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  1. Worst eating habit

    Cleaning my plate. Then I'd finish off whatever bits my son had left, no matter how stuffed I already was. I have huge food wasting issues from childhood. So thankful I tackled this with my therapist the year preceding surgery.
  2. Pumpkin Pie Greek yogurt

    Just found this today. Thought I'd share. So yummy. 80 calories. 12 protein. 7 sugars. Enjoy
  3. Open RNY recovery period

    Driving no. Lifting yes. Nothing over 15 pounds for 12 weeks. I also had my gallbladder removed at the same time. I was swollen and couldnt bend forward very far. If I dropped something on the floor, there it stayed. I couldn't reach over and pick it up and didn't have the strength to squat. Tying shoes, pulling on socks, all that stuff was impossible. Just some little things to think about. HUGS
  4. I'm still around. Had my six week follow up on 8/18. I left discouraged and have been in a funk ever since. Only down 27 pounds since surgery. I think the word 'only' is appropriate. My dietician told me that stalls this early were not normal, and that I need to up my calories, up my protein and up my water. I saw the PA next and she agreed. Said my body is starving and holding onto everyhing I eat. (I thought this was a myth). My incision is healed, but has become a keloid. It's painful and restricts my mobility quite a bit as far as bending, sitting and even standing upright. I still walk around like Quasimodo .

    Having a woe is me day.

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    2. MKCPNW


      Thanks everyone.  HUGS

    3. Purple*Bear


      Hang in there.  You can do this :)


    4. susan25


      I am at 25lbs, I though i was losing too slowly, but, this makes me feel better.  Some days i hit my goals and some days i don't.  I am doing low carbs, very little fruit, I am having trouble processing sugar.  I ate a banana the other day and that was fine, but dump when I eat an apple.  I tried bbq sauce on chicken and my body didn't like that.  I am finding it's all trial and error.  I am using alot of zucchini and spagetti squash.  I love those.

      We are doing well, We just have to remember the end result will be amazing.

  5. Open RNY recovery period

    Hi there. I had open RNY on July 1st. I had a couple complications and am still unable to do certain physical things that were never an issue pre-op. It all depends on your general health and fitness level before surgery. I have needed help from day 1. My surgeon said no to a binder, my PT said yes. I listened to my surgeon. Maybe I'd be more advanced in my recovery if I had used one. Who knows. I wish you a speedy, uneventful recovery.
  6. July surgery roll call

    August 1st! Purple bear I'll be thinking about you. Post when you are comfy and up to it. Hugs
  7. July surgery roll call

    I have not even seen or heard of those. Thanks. On the grocery list they go.
  8. July surgery roll call

    This sounds a lot like me, Susan. I suffered from bladder spasms and was up 4-5 times a night. That's not the case anymore. I was just telling my husband that maybe these last 18 pounds was sitting right on top of my bladder, but I doubt I'm tha lucky. For sure it's cause I'm not getting my fluids in. Or my protein. I get close to 60 if I drink a shake, but it's hard still. My nutritionist doesn't count protein drinks as hydrating liquids. I've tried all brands of crystal light type packets. Mio. Diet Snapple, Diet juices, Diet lemonades, lemon water, cold water, warm water, sun tea, fruit teas, hot tea. Ugh. Fat free milk sits fine, as well as 50/50 water apple juice, so I could drink my calories all day. It's really hard.
  9. July surgery roll call

    Relieved to hear everyone is doing well. I think we have 1 more Julyer to go and possibly an August 1st-er if I remember correctly (highly unlikely tho. Lol) sending positive thoughts everyone's way
  10. July surgery roll call

    Hopeing everything went well. HUGS
  11. July surgery roll call

    Congratulations on your loss!
  12. Before and After

    Sorry for being so snarky tmc. I'm gonna step away for a bit while my emotions are so sensitive right now.
  13. Before and After

    How does congratulating someone equate to me not "understanding that WLS is the easy part" ? Maybe I'm over sensitive from all the easy stuff I just did, but a thank you would have been sufficient.
  14. Okay. I have a current prescription for a gummy multivitamin, so I thought I was all set. My nut said on monday, no gummies, and to get a chewable multi. She handed me a sample list, and of course I cant buy them locally. We are in a small town. So my question is, Can anyone tell me the exact multivitamin they get from Walmart. I cannot go out yet, and poor hubby has already searched Fred Meyer with great confusion. Anyone who is married understands husbands do better with a VERY SPECIFIC name (pictures are good too) when sent on a mission to the store