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  1. sadly enough no... not my car... at that time I wouldn't be able to get in it anyway...
  2. Hi There, I had my surgery on November 11th and since that day I lost a booming 69 pounds. I just wanted to know if that's normal or do I need to worry about that.. I don't have an appetite and I have to force myself to eat something. don't take me wrong I'm not complaining I just wondering
  3. Hi Carolyn, I hope you're doing good..... the first few days you wont be interested in our information... recover slow and the pounds will fly off.... I had my surgery 28 days ago and I lost 31 pounds, I can start eating this Saturday and I'm amazed how good I feel. let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Menno
  4. Hi Guys and girls...... I had my surgery on November 11th and since that day I dropped 31 pounds!!!. I know this will slow down once I start eating more..... I am still on my Oikos Yogurt and protein shakes and sometimes I'll have my mashed potatoes with apple sauce. this Saturday I can start my first time soft food... My Question is: can I eat Sushi (not the rice) I love Fish (Tuna, Salmon) any good foods ideas would be appreciated. I did the Gastric sleeve surgery and I should have done this years ago...after 3 days my stomach was normal again. I hope you all have a great holiday season!!! Menno
  5. hi boys and girls, I have my sleeve surgery this Friday... I hope to be released out on Saturday again.... what do I wear on that day?
  6. Dutch Dreamer

    Sleeve surgery

    Sorry for the late reply.... I choose the sleeve because I'm not that person that counts every day how many medications and vitamins (to busy with work normally) I take. I don't see myself as super obese, I'm now 305 pounds and feel pretty secure with my decision. I also take drugs for Atrial fibrillation and Asthma.... I hope this helps overeater (love the name) and good luck
  7. Me and my wife at work... I'm the hillbilly on the right.... having my sleeve surgery in 9 days (next Friday) I'm super nervous and can't sleep... I'm having skinny dreams already
  8. Hi boys and girls, I have my surgery on November 11th.... can I still eat and drink on the weekend before???.. I have a Halloween party.... thank you all
  9. Dutch Dreamer

    Sleeve surgery

    thank you, getting really nervous now...
  10. Dutch Dreamer

    Sleeve surgery

    I'm the first one that day... getting nervous already
  11. Hi Guys, My name is Menno and I'm 45 years old. I just went into my second class and got 10 more to go before they approve me for my sleeve surgery. I'm planning to loose around 130 pounds (I'm now at 330) last weekend a started with the pre diet so instead of my beloved rum and coke , I'm sipping on bottles of water. its already hard not to walk to the vending machine and grab a Poptart or something else sweet. I just have to get used to it. I hope you guys will help me with the million questions that I have. warm regards, Menno