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  1. Doing great, just busy with work and this is the time of year I'm out and about more so not had a lot of free time. Still loosing at a slower rate but that's ok as long as it keeps going in the right direction and doing better in the last week about drinking my water!
  2. Woohoo Eileen, you are rocking it gal, yeah!
  3. What a difference a couple months can make! You look great Kim and yes, a lot lighter on your feet. I can appreciate that for sure as well!
  4. Hi Andi, I had the sleeve July 9th with no problems. It was so much easier than even having a tubal ligation years ago even though I have more incision sites (all healed now) The Sleeve has been shown not only to be effective in taking the weight off but has low risks of complications so Perhaps bringing your husband with you to meet and speak about the benefits and risks with the surgeon will help put his mind at ease. Congratulations on your decision and taking that first step toward a healthier, happier you!
  5. Excellent job, looking good!
  6. Yeah, for me it just depends on what and how much I'm eating. If its a meal, sometimes I will take tiny sips of water like if I'm at a restaurant....sometimes it just helps me feel normal or if the food is particularly dry. Now if I just want a bite of something I dont worry about it. All in all though, I use to drink ALOT of water when I was eating, because I hate water so thats the only way I would get any in during the day. Now that it makes me too full to drink while I'm eating, it's harder still to get the water in but I am using crystal light and sometimes those flavored energy drops to help get it down. Anyhow, I dont watch the clock either. I just go by how I feel, (and thats usually 20-30min.) when I dont feel full anymore I start drinking water or whatever again. For the most part anymore I am rarely hungry and only eat cause its time or I smell something good but I could go all day without eating no problem as long as I have something to drink. And no, thats not what my surgeon recommended but close enough and well, he's in Mexico so... I have no one to answer to ...but me
  7. No that price was for a month supply of each pack. So for the 74 dollars or whatever, you get all 4 packs! I applied 3 patches in the morning. (2 on one arm and 1 on the other-suppose to be non hairy area on the body) then applied the iron patch at night before I went to bed (because you cant mix the calcium and iron). So its 74 or 79 dollars monthly for ALL your vitamins and you dont have to swallow them (a big plus for those having nausea issues).
  8. oh wow, yes, they are showing up now. Cool pictures!
  9. wow, you dont even look like you hardly need to loose more weight, congratulations!
  10. The extra protein you get from a shake would also aid in the healing process!
  11. Welcome and congratulations on your surgery and great progress so far!
  12. Yes that will be late November, A time for family gatherings with Thanksgiving, ball games, cool weather. Christmas approaching- I love it, my favorite time of year! We will have to share some good food low cal recipes...and more pic updates!