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  1. Hi there, this was a concern for me as well. Once I committed to having the surgery, I started looking for pants that I could use as I went down in size at Goodwill. I started as a size 28/30, so I bought some pants in 26, 24, 22, in neutral colors navy black and grey. As I got closer to size 22, I started looking for 20, 18 and 16’s, again at the goodwill. Same thing with tops. I found that I could coordinate different tops and wear my same pair of dress slacks a couple of times during the week. Consignment shops and goodwill is a great way to have some options without spending a lot of money. And of course I could shop in my closet, because I kept a lot of my smaller clothes.
  2. My NSV.....we painted my moms house this weekend., that wasn't the NSV. I was able to climb ladders and paint all day for two days! Prior to surgery I could not have.pulled that off. Yeah me!!!!
  3. You look beautiful!!!! Congrats on a job well done.
  4. Mk, so sorry to hear about your experience. I am praying that it is smooth sailing going forward.
  5. Khaleesi

    Post Op Diet

    My post op diet is two weeks focused on fluids, no purees or protein shakes until week 2.
  6. Yes, i Love game of thrones and she is my favorite!
  7. Hey Eileen, so glad you are doing good, I am going home today. The staff has been wonderful, but there's no place like home. We can't have water, but those ice chips sound heavenly.
  8. Jason, that is wonderful! Our diet the 1st week is liquids only,no focus on protein until week 2. So glad you are feeling good.
  9. Surgery went well. nauseous, but walking as much as I can.
  10. Jason, I admire your courage, I have chosen to share my upcoming surgery with a friend and my close family only. However as I was reading your letter, I thought it was perfectly written and if I was going to share, I would ask your permission to use the letter.
  11. They called yesterday and my surgery i check in at 12:30 on Monday! MK, i am praying for you.
  12. Hello my July surgery pals, I don't have my time yet, but I want to go early.....
  13. He said that I would have it out of my system by my surgery date.
  14. Eileen, I was so nervous about the surgeon possibly rescheduling, so I am more excited than anything else . I have not packed a thing...will work on it this weekend.
  15. Hello surgery buddies! I went to last class today and I had my appointment with my surgeon. I hurt my back last week and took Naproxen, not thinking. So I had to tell the surgeon. I was so worried about rescheduling, but I want everything to go well. I am still.having surgery Monday...I feel like I hit the fat girl lottery!!!!!