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  1. Yes, set to have a revision surgery on 7/26/2016, removing my lap band and getting the gastric bypass.
  2. Just thought I would introduce myself today. After one year of trying to get approved for a lap band revision Gastric Bypass surgery, it finally happened. I was approved on July 14th to have gastric bypass on Tuesday July 26th in Denver. I had previously tried to be approved to have it Grand Junction, so much closer, but they insist on having it in Denver at a center of excellence hospital. Now that I have met the new doctor and nurses I am so happy it happened this way. The new guy, Dr. Michael Snyder, is so much better. I'll be in much better hands. Sunday and Monday before surgery I'll be on clear liquids only. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I could have on Sunday and Monday "all clear liquids"? What did some of you have? I'd love to hear some examples to choose from. Also, can anyone tell me what you choose to have the first 1,2,3 weeks. I really would like to know what others have tried and I can compare it to what my doctor tells me. Anything helps. I decided to do this because even though I can lose 100+ pounds, I always gain it back. My yo-yo weight is a major factor contributing to my depression and self-esteem. Right now I am 5"7 and 260 pounds. * Set to have a revision surgery on 7/26/2016, removing my lap band and getting the gastric bypass * Thank you! Jamie
  3. Hello! I am new here. My husband is asking me to hire a lawyer to fight my Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado insurance company for me. They just denied me to have a Revisional surgery, remove old lap band and get a gastric bypass at the same time. Their reason for denial is that my hospital in Grand Junction, CO is not a Center of Excellence and/or Blue Distinction facility. My hospital is already a COE for United Healthcare but they are working towards becoming one under BCBS guidelines. I am told it could be another 6 months to 18 months before this happens. I've already been trying to get this surgery since Sept 2015. I really don't want to wait another year. Besides, I've already paid for all the pre-surgery testing and paid up on my deductible. Should I wait any longer I will have to start over from scratch. That means more money and a lot more time. I am wondering if it is possible to bypass the center of excellence rule with BCBS due to there not being a center of excellence anywhere near me. BCBS customer service pretend to not know or just plain won't answer me. Anyone heard of this? Also, my husband says he once saw that you can hire weight loss surgery lawyers to fight the good fight for you. Has anyone ever heard of this? If so, where do I go online to find this? He can't find it now either. Desperately seeking help, Jamie