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  1. Hi! Thanks for checking in and happy 4th! I totally understand where you are as I am right there myself. I "plateaued" with the wait loss in the middle of May. The scale would not budge from 160. My husband got me an Apple Watch and that has helped me get back on track from the grazing. I set up all these reminders on Baritastic and it's easier to countdown the 30 minutes between drinking and eating. I also finally found an exercise that I like- Barre- which is challenging but just the right speed for me as I am uncoordinated and can't do hi impact stuff very well due to other previous surgeries. I go to Pure Barre in Lincolnshire Square and what's nice is the classes regardless of time are filled with women representing all different body shapes and sizes. There was even a guy in my Friday afternoon class! The instructors are super nice, very helpful, and encouraging. Since starting, I've dropped another 5 pounds. I am currently seeing Dr Tomasino to work out some other issues related to the weight loss. I can't seem to let go of my bigger clothes. I hope some of the older members of the thread wouldn't mind sharing motivational tips or words of encouragement to help us newbies. Thanks in advance!
  2. @fabfurni-- Ashleigh told me they are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month so for December the last one is the 22nd. It's at 9 am.
  3. Supermom- I completed all appointments and classes 1-3 by mid-June then met with Dr Hungness mid-July. Then I waited. Mid-September, I was told I needed an endoscopy. Lucky for me, I work really close to Northwestern and begged the scheduler to notify me if there was an earlier appointment that what she could schedule me for. A cancellation worked in my favor. Afterwards, Quiana submitted to insurance and by mid-October, everything was clear except Class 4 and my work schedule. The week I was able to go to Class 4, Ashley was out of town and she's the only one who can teach the class. I ended up starting 2 week pre-op diet the day before I saw Ashley for class 4. That was November 8th. Surgery took place on the 21st. Post-op was the 29th. Imy first post op group is December 22 at 430 pm.
  4. Was released yesterday-fastest discharge I've ever had from a hospital. They kept me one additional night to monitor a rash i developed from the adhesive on the tent they used during surgery. "Food"- protein drinks are going down okay but I have this odd sensation while drinking...almost like heartburn. I am also hiccuping like crazy! Had a lot of back and abdominal pain yesterday, some attributable to passing gas. Still haven't had a bowel movement. Would like to go out but afraid of having to use a public restroom. Found my surgical girdle from 2008 surgery and put that on before sleeping. That helped a lot! I started taking the flintstones chewable multivitamin when I got home but found them to be salty tasting. Anyone else have the same experience? Anyone else try a different vitamin? Sorry for all the questions...just trying to get a sense for what is normal.
  5. Checking in from my room in Feinberg. Dr Hungness performed my gastric bypass yesterday. Have been able to tolerate water all day and did my first of three laps around the floor. Moving on to clear broth and jello for dinner.
  6. I felt slightly pushed towards sleeve but I opened the door and asked about scar tissue after watching the videos in preparation for my appointment. He had legitimate reasons I could follow but it was still a surprise since I had given him the "cliffs notes version" of my situation at the information session and that was when he initially recommended RNY. I went through some other threads on TTF the last few hours. I am still leaning towards RNY.
  7. Why RNY and not sleeve?

    This thread was super helpful. Thanks to all who answered.
  8. Checking in. Started in Match-April and met with Dr Hungness this morning. Attending class #3 this week so hopefully insurance submission takes place soon. I'd really like to do this surgery in August. I see that most of you went with vertical sleeve. This whole time I had been leaning towards gastric bypass but after meeting with Dr Hungness today, he'd like me to consider vertical sleeve given my medical history- series of surgeries that may have resulted in too much scar tissue. I really believe I am addicted to sugar so while the dumping syndrome isn't something I am looking forward to, it's a good behavior modification tool. Did any of you go through a thorough analysis that ultimately led to you switching which procedure you ultimately had done? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for this forum.