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  1. Thank You! All of you! I appreciate your support and advice greatly! I would like to start off by saying, I feel as though I have been confirmed in my choice to go with bypass. You have all reminded me why I chose this journey. You are all correct, this is MY journey, yet, I feel the need to have everyone telling me I'm making an OK choice. I feel it's because this is new to me. I'm 25 so 9 years ago when I was at a very very healthy weight, just doesn't seem as though it was all that far away. Just kids and marriage and bettering my skills in the culinary department led me down a dangerous path. My schedule became far too full and my rushed poor eating habits became too frequent. My life has since settled down and am finally at a place where I CAN focus on my weight, exercise, healthy eating habits, health conscious meals, and overall health. As to those that pointed out that surgery is a tool and not a quick fix, I couldn't understand this any more than I already do. I have watched the struggles my aunt has endured over the past 11yrs since she herself had the surgery. So I have seen very first hand the absolute dedicated hard work the surgery requires to entail success. Also, as you can see by my stats, I do not look to become skinny, at all. In fact, my goal weight is still very much considered obese. I would like to get between 220-230 lbs. BUT even then, this is not for body image, it's specifically for the fact that it's that weight that I can most clearly remember being able to run be active play and enjoy time with my children and family before all of the disadvantages of morbid obesity. I am 315lbs now. I've lost 18lbs in 3 weeks so I'm only 15 away from my personal pre-op goal weight. (315 was my goal weight set by my surgeon). I am fully confident that I am more than making the right choice in choosing to change my life with WLS. And still, I feel as bypass will be the better option. I am not relying on dumping syndrome so much as I am in no way bothered by a potential consequence from making a poor food choice. Also, I'm not holding unrealistic standards as, I'm not one who truly cares so so much for being skinny or I would have went with this surgery years ago. I just want the health benefits that come. And weight loss is surely one to help me catch up to my toddlers and 10yr old who is in more sports than I can keep up with! So, I appreciate all of your advice very much. And with all of this said, I can't wait to join you all on the true winning side of this journey!
  2. Hello all, so I'm freaking out! My surgeon actually just told me that sleeve is a better option for me as there's much less consequences aka complications after surgery. So I'm not sure what to do. I'm torn because my mind has been set on Gastric. I've researched it, read every thread out there on it, watched every YouTube video on it, and invisioned it. I'm not big on change last minute due to anxiety, so I'm panicking now. I guess I should start with WHY I chose BYPASS.... I figured, smaller stomach, smaller intake of food, it'll take more time to stretch, and dumping syndrome will keep me from bad foods for life, also, loosing weight faster, and other than that, I can't think atm. So now, my doctor said that with the hundreds of vitamins required after surgery, and the other many complications that I should switch to sleeve so I'm not more or less, suffering so much after surgery. I too, am nervous for consequences but feel like the two don't offer all that much difference in post op consequences. My biggest concern is feeling that I won't loose weight as fast, or as much. Please, advice? Experience? Are consequences completely manageable after bypass? Do they have the same side effects? Do you loose an equal amount of weight on both? Does the weight come off at the same pace? Are the requirements of vitamins doable for you?
  3. Okay, UPDATE. So, to be quite frank, I'm not so much correcting my statement as much as I am giving the FULL scope of costs incurred through my insurance type. To add, I have a $50 CoPay to visit with my surgeon. I meet with him three times I believe before surgery. So there an addition of $150 in 3 visits. However, my statement still stands, all classes and support group meetings are all free of CoPays. Hope that helps! 4 Weeks PreOp Now!!
  4. Hello all, so before anyone jumps down my throat... Yes I am PreOp. But me as the control freak that I am, I look far into the future and consider A L L aspects BEFORE going through with anything. I have my surgery in about 6wks. I know I'm on the heavier side being 336lbs, so I'm sure I will have quite a bit of excess skin, although, I've seen MANY people years down the road post op, where their skin actually does shrink back up quite a bit and it's not all that noticeable. Now, I'm not being nieve into think that I will have the same outcome, I know every body and genetics are different. But I'm confident that my age, work out regime, and healthy new habits will only help in speeding up the little bit of tightening that it physically can tighten without surgical intervention. But my MAIN concern, my boob's. I'm so very worried that my breasts will fall flat and flappy and just look like a mess. I'm already larger on one side that the other, and though my boob's look pretty dang good due to my younger age, I refuse to let them turn out awful. I do have a husband who really loves them and wouldn't want to see them change either. So I'm thinking that I'll pass on the skin lifts and tummy tucks and all that, but go for the breast lift for sure. I'm just wondering if someone has experience in this department or felt the same way I do. Also, if you did get just plastic surgery on your breasts and nowhere else, do you regret it? I'm only asking because I'd like to start saving for it now so that 1yr or so post op, I'll be ready for the surgery IF NEEDED.
