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  1. I am fairly private as well. I work in a school with a staff of about 80 and of those 80 I think approximately 70 are women. Many who like to talk and may who have extremely inquiring minds. Schools close for the summer but I have to leave early since the school year was extended following a lot of snow days. A few coworkers keep asking me what my plans are for the summer. I am giving sort of sketchy responses. I don't know, just hanging with my kid...relaxing...but I swear some people are just so nosy. I have to share that something medical is going on since I now have to take off early. The thing is that I cannot imagine myself questioning another coworker if they told me they were taking off, or if they said they were having a medical procedure. I will have to put in my leave this week and have already mentally rehearsed saying, "medical procedure....yes, I am o.k....no, I don't talk about my medical issues here at work." "I don't care to discuss it here..." etc..I think all you really need to say is just that..also, I would not share this with anybody at all, even if you are bursting at the seams....if you keep quiet you can talk later...if you talk now, well, you cannot jump into a time machine and take it back. Best wishes. Also if some nosy person asks about your change in diet, change in lunch break habits, just say that you are on a restrictive diet, since that is true....
  2. Hi everyone. I am a 49 year old single mom of an awesome boy! Weight has been a life long struggle. I can vividly remember being teased on the playground of my 3 year old preschool class, so long ago. Talk about holding on to stuff!! Hey, I did forgive the teaser, after all, he was most likely 3 as well. So here I am decades later. I have had smaller years, bigger years. I have sort of landed on bigger for a quite some time now. I have made the decision to have wls. I am close to setting a surgery date. I am a little scared. I want to make sure that I do right for my son. He is 11 and overweight and what kind of message am I sending. I will have to devote a lot of my savings to this procedure..I usually put my son's needs first and I don't spend money on myself. I am also suddenly finding that I am feeling pangs of depression. Not enough to cause me to not function. I have chronic low level depression and have lots of experience with this. This is more like momentary waves of grief. I don't know if this is a normal response to making a major life decision like this. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever dealt with this...
  3. Hi. I am very close to setting a date for surgery. I have not come right out to tell my son, age 11, a month shy of 12 that I am going to do this. I have told him that I am very concerned with my weight and that I have come to the conclusion that this has not been something I can conquer on my own or through any of the ways I have tried in the past. I have shared that I have been researching medical treatment to address this. I want to sit down and actually tell him within the next couple of days. My son is also overweight and actually qualifies as obese now. This makes me so sad. I remember the utter hell life was for me growing up as the fat girl. He participated in a weight loss program and lost some weight. I know he felt really proud of himself. He kept it off for a short time, then rapidly regained most of it from December through now. I don't know how to really help him given the fact that I have failed myself. I cook healthy dinners Most nights. We don't go for any fast food. I rarely keep sweets in the house (mostly because I myself know I have a little voice that tells me to eat sweets at 11:30 pm when most of the world is asleep. I talk with my son about making good choices. I encourage him to be active. I am trying to not be too controlling about things. My parents were completely obsessed with my weight and food intake and my exercise. I know they were well-intentioned, but really what happened was that it made me feel like an outsider to the rest of the family and people in general. It made me feel guilty, and secretive. It made me angry and ashamed. I don't want that for my son. Anyhow, he went on a class trip this past weekend and brought back as a souvenir giant amount of chocolate from a Hershey store. I don't want to seem unappreciative. I did get upset. I asked what he was thinking when he got it. He said that he knows I love chocolate and that it was special since it was from a Hershey store. I told him this was an enormous amount of chocolate and we cannot keep it in the house. He said he would bring it to school and give it out to his friends. So, I know he has poor self control and I know what I was like as a kid. I don't trust him to bring it to school to share, I think he eat it and keep a chocolate stash. I told him I did not think bringing it to school would be a good idea..I did not tell him that I don't trust him. I did get pretty upset with him for spending his souveneir money of chocolate. I feel bad. I wonder how I should have handled this.... Secondly given his weight struggles, I feel like going forth with the surgery might send a mixed message that no, this is something you cannot control. He needs to try to control it. I worry that he will stop listening to me completely when I try to address issues about food, weight, eating. I also think that being as heavy as I am is not good for my son. I used to love taking him for hikes and out on adventures all the time. I am just tired now. I am not proud of my appearance either and don't really like being seen, so sometimes I avoid community functions...an isolated mom is not good for a kid...just wondering if other people have faced similar issues and have insights..thanks!!
  4. Is there any way that you could get more information about what went bad when your sister had the surgery. Perhaps she had another medical issue going on, if that is the case you could discuss that with your doctor to be screened for it. I find that knowledge is power and not knowing things tends to contribute to fear and uncertainty. I am very sorry that your sister died. I know that has to be so heart breaking and must make the decision to even think about going through with a procedure truly brave and conflicted. I would not really listen to the people advising you against surgery. That really depends upon who those people are though. Are they people who are very knowledgeable about surgery, about obesity, people who know the life of being morbidly obese. Can you perhaps get second and third opinions about surgery and what the best options are, surgical and otherwise. I am not trying to convince you into surgery, because perhaps there are legit reasons for going another route. I am just encouraging that you do what is really and truly best for you and your future health and happiness.