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  1. Hello, Everyone!

    Thanks for the welcome, embers meow and res ipsa! I am wanting to have VSG instead of gastric bypass for a couple of reasons. The first is that there is less risk of malnourishment / absorbing nutrients/medicines. The second is that the new, smaller stomach is less likely to stretch, as well has having less ghrelin-producing cells. Finally, the VSG is less invasive physically, as well as --> the surgery takes less than an hour, and is an outpatient procedure, as opposed to a full hospital stay. [I'm self-pay, and the monetary value does play a role -- not a deciding role, but a role nonetheless. So, those are my reasons I'm looking forward to lurking and engaging, as well as having surgery in the [near] future.
  2. Hey everyone! I was wondering if there is anyone else that is in the process of having surgery through the Eviva surgery group in the Seattle area? I'm planning on having VSG with Dr Peter Billing in the near future. I'd love to start a support system of young women in my age range [mid-late 20's] and my location . -Kayla [I met a girl in the waiting room a few weeks ago, and am hoping to connect with her , because we seem to be in the same place in our surgery process]
  3. Hello, Everyone!

    Hello! I'm Kayla I've officially decided to have WLS -- and will be speaking to my surgeon soon regarding a surgery date. I have decided on having VSG surgery. I'm 28 and live in the Pacific NorthWest. I currently weight 275[ish] pounds. I had a bod-pod test done a few weeks ago, and have a BF% of 56% -- That was really my wake-up call; that my body is more than 1/2 just fat. Anyway, I'm going to lurk around, and just wanted to introduce myself