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  1. Inspire/Believe Protein Products

    has anybody used any of the inspire or believe protein products available at bariatriceating.com? i'm having a tough time finding a protein powder i like. inspire and believe have some interesting flavors, but when i inquired about samples, i was told they don't do samples. i hate to spend a chunck of money on another protein powder i'm not going to like. thanks!!
  2. i had gastric bypass on 7/5. i'm really struggling with getting in my protein. the way my program explained things, i'm supposed to have at least 32 oz of clear liquids and 32 oz of full liquids, which are basically liquids with protein. the list of suggestions they offered pre-surgery was pretty limited. skim milk with protein powder, pre-made protein drinks, such as those by ensure or boost, condensed tomato soup made with skim milk, or low fat organic greek yogurt. i have no problem getting in my clear liquids, but the full liquids are more difficult. i've been doing skim milk with unjury chocolate splendor protein powder for breakfast, but lunch and dinner have been a crap shoot. today i tried the condensed soup made with skim. the tomato didn't really sit well. then, at dinner time, i tried the greek yogurt, but it was very heavy and thick. any suggestions? do i just need to get more protein powder flavors? if so, suggestions?
  3. I've just had surgery on July 5th. I know peer support can be super helpful. I'm thinking it would be cool to meet some people living nearby (in MA, Essex county or the NH seacost) who are in a similar place.
  4. Newly Post-Op in MA

    Hi, I just had gastric bypass on July 5th and, just returned home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. I'm feeling a bit sore, but, overall, well. Trying to stay hydrated!! I've been overweight my entire life and, in recent years, have seen my mother deal with a number of Diabetes and weight-related health issues. I've tried a number of diet and exercise plans, but just could not keep the weight off, even if I was able to lose weight in the short-term. I wanted to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, but felt my weight was holding me back. After a lot of research and a number of months of indecision, I finally bit the bullet. I'm determined to make this work for me. I want to give myself the best chance at success and, I know, support is a key element. So, when I found this forum, I thought signing up would be a great start. Looking forward to sharing my journey and learning from everybody who has gone before me!