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  1. Smack dab in the middle of the 3 week stall!!

    Stalled at 218 or 217, trying to drink more water and keep active. I also use that bariatric app also.
  2. July surgery roll call I really like this bariatric exersice program I think It's easy and also keeps you moving and can be modified for any skill level.
  3. July surgery roll call

    I don't get enough protein from real food. I am still having trouble with water also.
  4. July surgery roll call

    Did your Nutritionist say why no protein shakes? I met with one today and she said protein shakes were great. It's like everything else they all have there own way of doing things and we need to just follow what they say.
  5. July surgery roll call

    I don't swim, I walk in the pool and use the noodle between my legs and pedal like I am on a bike, I do leg raises and hold on the side and kick. I sit on the bench in the pull and try to do a simple v-seat that's really hard. It's either too hot here or raining. so the pool works best for me. I figure any movement is better than none which is what got me into this position. I was cleared for the pool after I got my staples out about 16 days after surgery.
  6. July surgery roll call

    Kim dr said it was the scar tissue forming and normal. I don't understand why the old conversation is coming up, oh well. Eileen the cheese it's look great. Definitely will make them. I got my mandolin slicer the other day and I made zucchini noodle lasagna. It was delish. I have also hit a stall. I don't walk much I normally exercise in the pool, but the weather has been nasty so I have been kind of slacking. Although I was able to get in the pool tonight. I tried to wAlk in stores but my wallet didn't like that. I finally found a nutritionist and I meet with her tomorrow. I need guidelines on calories, carbs etc. So happy everyone is doing well.
  7. July surgery roll call

    Kim dr said it was the scar tissue forming and normal.
  8. July surgery roll call

    Yes but it just started. Weird.....I am going to call the dr tomorrow to make sure it's normal.
  9. July surgery roll call

    Mzscarlet you look fabs, I can really see it in your face too. Kim it's not really pain in my left side just an odd internal pulling, that's where my biggest incision was. The open wound was on my right side. I have been using cvs scar gel. They are all soft but still red. I am so happy we are all healing and doing well.
  10. July surgery roll call

    I never liked to wear snug fitting clothing, so I always bought a size bigger. My pre-surgery size was 3x yes it was a wee bit roomy, but that is what I felt comfortable in. I put one on the other day and the arm pits were hugh. So I decided to try on a 1X shirt and I was completely comfortable. My husband said he was seeing a difference in my waist and bust. Tomorrow is my day off so it is goodbye 3X and hello 1X that have been in a dresser drawer. This is so exciting. Pants are still the same size. I am now getting a pulling sensation in my left side every now and then. I know others have complained of pain in their left side, I was wondering if you know why. I am going to call my dr. on Monday to just report this. It could just be part of the healing process but I want to be sure.
  11. July surgery roll call

    This looks awesome I can't wait to make it.
  12. Before and After pics - 10 months out

    You look great and are an encourage to all of us.
  13. July surgery roll call

    Wow Eileen, you look great. You can really see it on you. I am like Murk and losing it slowly, and not seeing dramatic results. We will all get there. I am so proud of all of us.
  14. July surgery roll call

    Purple Bear, So glad to hear from you. you will do great, take it easy and don't overdo it. So happy for you
  15. July surgery roll call

    Purple bear post when you can......good luck I know you will do great.
  16. July surgery roll call

    Glad to hear everyone so far is good.
  17. July surgery roll call

    Hi Nut, I am still having issues with fluids. Yesterday with food and shakes I only got in 46 proteins. my dr. said 60-80. I used to be incontenint (?) and I am not have that issue anymore, but i think is is due to not drinking enough. I was really set on eating ice all day long to keep my hydrated. I am trying to work on that more today. I love the Premier Protein chocolate shakes and they hae 30 grams of protein per container. If I drink those I am too full to eat. I guess I will figure it out, I am glad I am not alone, TMCGEE REally 40 months I would have hoped it would get easier....
  18. July surgery roll call

    Hello again. I had my two week check up today. Everything went great. Got the staples removed. I have lost 15lbs. It's amazing the energy and the happiness I feel. The dr said I may get some lows but so far no. Head hunger is still an issue, I think I am winning, I try to sip sip sip water to ward off those feelings and that usually helps. Eat soft pureed food. It's yummy. Albeit my chili looked like dog food but it tasted great. I got cleared to go into the pool. I start back to work tomorrow. I am having an issue getting enough water and for the past couple of days protein has not been as high as the dr would like. I need to work on that. Also contains the thought of them makes me nauseous, the instructions say I can open them and put them in food but yuck. All in all I am doing what I am supposed to do and so far so good .
  19. July surgery roll call

    HI guys, wow MK so sorry you had a bad experience. I feel so bad for you. I have not been in a lot of pain. I feel hungry..... It's hard to get over this head hunger and not cheat. I am finding this so difficult. I am not walking miles either. I do several small walks several times a day. I keep talking to myself to say I can do this, I can beat this voice in my head. Keep up the good work everyone. It helps to read about our struggles and triumphs
  20. July surgery roll call

    I have lots of protein drinks, 64 water and 80 protein.
  21. July surgery roll call

    Jason great letter. I hope you receive a lot on support and encouragement.
  22. July surgery roll call

    i forgot one more thing....Shopping and buying new clothes and feeling good in those new clothes.........
  23. July surgery roll call

    My daydreaming thoughts at work and things I am looking forward to: Being able to sit like a lady, these days my middle is too big to put my thighs together when I sit I also can't cross my legs.. to be able bend over and get back up with out being out of breath to bend over without my belly getting in the way walking without beiing winded walking without knee and hip pain to be able to walk up steps without using a railing, and go down them as well photos - not to hid in the back, hate the way I look in every photo, Looking forward to the zoo and disney to go to the beach without being embarrassed getting off my blood pressure, diabetes and chloestrol medicine Being Healthy and feeling great....
  24. July surgery roll call

    Thanks Eileen, it took me a while to figure out how to make the picture small enough so it would load. Oh Well, Enjoy your party today. almost done work fothe day, going home to let out the pups and then off to have dinner with friends. Last be hoorah before tomorrow's light eatting day. I am so excited. I have to pack my bad then I am all set. Good luck everyone....... MK Feel better.
  25. July surgery roll call

    little bird, it was dr rowitz. I did get a call yesterday and they want me to wash in antibacterial soap. I am working day shift this weekend, very different for me. I am really looking forward to Monday. I need to dow a cleaning run through of the house and pack yet but, I feel ready. Godd luck everyone I know we will do great and feel so much better. MK thinking about you and hope you start to feel better soon.