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  1. Recipes??? In small quantities, if you’re able?????
  2. I just saw the 4pk of vanilla yesterday. I was excited. When I got home and looked on Walmart’s website it only offered 4pk of chocolate or caramel. That’s for the whole website, not just my store. Guess I should’ve picked up the vanilla when I saw it.
  3. I just wanted to tell you that I am so impressed by your weight loss and food tips. I was so impressed that I emailed myself your food post and bookmarked the glycemic website. Thank you!
  4. I lived in Miami for two years. I found that walking was best in the mornings or evenings due to the heat (being obese didn’t help! lol) Also, depending on where you live, a lot of apartment complexes often have a pool. Or maybe you even live close to the ocean (I didn’t). I love swimming. It doesn’t feel like exercise to me. Maybe you could try swimming?
  5. If you still want a sweet treat at the end of the day, maybe you could try Carbmaster Chocolate Milk. That is if you have a Kroger near to you. I don’t know how much sugar you can handle, but 6 grams per cup isn’t too bad. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/kroger-carb-master-chocolate-milk-464256397
  6. That's what I noticed too! Wow! Congratulations, all of your hard work looks like it paid off.
  7. Keep us updated! Also, may I ask where you are in Europe?
  8. Heartburn can be a side effect of lactose intolerance?! I had no idea. I'm gonna have to track my heartburn/dairy consumption and see if it helps me.
  9. I didn't know this this show existed. I kinda hope I don't find it, or I have a feeling I'll obsessively watch it.
  10. You might want to discuss this with someone at your surgery center. They may suggest something that they prefer for their patients to take.
  11. You look so much happier, not just your smile, but your eyes show it as well. I know that it's just the camera angle, but you look a lot taller too!
  12. Havamal, I love your writing style. You make me smile and laugh!
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