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  1. I'm just looking forward to being able to walk without so much foot/ankle pain! And for flights to be so much easier.
  2. I am officially having surgery next Wednesday, the 25th!! I'm SO excited and anxious. It's starting to really feel real, and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity. I have my pre-op stuff tomorrow, then liquid diet starting Monday. Any suggestions??
  3. Just got my surgery date!!!

    Isn't it?? I had no idea it would be so quick, I figured I'd have to wait at least a month from the time they called me. I couldn't believe it when they said next week. I'd been getting nervous about all the Obamacare/ACA stuff going on - I kind of got the feeling they were trying to push us through, just in case.
  4. Just got my surgery date!!!

    Thanks!! I can't wait either! I started my pre-op liver shrinking diet yesterday, continuing that until surgery. Quit smoking months ago, which was somehow easier to give up than the Diet Coke...but I've finally done that, too. lol My sister and I love playing Just Dance - that's been most of my activity through this, but I'm whooped by the end of it! I'll probably just take walks after surgery, until I'm healed enough to play again. Thank you so much for that link!! It gave me some great ideas that I'm excited to try! The protein pudding sounds promising.
  5. Getting antsy!

    I'm in that land of Limbo right now - I've gone through the 6 months of appointments required by insurance, my insurance has approved the procedure, all tests are finished and approved and I just put myself onto the liver-shrinking diet part of things. But, because my regular Physician wanted approval from a Cardiologist before he signed the consent form, so now I'm stuck waiting on him to get it signed and sent in. I was approved over a month ago, I'd hoped they'd have it in by now. I understand that things get busy, especially around the holidays, so I'm not mad at anyone personally, just frustrated that I have to wait longer. I'm so anxious and ready for this to begin! It sucks feeling so prepared and ready, but getting stuck on the technicalities like paperwork! I suppose this is what I get for deciding to do this around the holidays, huh? lol Did the waiting time crawl by for you, or did it fly by?
  6. Getting antsy!

    I actually called on Saturday, only to be re-routed and told to call back Monday. Which I did, only to be told that they're closed for the holiday and to call back tomorrow. I though it was weird that they were open today when she told me Monday, but I figured she knew better than I did lol I'll try again tomorrow and hope the third time's a charm!
  7. Quest peanut butter cups

    I love the bars, and I love peanut butter cups, so it's good to know they're gross. I may have wasted my money.
  8. New ink - again!

    Those are both so cute! The lilac one is beautiful - I love the coloring. I have 3, but I'm itching to get so many more, they're just so much money! Eventually I'd like to get my starting weight in roman numerals down my side, or on my ribs - once I reach my goal weight. Something that reminds me where I started, and how far I've (hopefully!) come.
  9. Reality Check -- This isn't supposed to be EASY

