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  1. You will not fail just be persistent. I stalled about 2 months in but a close friend of mine stalled about a month in. I think it just depends on your body. As long as you stick to your diet you will be successful. I can't talk because I almost always weigh myself every day but I hear it's better to weigh once a week. I always weigh first thing in the morning.
  2. Getting there down to 217 my goal was 220 my new one is 212. Almost there how are y'all doing?
  3. How are you young ladies doing? Getting used to the new lifestyles. Just checking in hope all is well!
  4. I'm having awesome results just curious as to has anyone ever had a hard time to maintain weight once they hit their goal weight. I'm about 25 pounds from my goal weight and only 2 3/4 months out from surgery. Super ecstatic just curious also.
  5. 308 DOS 255 2 months. 53 in the first two months. I think I am slowing down now that I've been able to hey into the gym and build mucle.
  6. I should have eleberoated. This picture was Mother's Day 2016 this new picture was about 10-19-16 (roughly two months post op)
  7. My little sister sent this to me yesterday to tell me how proud she was it it really opened my eyes to the changes. HW-350 Consult-342 Start diet-336 8-9-16 DOS-308 8-23-16 last weight. 2 weeks ago .... 268
  8. The spartan races are awesome! That's also on my list! I'm gonna look into that walking program too maybe it can help me. Are you still on mushers? Or have you graduated to normal food? 125 is coming soon!
  9. Well I'm not the only one! Your kicking but too! 30'pounds already! I can see the finish line and it's getting closer and closer! Have you set any life or goal weights? I've never been a long distance runner my I'm commuting myself to run a 5k next year
  10. My surgery was 8-23-16. Here are my stats HW-350 pre-op diet-336 DOS-308 1 month post op-280. Goal-210 70 total pounds lost 38 since date of surgery. YOU CAN DO IT!
  11. My surgery was 8-23-16. Here are my stats HW-350 pre-op diet-336 DOS-308 1 month post op-280. I can't believe how successful I've been. I did have a dehydration scare my first day back at work on the railroad but it could have been prevented with more man power! Other than that this has been an awesome journey. I'm about half way to my goal of 210! This surgery is a life saver and life exstender so make sure you stick with the program and we can all be successful! I've been able to inspire those around me through my journey which is a whole new level of achievement! You guys keep up the good work!
  12. Awesome results! Great idea to take pictures in the same clothes! Wish I would have thought about that
  13. Have you guys had any pain recently? I quit Hurting in the first week and all of a sudden my right side is starting to be sensitive again I made an appointment with the surgeon and he says it's nothing to worry about I'm just curious if you guys have had the same problem .
  14. Thankgod I haven't had head hunger! I had another appointment today and weighed in at 288 which is 20 from surgery and 62 from highest weight. I'm preparing to go back to work the week after next which is kinda worrying me because my job is super physical. On a positive note everyone has been complementing my weight loss which gives me that boost when I need it? Are you guys taking the doctors multi? Or did you buy your own?
  15. And are y'all eating puréed meat to or just vegetables and Protien