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  1. Ramblings of a slow loser.

    Doing okay, I have decided to stop stressing about losing weight and just be happy where I am, for now. I still need to work on a cardio routine, its just something I cant conjure up the motivation for.
  2. Ramblings of a slow loser.

    I searched slow losing as well here.....its not posted very often and the ones that I found are very old.
  3. Ramblings of a slow loser.

    SO I Googled this and it seems I have been doing this all wrong! WOW! 5 hours apart? I stay away from fruit completely and rarely eat veggies.....gotta change that! But that Google search led to many more and I have learned some stuff I will try.
  4. Ramblings of a slow loser.

    I am a slow loser.... At first it depressed me, it aggravated me, and had me wanting to give up. Its my way, its the way Ive done this journey for the past 3 decades. I am good at losing weight, but when it stops I give up. Now here I am, I haven't lost any weight since June. I only lost 50 pounds since pisses me off. Now I can say, I have not been perfect, but I can count the number of times I have eaten off plan on one hand, I can remember each time in the past year vividly because the pain it has caused. I do not eat bread, pasta, starches and very limited sugar. By that I mean I will have a life saver now and again and my vitamins do have sugar in them. I go to the gym three times a week and do the machines, I can see the results, especially in my shoulders and arms. This last summer I wore tank tops for the first time in a couple decades. I have this love hate relationship with this forum. I love reading about people who have lost weight, but it really makes me angry as well. People who have started at a higher weight than I did and have twice as much in half the time. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! but yeah them! But here I am, a little over a year since surgery and I am stuck at 160 pounds, on my 5'2 frame. My goal was 130, but I am stuck at 160. STUCK! I've tried everything, I've upped my calories, I've lowered my calories, I've upped my carbs and lowered my carbs. I even tried going into ketosis by stop taking my vitamins. I am averaging about 1200 calories a day....which leads me to my other thing. For about a month now, I have been constantly hungry....yeah I know, the end of the year honeymoon period thing. But OMG, the constant hunger. I know its not a vitamin deficiency(which was my first thought) because I had my blood panel and I am in the standard range for everything except b-12 which I was WAY high on because I was taking too high a dose. So I graze, mostly at night. So to compensate I eat smaller meals, really just a few ounces of protein, thats what I eat, in one form or another, protein. Veggies are like a luxury to me because in order to get my 80+ grams of protein in I stick to protein snacks, lefts overs, eggs, cheese and nuts. But yeah, I'm stuck...160.....but ya know what....I dont care! I look at before and after pics of myself and I am proud, and for the first time since 1985 I can look at pictures of myself and not cringe. I went from 3x to L-XL. I can wear cute clothes, I can wear a PDF when I kayak. I am not giving up.........Yes its been a LONG stall, but I am not giving up. Just 30 pounds to go.....I will get there. It might take me another whole year, but I WILL GET THERE. Because regaining the weight I have lost in not an option. Its just not! All I have to do is look at my before pictures to know, regaining is not an option. Here I am rambling....but this forum is my ONLY support. No one knows about my surgery....maybe that's why my slow weight loss is a good thing. If I did lose 100 pounds in 6 months it would be obvious, but since I am struggling and losing slowly, I am just like everyone else on a diet. Crazy ramble is over......
  5. Costco

    To me its like people going to Target to avoid Walmart. Costco is just more clean, more organized, smells better and all that. One thing I always get is over in their meat department they have chicken that is sold in small packets in a pack of 8. Each pack has four pieces of chicken, so for dinner that night I just take one pack out to defrost and thats enough for me and hubs dinner and lunch the next day.
  6. I was having a lot of dizzy spells and fatigue so bad it felt like gravity pushing me down to the ground. I would get very light headed and lethargic and a diabetic friend of mine suggest I was experiencing low blood sugar. So I went to her doctor and got tested, my Blood sugar came back at 45. Not really sure what that means, doctor did not explain it. He told me i was not hypoglycemic, because only diabetics experience that. And for all the other things that were happening to to me...........his Professional Advice.......... Diet and Exercise. He did not bother doing any other test, because I was an overweight girl, my ONLY problem was that, my weight. Many years later I discovered I have something called Chronic Fatigue and adverse reactions to processed sugar. I suffered for 4 years because that @*# of a doctor totally dismissed my symptoms simple because I was overweight. That was in 2005, and I still hold a huge grudge against him...just something I cant forgive. I trusted him, I had to save for 2 months for enough money to even see him, and he dismissed me like I was nothing.
  7. Emotional eating

    You can do this! A new adventure awaits you.....and now you dont have to cook for a man, WIN WIN. (((( virtual hug )))) You got this!
  8. Deleting negative thoughts and actions

    This is the only support I have had since my WLS. I have checked out others but by far this one is the best. The main reason I like it is because you dont get babied here, its pure tough love. Its not healthy for me to read about how someone can eat what they want and still be losing weight, or on a different level, eat what they want and complain about not losing weight. People here are real, you dont encourage bad behavior, you dont coddle , you are brutally honest and that is exactly what I need.
  9. My daughter got married last week

    I love your outfit, its perfect! The look on your face, sooooo proud! What an amazing day for you both. Two beautiful ladies!
  10. Photo Update

    First thing I noticed is that neck! What a beautiful neck! Your skin all looks so tight as well, any secret you care to share on HOW?
  11. Eating out post WLS

    I like Mongolian type grills, where you pick your proteins and veggies, I just am careful with the sauces and just get a mixture of garlic and ginger water. Otherwise we I just have my SO's side soup or a few ounces of his meat. This is my favorite go to pickup meal. It lasts for a few days, I end up making chicken salad with the left overs.......then put the bones in the Instapot and make bone broth for the dogs.
  12. Still losing hair 3 years after sleeve

    I would like to hear more on this as well, I've lost so much hair I have to either wear a wig or a cap. I ended up buzzing it off I was so frustrated with it.
  13. All my winter clothes got bagged up and donated except for a few pair of size 16 jeans that I never got a chance to wear. In my head I tell myself by next winter they will be way too big, but I just cant give them up yet.
  14. Starbucks, A minor Rant

    I had this problem ordering veggies at a restaurant. I ordered some grilled chicken with a side of veggies, but the veggies tasted so sweet. I thought I was being over sensitive but I had to make sure so I asked the waiter, who then asked the cook and sure enough they use honey in the veggies to make them taste better. I know I couldn't have eaten enough to hurt, especially after eating my protein first but ...hidden sugars could have been a real hazard for some people.
  15. No more soda

    Giving up diet pop was probably the hardest thing from this whole ordeal. I had horrible withdraws but once they were over my addiction was gone. I have had a few sips since surgery, and cant figure out why I ever like that stuff.