    I haven't had my surgery yet (nearly month 3 of 6 by insurance standards, no date yet), but this is something that I have been lecturing myself on, as well. Everything I put into my mouth now, I check the nutrition facts and ask myself, "Can I eat this post-op?" The surgery itself is only half the battle, the bigger part is your mind and your sheer will to get yourself out of this hole you've gotten yourself stuck in. For the longest time, I thought surgery was the "easy way out." Now I see that that couldn't be further from the truth. Surgery isn't easy - having the surgery isn't easy, healing from the surgery isn't easy, living with the surgery isn't easy, eating after the surgery isn't easy. Nothing is. It's just a tool to help you, a tool with a high success rate, but still just a tool. Going into the surgery believing much of anything else is just self-sabotage, in my opinion.
  10. Hi! I'm a 31 year old female living in Central California, and I've recently accepted that I need help to fix my lifelong weight issue. At the moment, I need to lose over 250 pounds to be at my goal weight of 180 (I am 6' tall and the rest of the family that I take after is built with very large frames/hips). At the moment, I'm awaiting an appointment with a nutritionist to begin this journey towards surgery, as is required by my insurance. At this point, I am nearly certain that I am going to need bariatric surgery of some kind, and it's now down to trying to figure out how to proceed. I was leaning towards gastric bypass simply because of the sheer amount of weight I need to lose, that seems to be what's recommended from what I read online. However, a friend is having the gastric sleeve surgery next month, and needs to lose more than I do. I'm not particularly fond of the idea of my stomach literally being removed from my body, but this friend also is really trying to talk me out of exploring gastric bypass, citing the extreme nature of it. I'm not opposed to any surgery (except maybe the lap-band - the amount of complications makes me shy away), but I'm really looking for opinions of those who have been through the process. I know I'm a long way away from even having a surgery date, but I really want to make an informed decision about it all. My sister (who knows me better than anyone) thinks that gastric bypass is too extreme and that I'll miss too much of the foods that I won't be able to eat ever again without discomfort. While I see her point, I'm also thinking that maybe that's what I need - to not put food, and eating food in particular, first priority. But, is the exchange worth it? Will there ever be a point post-op where I'm able to eat small amounts of "bad" foods without discomfort? And I say that not because I want to cheat, but because it might help to sway her. Looking for any and all opinions/experiences, any info at all would be helpful! Thanks!
  11. First, HUGE thank you to all the feedback!! I definitely appreciate all the conversations about it I can get, I really want to make an educated decision about all of it. I do have a few questions to throw out there that anyone can answer! First, with the hypothetical gastric bypass, were I to have it - the multivitamins. I know I have seen a LOT of people talking about the sales at CVS and how wonderful they are, and since I go to CVS for my regular prescriptions, it would be perfect to be able to get my vitamins there, too. How much does each usually cost, ballpark, with these sales? I've heard of some BOGO deals? How often are the sales? I know that everything I've ever read on carbonated drinks says they're not allowed, and I'm willing to accept that, but I'm just curious why? Is it because it forms gas in your stomach and makes you feel fuller than you are? Or because the carbonation is actually damaging somehow? Also, I did a few different online seminars for a few different bariatric surgery centers around me, and this popped out at me. I have pretty severe acid reflux. I have to take Omeprazole daily or I will be in so much pain. This being said, I read that the sleeve actually gives some people acid reflux? And makes it much worse in those people who already have it? Is this credible? Because if so that definitely takes me out of the running for the sleeve! As for my sister, she already has assured me that she'll support me no matter what I choose, she is just wanting to make sure that I can live with my decision. I have a bad habit of rushing into things and regretting it later lol so she's just looking out for me. But I know she'll be the one taking care of me after surgery, if it happens, so she'll definitely learn everything she needs to know about it. I also wanted to ask, when it comes to anti-depressants, how does that work exactly? Are there liquid forms of most of them? Again, thank you SO much to everyone who replied!! I read every word and appreciate it so much.
  12. I completely understand how that may have come off as though that's what I'm thinking about, but it truly isn't. In fact, for the last month and a half, every single thing I eat, I analyze in my head whether or not I could eat this post-op. And I am definitely ready to give up all of that - eating the "bad" foods and everything, truly. I feel as though the weight loss surgery would be my biggest tool in helping me along that journey, because it would not only limit what I intake, but also make what I do intake count for something - not just empty calories. I just brought up the "bad" foods question because it is one that I want to know - I just know that asking a surgeon that question would make it look as though I'm already anticipating cheating, and I'm not. I understand the impact that this would have in my life, and how important it is to make the sacrifices. My sister means a lot to me, though, and that's why I'm asking - I just am asking for help on what to say to her when she brings that part up. I guess ideally I'd like to be able to tell her that although, yes, I can eat very small amounts without pain eventually, I probably won't even want to. And honestly, even if I really can't ever eat "bad" foods again, this would still be worth it to me, because I know I can't do it on my own. I have a long way to go in this process, but I assure you, every step I've taken, everything that I've looked up, everything I've pinned to my "bariatric" board on Pinterest - none of it has included cheating in that plan for success. The point of this is getting away from the bad foods. She just thinks that I'll miss those kinds of foods too much, and I'll regret it. I just don't think I will. And even if I do miss them, I'll be too busy enjoying being healthy to miss them for long! Also, I definitely am not limiting myself to just those two surgery options at all. I'm just saying that those two options are the ones that I know the most about, and have actually considered. I'm open to any and all other conversations about other surgeries - that's why I posted this, really. To get some feedback of what everyone else thinks of their experiences through the different kinds of surgeries. Thank you for replying!