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  1. Thank u, how have u been doung??
  2. Hi I am running out of clothes fast and am already wearing too baggy of clothes in desperate need of size 16-18&x l tops and especially shirts that the sleeves go to elbow as my arms have to much loose skin PLEASE I'm in Paso Robles can THANK U
  3. when I was asked if wanted to have this surgery couple years ago I automatically said NO, it wasn't from what I new as I didn't no anything I new a person more a acquaintance and I remember seeing her one day and someone saying she had the surgery, then it seemed like was many weeks later in my mind but could of been longer I seen her and she looked so THIN that it reminded me of s bag of bones and that always stuck in my head. I think in a way it scared me as I could NEVER see my self like that, nor did I want to. .I think it just scared me as I didn't understand. .couple years later and I was told I needed spinal surgery but that bypass surgery might prevent that so I signed up and. can honestly say that now I have knowledge, I wouldn't change my choice for anything in the world, I just wish I had done it sooner .so I could of had a pain free life a lot sooner..
  4. GOODLUCK, and am proud of you that your taking this leap of faith. .
  5. thanks all, I did he's thinking apendix so heading to see him now will keep u all posted THANK U
  6. hi I had gastric bypass last Oct, I'm well over 100-+pads lost . 1month after my surgery me and significant other split. I going thru a lot of emotional stuff, and just have no one who can even begin to relate or understand what it is I'm going thru. I chose this surgery over spinal surgery due to health prob. and never new this would be what I would be going thru.I don't understand a lot and think that I'm doing something wrong as I don't even understand all of it..I have other major health issues and when I had the surgery was suffering from ptsd when surgery was done I noticed my anxiety increased and only got worse. every time I got sic and then landed in icu, so I almost panic when even think I might be getting sic as I thunk uhoh drs going to admit me,so I don't go and see him like I no I should which I no isn't good. I have just been really going thru it since my breakup as I was left to handle everything self, moving, packing everything.which I have just been told I should never of been as that time should of been mine for healing.which I'm paying fot now. I'm sorry if I seem all over the place, I just need someone who I can talk to who understands an can relate PLEASE I HaVE 1 close family friend, but she just don't get it and is constantly trying to feed me lol as she thinks I'm as she calls it off from not eating lol I eat but to normal people as I call it. they call what we and how much bird food lol they don't get I did eat to them it's only a snack. an I neeD to stop playing around an eat.I just need someone who can relate and understands. right after surgery I moved into a new town New appt complex and thought would meet new people, but no as I moved right after surgery and have lost so much weight my own landlord didn't even recognize me 3months later. so people where I live either think I'm REALLY. sic or On drugs due to severe weight loss. I don't have energy or feel need to have to defend myself of wear a sign around neck stating I had wls ..please need buddy I live in central ca.and don't care where u live .sure would love one right next door.but that's not possible all the time and I no God led me to this site he will bring right person into my life. ,sorry if I'm babbling. but I'm new to all this an am trying so thank u
  7. sorry was just trying to give a lil history, thanks for replying . my biggest concern right now is the stomach and was wondering if it's normal to hurt and be a lil swollen on side after being that backed up then going .and also I see what u mean but my phone when I type 1word it puts what wants an if don't double check when read back I don't even no what was saying so sorry.
  8. I have a question if any one can please help would REALLY appreciate. I had my gastric bypass about 6months ago I have had it hard whole time spent 4days in hosp when got done, within 1month was in icu due to extreme malnutrition and dehydration had a accidental overdose spent 3days icu, within 3wks back same thing 2days this time. that is when they sent a dietician in an evaluated my vitamins. what gets me is theirs not enough education to prepare u for that u hear them rep easily say u will need a multi vitamin for rest of life not u will need that and some may require more , when left icu that time I was on taking 9 vitamin pills a day soon after my hair started falling out and my nails he'll my b12was off so switched that to desolvable. I have always had bowl problems before surgery (not going)after surgery didn't have that prob at all. until about a month ago started noticing changes at first wouldn't go for couple days then awk in between to over a wks tell I got a knot on right side where my hernia used to be this was this thru noticed thought many start if blockage so took a soft net Fri.morn nothing (an 1usually does it)Fri nite 1more- nothing today get up &take 2within he flood gates open lol I start noticing my face is swollen and not feeling good then after about 2hrs of just going my r side starts hurting not to bad tolerable then I notice when pull up shirt that it's a lil swollen an as am sitting here kinda hear gurgling in that area is this normal after many having such severe deposit we will say lol that u could be sore and a lil. swollen or should I be worried? now I do have other health issues I have a nodule on lung and a adrenal gland tumor. .I no I should check in more Dr but I get panicky that they going to stick me back in hospital, which I no it's only cause its necessary if he does but it's also over an he to where his office is an he likes me to always go to there er instead of one closest. any ideas please
  9. hi I'm 6months out from gastric bypass and am having hard time with a lot so thought would try this
  10. peggri


    Before360ish and 9months after225