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  1. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Aww, thank you! Pictures are the only way I can see it, I can't see it in the mirror. I'm 5'4. High weight when starting process in Feb 241. Before 2 weeks all liquid pre op diet, 236, surgery day, 222, today 212. Dropped like a rock that first week or so, been working on hitting 211 for about 4 days now.
  2. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Honestly, no idea. The bandages stayed on really well. Heading to doc tomorrow to get staples out and will see. Based on the way the scars from my hysterectomy were, I expect they will mostly vanish in time.
  3. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    NSV today. A dress that was a bit snug that I wore to a friends bday dinner a couple of months ago is now headed for goodwill. Was going to wear it today, put it on and realized the top was way too loose to wear, gapped at least a couple of inches. I'll miss that dress, it was cute, but not as much as much as I love being able to wear this one that's just been in the closet for ages today!
  4. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    I'm done! Pretty easy so far, pain meds are keeping on top of it. Walking and napping most of the day. Can't wait till I can at least have some ice tomorrow, the dry mouth is honestly the worst of it right now. Amber, so glad everything is going well. Little bird and Purple bear, how are you two doing?
  5. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Congrats on the weight loss! The hunger, could it be you need an acid reducer, or if you have one, a different one? From a lot of the reading and such I've done it seems that can mimic hunger pretty precisely. Maybe it's that your feeling instead of hunger?
  6. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

  7. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Congrats Amber! I think I'm actually starting to get nervous now that it's only a few more days,.. Sticking to the liquid diet like glue though, not one cheat, though last night I had insomnia (happens all the time) and around 1 am it was a near thing. Thankfully we can have a small amount of Greek yogurt and there was a small container left in the fridge that saved the day. Which reminds me, I need to add that to the next grocery order, that was the last one.
  8. MzScarlet

    Quitting smoking

    How are you holding up Cindy? I quit about 4 months ago, and damn it's been hard especially at the beginning, but hang in there, it continues to get easier as the weeks go by. I still get the occasional craving, but not nearly as often or as bad, so the ones that do come are easier to get through.
  9. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Lol, I love that movie, Alas, no. Mz Scarlet has been my online name for more than 15 years, in one iteration or another. It got started for several reasons; my first name is Tara so there's the Gone with the Wind reference and my habit of dyeing my hair either screaming red or hot pink at the time, (it's blue atm,).
  10. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Thank you! It was needing to resize it that was the problem. Your link fixed it right up.
  11. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Hmm, I was going to add a photo, but only have an iPad to work with, and I can't seem to figure it out,
  12. MzScarlet

    July surgery roll call

    Whew, finally finished reading all the posts! So glad all of you are starting to feel better. Looking forward to joining you next week. I'm another one for the 27th.
  13. MzScarlet

    VSG today!

    Finally here, it's go time!
  14. MzScarlet

    Hi all, I'm new.

    This one has no solids at all. 7 packets/day of powdered mix stuff that the surgeons office gave us, and up to another 200 calories of shakes, soups etc, including any almond milk or such that you used mixing up the packets. But, we're halfway there and we have survived! Now we're on the downhill side and just knowing that helps make it easier. Nice to have a buddy on the same day! Trying to find some energy this morning, I have a laundry list of stuff that needs to get accomplished before next week. Including the laundry, lol.
  15. MzScarlet

    Is anybody here from California?

    San Jose here as well.