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  1. HI Ktgrok, Did the supplement help? And if so, which one did he prescribe if you don't mind me asking... Thanks!
  2. Hi there... I am 6 weeks post op and for me I have to have string cheese, and SF pudding and Dannon Light Greek yogurt. Yes, they are dairy items but I love having them and they help with my protein intake. I have an insulated bag that I keep with me whenever I leave the house so I have my snacks in case I get in a bind. You may want to add low glycemic foods to it if you aren't doing dairy or a hard boiled egg. Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas.
  3. Welcome! Glad you joined us and can get tons of info on this forum.
  4. Hi JennGeo, I am in the Inland Empire and had mine at Loma Linda Surgical Hospital with Dr. Scharf. He is the Director of Metabolic and Gastric Surgery there... Here are some links: https://www.facebook.com/lomalindabariatrics/ They also have a facility in Murrieta. Here is the main page link: http://surgical-hospital.lomalindahealth.org/our-services/metabolic-and-bariatric-surgery Hope this helps!
  5. I love the pre-made shakes and buy them at Sam's ... has anyone had the powder version too? How does it compare to the already made boxed version? Worse, same or better? I welcome your thoughts... Thanks.
  6. That's great news! Keeping fingers crossed for you!!
  7. So, I had surgery a month ago and am looking for others in the area to chat and share experiences.... Feel free to PM me or message here. Would love to be able to talk to others that have had WLS. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hi Amy, I am in So Cal and would be willing to chat if you need some support. I just had mine last month so I am new to this whole new journey too but love to research and learn from others too. Please send me a PM if you want to talk or chat. I am in the Loma Linda area so about an hour'ish from you (depending on the time of day/traffic) but would be willing to talk or facetime, etc..
  9. Hi Eileen. I love Oceanside! I am about 1.5 hours from there. I bet you are so jazzed. The journey has its ups and downs. I joined this group so I could learn more and understand more about my body and what is happening. My doc is great and answers my questions but for me I want as much info as possible. I am definitely not losing like I thought I would, but I see this is normal and it is going to just take time...afterall, I didn't gain it all overnight. Good luck!!! PM me if you have any questions or want to chat more.
  10. Hi! Just had my surgery (RNY) almost a month ago... it was a 2 year long process to get it approved. I am in Southern California but originally am from back east. Additionally, I love to read and research and learn all that I can so I am looking forward to finding different recipes and tips and tricks to this whole journey and process so my success will be the best it can be with the tools I have been given. I want to share my journey with others that will be going through this process since this site seems to be the most widely utilized one for bariatric patients. Please let me know a bit about you and thanks for stopping by!