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  1. I just tried using spark people and couldn't calculate what 1 cup of peanut butter would be. It only allowed tbsp. Oh well, just don't get it!
  2. I guess I don't know how to use it. I had a few recipes from pinterest that said they were high protein low carb and I wanted to find out the nutrition info. The recipe is for chocolate peanut butter protein muffins. I guess I will try again and maybe try another site. Thank you very much for your replies!
  3. I have tried using my fitness pal to get calorie and protein info. from my recipes and it is not user friendly. I use it online. If the data base doesn't contain the ingredient you need there are no other options. It may give you another product but not the one you're looking for. Any ideas? Very frustrating!
  4. I tried to use MFP to get the calorie and protein content and it was awful! not user friendly at all. You're supposed to put in the ingredients and when I did if there was nothing in their data base there were no other options. Very frustrating! Unless I'm doing it wrong, lol. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hi. I like GNC ready to drink shakes. I have tried several different powders from GNC and they are gross! Lol! I seem to have better luck with the pre-mixed ones. When I first had surgery I tried sooo many different types of the pre-made ones. It is all about individual taste. With the GNC brand I bought a container of the orange cremesicle (sp?) the powder, couldn't stand it, GNC. I also like the ready to drink because they are easy for on the go. Good luck!