  5. Not entirely sure if Muscle Milk is allowed but their Double Chocolate and Dark Chocolate is VERY good. I only know this because my husband (unlike me) is very fit and athletic and he works out and drinks protein shakes 7 days a week. I used the Muscle Milk Dark Chocolate protein shake as a meal replacement for a few weeks when I "was" going strong with a diet. It's full of carbs and protein. And doesn't upset the stomach. You could mix with either water or milk. I used fat free milk. It's a much more watery texture than whole or 2% but gives it a little more of the consistency I like over pure water. But again, I have no idea what your other medical conditions are, that being said, since you ARE PreOp for now, it couldn't hurt to try. I vow it to taste quite great. (please do not mistake me for suggesting regular Muscle Milk Chocolate, it's nowhere near as good!!)
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend! I feel sorry for her that she is so selfish and closed minded. We all know too many people in our lives that speak but don't listen, that judge, but don't understand. It's all too common. I would say, throwing away a friendship might not be the right path though. If your like me, I invest a lot into my relationships and friendships and don't like to see one come to an end unless I'm certain there's no other options. My advice, sit your friend down and be just as pressing on the issue as she is. Express that it's your turn to speak your side and if she doesn't want to loose a friend, then she needs to hear you out. Tell her how you feel. Tell her if she's being too moody or judgemental or passive or condescending or selfish or close minded. Don't attack, rather, convince her that neither her nor you are right, but that you both simply have opposite opinions and it might be best that you simply don't discuss that topic anymore. Just, make sure you stick up for yourself. I would. I refuse to let people tell me I'm lazy, or that I'm cheating with the surgery, or that I wouldn't make it on my own without the surgery. That's my two cents. Hope it helps hun.
  7. I'm going through a similar situation PRE-OP!!! so here's the thing, I'm 7weeks PreOp, and am already facing these worries! My husband is very very athletic, and is very healthy and very good looking, I myself was all of the above in the beginning. After 3 children and many pregnancy complications and our youngest having medical issues, the weight piled on. I was 140 when I got with my husband back in highschool and 10yrs later I'm 190lbs heavier. Although my husband is VERY loving and absolutely loves my body, especially my butt and boob's and compliments me very often and I love it. But I'm doing this surgery FOR ME. I am still a very confident person most of the time as I am. However, I crave the skinnier healthy lifestyle and I just want to be a follower I suppose, because I want to be active fit and healthy like my husband. So I'm doing gastric bypass in a few weeks and I'm so worried as is my husband, for our relationship changes that we may encounter. It almost seems as though my husband doesn't really want me to get the surgery. He's lightweight jealous and I'm concerned that compliments or flirts in the future would cause a MAJOR problem in the future. Also, I'm worried that it might change me! I absolutely love my husband and would never leave him ever. But I'm scared that all of these changes here and there will add up and hurt our marriage. It might just be paranoia though because my aunt had the surgery, got very healthy and skinny and enjoyed the attention too much and it changed her. Needless to say, my aunt and uncle divorced with 3 young kids 1yr post op. Long story short, I'm quite scared to change my marriage dynamics in any way. Is this a common occurrence? Or am I just paranoid?
  8. Hello, I am a member of Kaiser and am a patient out of Roseville, however my surgery and classes are through the South Sacramento Bariatric Department. I'm still 7w PreOp and have had an AMAZING progress to date with Kaiser. Everything has been very quick and smooth and is all covered except for an initial Co pay, (mines $30) for the referral visit from my PCP. And the rest of the appointments have been fully covered and I haven't had to pay a penny towards co-pays. All classes don't cost any co-pays either, although, I do have to pay a co-pay for my psych eval ($30), and the actual surgery ($600). Other than that, I have run into no other costs. If you have Kaiser, and you are overweight and wish you had the means to afford Bariatric Surgery, I urge you to speak with member services as it is surprisingly easy and it's basically fully covered. Please, if anyone has incurred more costs through Kaiser please let me know.
  9. This is one (if not the most concerning) concerns that I have being pre op. I'm confident in the surgery, and won't be scared away by the potential for hair loss, but I'm very scared to experience this. My hair used to be very thick about 5 years ago. But after having my youngest and so many pregnancy complications during that time, I have lost MAJOR amounts of hair since. My hair to this day is thinning as we speak. I'm very worried that post op might send this thinning into a frenzy and end up more of a balding situation. I heard somewhere that biotin needs to build up a reserve and it doesn't work overnight. I'm still 7 weeks before surgery and thinking I should start taking large amounts of biotin now. Would the amount of biotin I consume matter? Has anyone know a friend of a friend that has tried this method?
  10. This is what I am so scared for! I'm still pre op and don't have surgery for another 7-9 weeks but I'm worried because after giving birth to my youngest, my hair has thinned DRAMATICALLY. Do you feel your efforts of biotin and protein were a lost cause? I'm wondering if I should start taking biotin now?