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  1. Is the Eligen B12 tablet acceptable for post weight-loss patients? Is it effective?
  2. Lady Jake, I am a new sleever (6/22) and am still on the post op liquid diet phase. The pre op liquid phase was easier for me as I was used to and still able to chug a 16oz bottle of water in no time flat and I was very focused on shrinking my liver prior to surgery so liquids weren't a problem. The hardest part afterwards has been getting used to taking small but frequent sips. However the results are so worth it.
  3. Has anyone used the patch vitamins? Do they work?
  4. Greg, I'm really new to the sleeve (11 days post op) so can't really attest to the weight loss part - mine seems to be frustratingly slow. But you said you couldn't find a protein powder you liked. That part maybe i can help with. I have an extremely annoyingly strong nose and palate. But the Isopure powdered unflavored protein powder has been a lifesaver for me. I was afraid to try it since the Isopure already mixed protein drinks made me queasy at just the thought. But the powder is great. It doesn't have any "proteiny" smell or taste. You might give it a try. Good luck.
  5. Have you found a buddy? I had the sleeve done on 6/22 and am still trying to get all of the gas out of my body - still pretty painful. But I would love to be your buddy.
  6. i got my sleeve Wednesday 6/22 and was wondering if anyone was looking for a buddy.
  7. Thank you so much for your response. I feel more at peace.
  8. I am having getting my sleeve done through True Results Houston, in their Surgical Center. I was wondering if anybody else got their sleeve done on an outpatient basis, and went home the same day?
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome and advice. It really helps!
  10. Hi, I just got my insurance approval today for the sleeve. I'm very excited yet nervous at the same time. I haven't told my daughter or my mother about the approval yet since they are less than thrilled that I've made this decision. I am thankful for this site and everyone's experiences.