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  1. I went to Dr. Kim for my body work - but also had consults with Krochmal and Shifrin. Dr. Kim was $24k for lower body lift, breast lift with implants. Love the results. Best in town for facelifts is Dr. Few - who is $36k for face/neck. Yikes I may never get to thighs and arms - and thats ok. Dr. Kim really doesnt suggest touching thighs - they are so prone to issues - unless I could guarantee a lot of time off work!
  2. I really was not going to do anymore - had my lower body lift, breast lift with implants in March and love it. However I just turned 50 and look it! So today I scheduled a full face lift for November 19th. Very excited!
  3. Three weeks out as of today! They removed 13 1/2 pounds of skin/fat. Still swollen but its so fun to have perky breasts. And a flat tummy. I cannot lie - I thought it was painful - the 360 lift - hurt to move. Once I was in a position it was fine, but moving to bed, or a chair or the bathroom was painful. And I used to think I could tolerate pain - I never took a pain pill after VSG and was back to work after three days and at Lollapalooza on day six! Then a year later, had my gallbladder out and was at Nordstrom shopping 16 hours later. But this circumfrential body lift, breast lift with implants knocked me on my @*#. Has me completely re-thinking my thighs as people say that hurts the most. Still planning on the neck next winter. Anyway, will post photos soon.
  4. It is done! 360 lift, breast lift with galaflex and 560cc implants. Day two and the pain is slightly easing. Will post photos when I can take some. I am very happy so far!!
  5. I am sitting at 204 this morning - and am satisfied if this is where I end up - especially as doctor thinks I have about 10-15 pounds of skin to come off. And am right at a BMI of 30. I do not get to come home the same day - need to spend a night in the hospital. Cannot wait to get back on the Indian!
  6. Dr. estimates 6 hours surgery - cut in half and pull UP. Breast lift and implants. 2nd surgery would be inner thighs and arms. Not sure I will do that one - if the LBL pulls my outer thighs enough I may be satisfied. So Expensive! My neck on the other hand?? Is looking very turkey like so I may have to do that. Thank you all for the kinds words!
  7. I always swore I would be happy with just losing weight - and I am - but I am biting the bullet and having surgery at the end of March in Chicago. lower body lift, breast lift and implants Self pay which stinks, but I think I will like the results. Very excited!!
  8. Has anyone had plastic surgery at NW? I am planning on surgery - lower body lift and breast lift with implants. Thought I would ask here!
  9. Gosh no - I think my bill was like $52,000 that was submitted to insurance - I have United Healthcare. (I am sure the self pay amount would have been much less, but I still would not have wanted to pay it!) I had been fat for years so my insurance did not make me go through any specific time frame before surgery.
  10. I got lucky and didnt have to go to any nutrition classes. There was enough written material that I felt comfortable with the information. I met with psych, nutritionist, and Dr. Nagle all on 1 day, and had surgery 5 weeks later.
  11. Two days off. Was at Lollapalooza on day 6 and felt ok. But I was able to meet liquid and protein goals from day one.
  12. Welcome Kristin - how did your first appointments go? I just had my one year followup - and wow does the time fly. Welcome!
  13. I took 4 days off work and was at Lollapalooza with 100,000 people 6 days after surgery.
  14. Hello - Had surgery July 19th and have done well. But since October 18th have not dropped one single pound. Stuck at 276! Down 60 total which I am pleased about. So whats the issue? 80-100 grams of protein 96 ounces of water 30 minutes on either the treadmill or bike under 30 carbs a day 800-900 calories a day I am discouraged. Saw the nutritionist last week who blamed it on my having a cold, but it seems like a long stall.