wrong it depends on each person's perceptive. My perspective; I believe he was wrong and I called him out on it. As for men's attention, love the attention but when I am thin. I know that when I am heavier I don't fix myself like I should. How can I get ready and feel good about myself when deep down I don't. So I know that there is a difference in appearance; makeup, jewelry, heels, etc. I tell the men that I know now ask me out when I am thin to forget it, never going to happen. If you didn't think if it before forget it now. I have more self worth than that. The man for me would have asked me at any weight not wait until I am thin. I even had a conversation with a male friend about this and he couldn't believe I was that blunt and wouldn't go out. I told him to believe it because that man is not worth my time because I am more than my pant size. If I am sounding harsh, sorry to all but this subject strikes a cord with me. People should not be invisible or treated definitely for their outside packaging.
  3. Less than 48 hours to surgery.

    Hi Bob. See we got through it. Now time to heal and start getting healthier each day. We made the right decision. Glad you are walking around the more you walk the better you feel per what everyone has told me.
  4. Less than 48 hours to surgery.

    Hi Bob. Well I made it out fine and a little rough yesterday but better today. How about you?
  5. Bob J's. BPD/DS Surgery

    Hi. I will be at the hospital for 7:45 and expected time of surgery is 10 ish. I believe I am the second procedure on the schedule. So we will be both going through the same thing. Hang in there. I truly believe for me I am doing the right thing. I can't go through another diet and gain weight again. This is my turning point to a healthy lifestyle. It's all positive.
  6. Unexpected Moment of Clarity

    Thank you for sharing and even more reason to stick to what we have decided. A healthier lifestyle!
  7. Less than 48 hours to surgery.

    Hi Bob, I am having surgery on the same day as you too. It is a transforming procedure for sure but it will be all for our benefit. That's what I have been telling myself for the last few days. Also as I have been researching this for months, it seems about 95% who had the surgery had no regrets and would do it all again. So that to me is comforting that our outcome will be positive than negative. I am looking at this as second birthday and I am starting life again with a healthier lifestyle and positivity with each step. Just stick to whatever your doctor said to do and lets talk about this after the procedure. Stay positive and hang in there we are close to our first finish line.
  8. Before and After Pics???

    Thank you for your input. I am going to take pictures this weekend before Monday, surgery day! I believe I am ready for it. Nervous no doubt but in the end it will be worth it. Thank you again.
  9. Wondering if I have what it takes

    Thanks for posting this because I have been thinking the same thing lately and freaking myself out. We can do this!
  10. Stalling

    Hi! Hang in there, it will change soon so just keep on track. Maybe stop weighing yourself for a bit and try looking at positive. Try on your clothes to see what fits, list what new things have happened, go to the spa for a facial, and try to go with the flow so your body and mind can catch up. You are doing great!
  11. Before and After Pics???

    Hi! Next week I will be having the sleeve surgery. I have been debating with myself on whether or not to keep before pictures of myself. I honestly don't want to remember or see how big I really am. However, looking at all the before and after pics of people, it is amazing the transformation that people have gone through and achieved. Does anyone have thoughts about this? As for body measurements, I know my weight but don't really care for the rest. Should I take measurements too? As for my clothing, I am throwing out anything that no longer fits me as I lose weight. It seems if I keep it, I end up back in them again. I am ending this yo-yo cycle on October 17th. I think I am just stressing about everything right now.
  12. Nice to meet you! Nervous!

    Hi Kimmy, I too am having the surgery on October 17th. I am going for the sleeve. Yes I am nervous too and I believe the people that I have told are getting nervous for me. In the end, I truly believe that this is the right move for me. I do have my ups and downs about it but I definitely have more ups thinking about a healthier me in the end of the journey. Hang in there.
  13. Debi's Gastric Bypass

    Hi! I am getting anxious about this but I have decided to do it. Good luck on your date. I am having my surgery the same day but in another state. Again good luck.
  14. Bob J's. BPD/DS Surgery

    Hi, I am feeling the same way. We are having it done on the same day but in different states. Good luck on your journey.
  15. Oh Boy the surgery date in getting closer

    HI! I have been getting ready for the sleeve surgery, October 17th. It used to seem so far away and now its next week. I am having ups and downs about the surgery. Basically, should I do it and is it truly the answer for me. I have my family and friends support but some with reserve. Some still think that I should just stick to a diet. Well if I could diet long term I would not be going to a surgeon for help. I believe I am just thinking to much today about it. I went to my aunt and uncle's house for a turkey dinner which hit the spot. I called it my early Thanksgiving meal minus all the additional items that we have on that day. I am completely full and I can't stand the feel, uncomfortable really.