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  1. Any other November dates out there yet?

    I am late to the party but mine was on 11/8, so far I am down 55lbs and doing well.
  2. Ate everything in sight

    Consider yourself hugged across the miles. Your post made me tear up, as I could feel your pain. Now is the time for him, and later will be your time to diet. Saying a prayer for your family tonight.
  3. Follow your heart, no regrets!

    Excellent advise, I love your website and look forward to your emails. I need all of the help I can get now.
  4. Thanks again for your encouraging words. I have been doing as you all have suggested and I am hoping this helps!
  5. It's been four weeks since I've lost more than a couple of pounds. I don't normally get in the 100 carbs that my NUT recommends, but I will definitely be cutting back on them, and increasing my water and exercising more. My calories have been averaging 700-800, not any more than that. It's nice to know that others can sympathize and relate to these struggles. I need to keep reminding myself that I did not gain this weight over night and I won't lose it overnight.... Slow and steady wins the race.
  6. Please consider yourself hugged! That's what I needed too hear. I have been super stressed. I am going to do exactly as you suggested! Thank you a million times over!
  7. exercise bands

    Oh these look interesting. I may have to get some of these. I need simple exercises that I can do from home.
  8. I love this site, it's so encouraging to see the supportive people here. I appreciate your kindness. I feel awful when people ask me how much weight have I lost since surgery and I tend to try to avoid answering it specifically. It is depressing knowing you've done all this work and lost the weight prior to surgery and now nothing. I am going to start drinking more water, trying to exercise more, and cutting my carbs. If this doesn't help I will do the Pouch reset diet. If anyone else has any suggestions I would love to hear them.
  9. Thanks for your advise Res, I always find your posts so helpful to others. I am going to dedicate myself to drinking more water. Plain water doesn't go down as well as decaf tea with Splenda does. That's my go-to drink that I have daily.
  10. Yes, I did get an eating plan that I followed for those six weeks. I also use MyFitnessPal to track my foods. I am noticing that I am getting around 700-800 calories a day at 10 weeks out. Do you think I should do the Pouch Reset diet? Thank you so much for your help.
  11. Yes, I have spoken to my NUT and she seems to think everything is just fine. I am eating mostly baked or boiled chicken, tuna, lean ground chuck, eggs, cheese after my proteins there isn't much room for many veggies. I was concerned that 100 grams of carbs was too much.
  12. I had my RNY surgery 10 weeks ago, and immediately afterwards when I was allowed to eat I began wondering if my pouch could possibly have been made larger than most or have I stretched it out already. I am feeling discouraged, and was hoping some of you could help. I am able to tolerate eating foods well, I know others who say they are only eating 2-3 bites, however I can eat much more than that at a meal. I can easily eat a whole cup. I could hold more if I wanted it, but I won't dare eat more. I don't have very much of the restrictive feeling that others describe. After surgery I lost 21 lbs, however, the majority of that was the first month, now nothing... I know the honeymoon stage won't last and I want to take every advantage of this time that I can and use this tool to help myself get healthy. My NUT has me on 60-80 grams protein, 30 fat, 100 carbs, and 64 oz water. Is this typical? I know each doctor has different ideas. I am wondering if this many carbs are ok. I am staying within these limits. Is it more about the carbs or the calories? Some days I do not get all of my water in. I do try to measure and weigh my foods. I eat three meals a day, and have one snack of fruit. I do not graze. I often get very hungry before my meals. My meals are typically quick, I chew foods well, and I follow the no drinking rules prior to eating and afterwards. I take all of my vitamins and supplements daily. I do not get to exercise as much as I would like to. I babysit our 8-month-old twin grandsons for 12 hours a day and am exhausted afterwards. Does age have play a factor in how you lose weight? I am 56 years old, 5'3" - 203 lbs. Do I need to do a pouch rest diet to jumpstart this? I don't understand why I am not losing weight. I want to lose 70 more pounds. Please help me with any suggestions you have. I am desperate. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. I sincerely appreciate your help. ~Debi~
  13. Surgery Time

    I got mine when I arrived at the hospital at 6AM, I was told I was the second surgery of the day.
  14. How long before the pouch heals?

    Thank you all, I was just curious. I noticed that it hurts to drink water, but its fine for sugar free popsicles and warm caffeine free tea.
  15. I am super excited that I have had my bypass surgery 4 days ago and everything has gone smoothly. I feel like I am doing excellent. I am doing my walking, and am trying to get in my water but it hurts a little bit. I was just curious how long does it take before the tenderness goes away and I can drink as much as I want to? Thanks,