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  1. LOL about your experiences at the nutrition class, Kristin. I felt the same way! I recall that in one of my classes, one of the participants was complaining to Ashley about having to chew her food. "But I can't do that," she complained. "It's so gross!" Meanwhile, I was thinking, "isn't it kind of gross to not chew one's food to some degree?" If nothing else, the classes can be helpful to reinforce what behaviors are best avoided after surgery.
  2. Hi Mirandarawks — Congrats on starting your WLS journey! The NU bariatric practice does have cancellations from time to time, but since they're so busy (as I'm sure you've noticed), they can be hard to come by. Just call and check. If not, the 21st is coming up soon...
  3. Glad to hear you had a good session with Dr Hungness. I've been impressed with him every time we've met. You're in good hands!
  4. Hi SuperMom! No, you're not missing anything. Even though other programs have their patients on all-liquid diets, Ashley had mentioned that the low carb nature of the NMH pre-op diet is sufficient to shrink the liver before surgery. That said, I think Ashley also recommended having one to two protein shakes per day while on the pre-op diet, so... there's really not that much room for one to slip up.
  5. Congratulations! Hope you're feeling okay!
  6. Hey Kate — sorry to hear you're under the weather! Hope you're resting up for your Big Day! As for the diet, do whatever you can to make that surgery go as smoothly as possible. As long as you're trying to stay on track, I'm sure the slip-ups will be minor in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Hi Corrine! Thanks for asking. Post-surgery life has been interesting thus far. I guess I had thought I would have been able to do a bit more, but... I've pretty much been wiped out. So far I've been able to tolerate my previous protein shakes, but I have noticed that plain water isn't all that easy to get down. Hot decaf tea and vegetable broth have been helpful. Well, oops, scratch broth, because I tried to have some this evening, and the smell alone made me want to vomit. I see what everyone means about changing tastes after surgery! Even with all of that, I'm so happy to have t
  8. Thanks for the well-wishes, Kate! Surgery went fine. The team discovered I had a hiatal hernia, so they repaired that at the same time. I arrived home yesterday afternoon and am now on the mend. How's your pre-op diet going?
  9. SuperMom, if you're trying to fast-track: one thing you'll want to find out about is getting an endoscopy scheduled ASAP. I finished all of my classes in early September and met with Dr Hungness on September 20th, and then... things slowed waaaaaaaaaaaay down. I was told that they wouldn't even consider scheduling the surgery until the endoscopy had been performed, so if you don't have that hurdle with which to contend, things might move more quickly. However, it seems like some people have been able to fly through the NMH system, so who knows?
  10. Hi Carolyn! Two days away — you're almost to the losers bench!
  11. Hi Kate! Completely understood about being nervous. I've been feeling jittery, but it's more of the "I'm getting ready to go on a fantastic vacation" (or some other kind of Really Big Deal) kind of jitters. You've got this...
  12. I've seen a few threads with people mentioning their December surgery dates, so I thought I'd start a new thread just for December people to list their surgery dates, support one another, etc. I'm up on December 7. I know I've seen DaniLiz, ValerieKGorman and Michelle L as having December dates. Who else?
  13. Great question, Valerie. I just purchased a stick blender, thinking it'd be easier for purées, mixing protein shakes, etc., but then I started to wonder: do I really need this? tkk54915, appreciate your response. I'm curious to hear what other people ended up doing.
  14. Hi SuperMom. I'm going through the process right now, and my surgery is scheduled with Dr. Hungness. I met with him back in September, and he seemed knowledgable and personable. Most of the people in the aforementioned thread had Dr. Nagle, but I think you'll have a good experience with either surgeon.
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