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  1. June 8,2016 hw 254 sw 230 cw 198
  2. Thanks I am just struggling a bit. Heath is my goal
  3. Found myself getting to friendly with food the last few days!!! So had to put my mind back in check!!! I have not put my body through major surgery, over coming the mental issues!! To go back to old habits not to mention this early post opt 9 weeks #slapmyonhands #really OH HECK NO !!!
  4. Lynnette


    Has anyone had Lipo on upper stomach? And did you wait till most of your weight was lost ?
  5. Hey Debi Im sure your Dr will be able to do the bypass on you!! If mine did after 5 surgeries and massive scar tissue, I wish you the best and a speedy recovery!!!!
  6. Yeah so as I suspected there was a lot of scar tissue!! Took my Dr about 30 mins to cut through it, but all went well and he was able to do the bypass... I'm 2 weeks post opt and feeling Great !!!
  7. Had my surgery 6/8/16 so 6 days out still in a lot of pain, not getting all my protein or liquid in as of yet any suggestions
  8. Thanks little bird, my health is my goal in this hard process!!! Tomorrow is the day yay
  9. I have been really doubting my decision for gastric bypass today!! don't know if it's cause I'm hungry I want to cry I feel crazy two day till surgery is it normal to feel like this pre op?
  10. Thanks y'all i know the nurses are getting me up to walk a hour after recovery .. So I hope all the walking is helpful.
  11. June 8th 5:30 am day 11 pre opt liquid diet
  12. I'm feeling very anxious about the pain after surgery and the fact I have a high tolerance to pain meds because I've had long term back injury!!
  13. Truly I have started 6 days to surgery!! I know these passed 8 days have been mind transforming,motivation and a made up mind. has showed me my will power is great. Ready for the ride, #ithinkso. #imalittlescared. Thanks Kimelou
  14. Thanks Raeme I am ready for this life change!! I'm thankful for this new tool to help me along my path!!!
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