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  1. Go to the appointment and discuss with them the issue. They may be able to include an additional service to your surgery that can cover most of the cost.In my case I needed my gallbladder removed.
  2. This may sound weird...Idk but do you have anything else wrong with you? My insurance absolutely does not cover anything weight loss related BUT I had a bad gallbladder so the doctor can really get much of that bill paid by the way they code it. My hospital fee was $4000 up front & gallbladder was $2700. I talked to the hospital director and told her lady I NEED this surgery and all I have is $2000 & my $750 deductible for the covered surgery. She said ok and since I had been to the hospital a few times already for my gallbladder my deductible was meet. So I wrote a $2000 check & went on to surgery oh & I had to the doctor $500. You have to have faith & be bold when you call the director.
  3. name is Myiesha and I am 11 days post op Gastric Bypass and gallbladder removal. Yes 2 major surgeries at once but I'm doing great. In June of 2013 I had gastric sleeve which I was told to do 1st to have a safer surgery once I have the bypass. With that surgery I lost over 100 lbs. I went from 536 lbs starting and highest weight to 400lbs. In the last 3 years I gained 19 lbs and that's when I knew it was time to move forward to part 2. Anyway June 23, 2016 my continued journey has begun. 419lbs and to date I am 380 lbs. So the journey continues.