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  1. So emotional..

    Honey! Im so sorry you're emotional...I know exactly how you feel...you are right about commitment...you will also be emotional because of the stored estrogen..my doctor told me as you lose weight that stored estrogen is in the fat cells...It'll start to be released. ..plus you're only 5 days out. I was very emotional from all the meds. You'll adjust and it will become better I promise. We've all been there. You gotta just keep on keeping on...I'm almost 3 months out and I have NO regrets! It's a journey that'll be so worth it...you'll start to see results very soon! so chin up sunshine!!
  2. So emotional..

    Giving a brief update...I have lost 50 lbs finally! 40 more to go... my husband recently changed his diet and started working out with me...it has helped me tremendously..makes me feel like I'm not alone....I'm excited!!
  3. So emotional..

    50 lbs gone....
  4. So emotional..

    Ssoooo....I went to my appt today...6 weeks post op...I'm down 44 lbs...woot woot!!! My doctor said what I was feeling was completely normal...it's a mixture of the changes in my body, suppressed feelings coming to a head(gonna learn new coping skills) and the fact I started birth control a week ago...he said it would level out by month 3 or 4....I won't go back till October 3rd...hopefully will be down even more! Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement!
  5. So emotional..

    I'm headed that way!
  6. So emotional..

    Thank you! You are absolutely right....it has been a burden for a LONG TIME! You're very sweet!
  7. So emotional..

    I will! Thank you for your encouraging words!! I can do this!
  8. So emotional..

    Yes yes yes! I was super happy when I got to 199...lol...you will get there...good luck!
  9. So emotional..

    Thank you so much! What you said actually makes alot of sense. See I grew up always being the "fat" one...shamed by my family...so I started turning to food...after I got married my weight just kept going up...I went through a really deep depression in 2011 and instead of trying to get help I turned to food yet again...so now I have all these emotions due to my body changing and not being able to turn to food...I have no good coping mechanisms...the words of my family always stick in my brain...you know when you hear something all the time you eventually begin to believe it...when I look in the mirror I still see that unhappy 255 lb person...I know I'm only 6 weeks out...my pre surgery weight was 235. I'm 192 right now...I have a ways to go but at least I'm headed that way. I go see my doctor tomorrow and will be seeing about maybe getting into some counseling. ..thank you for sharing your experience...
  10. So emotional..

    Hi all! I'm gonna say what I'm feeling..I don't need any negative comments...I'm having a hard time emotionally...one day I'm okay and feel happy and the next day I feel lonely and I cry ALOT! My poor husband is doing everything he can, bless his heart...I go Tuesday to my 6 week post op appt...is it normal to be on such an emotional roller-coaster? Is this something I should talk to my doctor/surgeon about? Any advice is appreciated...
  11. Depo Shot

    Yes I discussed it with my doctor. She did not recommend the IUD due to the fact a lot of her patients that have had it, it caused constant pain, cramping and continual spotting. ..
  12. Depo Shot

    So...I have a question...I have not had to use birth control for 6+ years.. I am almost 5 weeks out from LRNY. I was encouraged by my doctor to do the depo shot due to the risks and effects of the others. So my question is...did any of you have the depo shot and did it mess with you loosing weight? I still need to lose 50 more pounds...please give me some insight. Thank you!
  13. Milestone hit today!

    I am a little over 3 weeks LRNY. Today I'm officially in the 100's... I have not been there in 7 years..I love this journey so far...just thought I'd share my good news!!
  14. New Liquids phase...

    okay..so Monday I had my first post op appt since LRNY June 30th...I was given a new "menu" SF pudding, creamy soups (strained), protein drink, v8 juice, tomato soup etc...well everything sits well on my stomach except the protein drink...has anyone else had this problem? I've tried two different kinds..one with whey isolate and the other high protein walmart brand...any suggestions? It makes me so nauseated...no matterm how slow I drink it...HELP!!!
  15. 16 days post op...

    I am..I'm down 31 lbs...