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  1. Thank you ladies for you quick and helpful responses. I went to my first dietician appointment today and we went through the whole diet before and after surgery talk. I got some good news as well. My paperwork should be submitted to the insurance company on September 1st (fingers crossed) with an expected surgery date of September 13th.
  2. Today marks the start of my journey and I am a bit worried because I have insurance through my dads policy and since I will be turning 26 in 3 months my Insurance coverage will end. The requirements for my insurance company requires a 3 month supervised diet and I know I will be able to complete that, But my issue is that I am worried that I will be completing everything, But nothing will be able to happen by Oct 20th which is when my insurance will become inactive. I feel like I will be wasting my time and money for nothing. So I guess my question is do you guys think that it will be possible for me to have a date for surgery on or before Oct 20th? I spoke with the rep for BCBS FED and he stated that as long as I have a date on or before Oct 20th I will be fine.