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  1. Hi All, I wanted to see if I could get your opinion on my current situation and concern. I had the sleeve a little over a year ago on 5/9/2016. My highest starting weight was about 253 lbs and my lowest so far has been 199 or 200 lbs. I’m male and 5’8” or 5’9” (without shoes) on a good day. I was just weighed at my doctor’s office today and I now weigh 208.5 lbs…..gained over 8 pounds since my lowest some months ago! The other thing is I never achieved my goal weight of about 170 lbs. Maybe this goal weight was a bit unreasonable but still. I The good news is that all my weight
  2. You're one week behind me and same surgeon. That's great progress in three weeks wow! Maybe I'll see you at the next post-op support group meeting at the hospital soon.
  3. Anawan

    Blue jeans

    Wow good for you! That's amazing
  4. That's funny because the hospital where I had my surgery issues this same bear to the bariatric patients. I felt kind of strange using it because I'm a guy holding a teddy bear but got over that real quick because it worked great! I gave the bear to my daughter now...she loves it! I second using this if your hospital doesn't give you one....helps with the coughing in the first week or so.
  5. Hi Angelito, Sorry to hear about your issues. I too am one month post-op....sleeve though. I'll throw out another possibility....do you have anxiety? I have struggled with anxiety for many years and some of the symptoms your describing are not too much different than anxiety attacks or variations of them that I have experienced. Anxiety is a very powerful disorder that can affect the body in ways you describe and can happen to anyone at anytime especially after a surgery like this. I'm surprised non of your doctors have suggested this yet but I strongly suggest you see at a phychatr
  6. Thanks Wendy and Maggie. Yeah going to cut out the coffee foe a while and see if that helps. I'll take it a bit slower too.
  7. We can have corned beef hash in the puree/soft food stage??! My God that's one of my favorite foods if this is true.
  8. Hi All, I'm 16 days post-op and wanted to seek advice about upset gassy campy stomach with lots of noises I've been experiencing for the past two days. I haven't experienced any of this until yesterday and today. It's not all the time and not unbearable but is uncomfortable and concerning. I've been on pureed/soft foods for a few days now and haven't deviated from my surgeons diet as far as I'm aware. Maybe I'm eating to fast or too much? Although I'm really thinking the problem may be the regular coffee and cream I've been drinking. This is all new to me so I'm a little unsure what is no
  9. I have the hummus ready....might try a couple small bites today. Beans and avocado sounds heavenly. Thanks all for the replies.
  10. Lol too funny tmcgee.....but to be honest that does sound wonderful to me right now! By the way, I'm from Taunton, MA but live in San Diego now. I used to work in Randolph for a while. Lived in Arlington too for years and worked in the city. My cousin lived in Wallaston area of Quincy so was in that area a lot......good ol' Red Line.
  11. Hi All, I'm 11 days post-op and will be starting the soft food phase very soon......instructions say day 15. I have short list of items from my surgeon's office that I can eat but I'd like to know if there are any additional things such as light mayo, mustard, butter, etc. that can also be eaten at this stage. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions that worked good for you at this stage? Also I was at my surgeon's support group last night and many suggested it was okay to start weaning into the purée foods now......starting off trying a little hummus tomorrow. Have others started sof
  12. Thank you all for your welcoming words and comments! It makes the journey so much better with all the support and advice.
  13. Hi All, I've been lurking the forums for months so finally decided to join and introduce myself. I am on day 9 VSG Post-Op and have not felt any regret. My surgery went very well and my recovery is going great. I have lost about 10 lbs already and feel good. The challenges I have so far are primarily psychological I think. I'm on the Day 4-14 of the full liquid diet phase and I'm craving real food much more than I anticipated....I even had a food dream today! It's strange because I never feel full but don't feel hunger the way I used to either. I have no problem drinking two premiere
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