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  1. You need to just make yourself drink. The way my office explained it is that when you aren't eating a lot you end up not drinking a lot either. If you aren't consuming enough liquids (men need about 64oz) then you could end up dehydrated which could lead to you ending up back in the hospital. If you have to set a timer to remind yourself to drink. Personally, I found I was more thirsty after surgery and had a new love for plain water.
  2. Does anyone have tofu recipes? The few times I have tried tofu I have enjoyed it. I have never cooked it before though so I don't have many recipes. Found a few recipes online I could possibly try but not all of them were easy or simple.
  3. It's not 1000 a day. I worded that wrong. There are times when I reach 1000 calories but it's usually less than that. Anyway, I talked to my dietitian today. She said I am eating too many meals a day. They want me to only eat 3 meals a day. They said that eating five or six times a day is counterproductive which is what I had been doing. They also said that I am not going to get full. They said that if I were to get full that would mean I was eating way too much at one sitting. That's why I have invested in measuring cups and will use them from now on.
  4. I plan on talking to my doctors about this tomorrow but I'm not feeling full. I am scared I am stretching out my pouch by eating too much. At most I consume 1,000 calories a day. Usually less. I don't have too many measuring cups so I eyeball things and end up eating half or so of what I prepare. I eat about six times a day which I've heard is what I am supposed to do. I have lost 14 pounds since the 10th. I think I'm at a plateau because I haven't lost weight since Saturday or Sunday. Just wondering how normal this is. Will I start to feel full eventually? Is it head hunger? I don't feel like it is. I just don't get full.
  5. I'm almost three weeks out and having the same issue. I am not eating a lot of calories. At most I eat 1,000 but usually under. However, I have an appointment with my dietitian tomorrow and I plan on asking her if this is normal. As of now it just doesn't feel like I've had surgery.
  6. Abibliophobe


    Does anyone have a favorite casserole dish? I've come up with one or two I want to try when I am further out but I find a lot of them have pasta/carbs of some kind. Really enjoy Tuna casserole.
  7. That's what the stage is called. I am following the diet but I am not feeling full. Solid liquids are liquids that aren't clear? Yogurt, pudding, milk, tomato soup.
  8. I started this stage yesterday and I'm curious if I should be measuring the stuff I'm able to eat out? I'm finding that I don't really get full with any of this food. I think pudding and yogurt make me full so I treat those as meals and don't eat for 30 minutes before and after the meal. When I start eating more solid foods will the fullness kick in? I went from not being hungry to wanting food again earlier this week. I've also gained weight back from what I lost even though I havent consumed above 1,000 calories. Is it normal for weight to fluctuate? Sorry for all the questions. I don't see my dietitian till the 1st.
  9. I'm looking for healthy chicken meals. I've found one or two online and it's got me curious if there are any good bariatric recipe books out there? I'm far away from being able to eat solid food but if I have the money I'd like to buy a recipe book and set up a meal or two that I can talk to my dietitian about.
  10. I've been keeping hydrated. My office gave me a 24oz water bottle and told me to drink two or three of them throughout the day. It's been difficult to get it all but I have been doing it.
  11. Is the fact that they are considered liquids the reason I don't feel full after eating them? I'm mostly just eating them because they are good but also because they've been helping to keep me hydrated.
  12. Thank you both. That's kind of what I was thinking but I've been worried that maybe I have eaten too much. I think the Popsicles are jello are helping to keep me hydrated as well,
  13. Over the course of yesterday I had three jello's. Two of them were really tiny. The other one took a few hours to eat because it was bigger. I've also had three or four sugar free Popsicles. The Popsicles were helping with the pain I was feeling. Idk how to tell if I'm eating too much and it's making me nervous.
  14. I had my surgery. In a lot of pain and have a high tolerance to the pain medication. Miserable right now but only due to pain. Enjoying my jello.
  15. Abibliophobe


    Getting surgery Friday. I'll get some yogurt for week two post op I believe. I have to look at my list. I think my Walmart has the light and fit and chobami so I'll look for those. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. Been busy with life and preparing for the big day.