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  1. @kisten1210 Will you let me know how it goes? That's the EXACT procedure I had the consult for. Good for her ... I feel my stomach jump for her just thinking about it! I am sending her all the best wishes for healing and pain management in the world!
  2. WOW! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this informative and honest post. I just had my first consult this week - over $20,000 for a tummy tuck (front and back). I hadn't considered Mexico, but I'll be doing some major research. You look amazing .... Congratulations on your transformation!
  3. My big NSV for this week = weighing less than my husband for the first time EVER (we've been together for 34 years!). YAY!!
  4. THIS is the NSV I am looking forward to!! Congratulations!
  5. WOW! Congratulations! I am glad you are seeing "non-scale" victories AND the pounds fall off! YAY!!!
  6. I thought the sweetness of protein shakes would gag me if I had to drink another one, so I totally get where you are coming from. I ended up liking Unjury vanilla the best. Not too sweet and since the vanilla is a mild flavor, I could change it up pretty easily. I make it with half water, half 1% milk. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for all the advice! I went back to protein shakes yesterday, and although the meds still upset my stomach, I think I am feeling better - hopefully, this means this batch of antibiotics are the right ones. Water has been my nemesis since surgery. I realize how important it is, but every sips seems to cause my pouch to twist and revolt in pain. Hot water works better (so that's what I do), but it still gives me spasms. Surgeon wasn't overly concerned (surprising), but said if it's not better at 12 weeks he will be. I am drinking enough to not be dehydrated, but not enough to be truly healthy. Again, thanks for your advice. It's nice to have a community at my fingertips!
  8. The urologist is the one who put me on this last batch of meds (and did an bladder/kidney ultrasound in case there are stones, but I don't have the results yet).
  9. Hi All, I am 10 weeks post-op (WOW, the summer has gone by quickly!) and I developed a UTI at the end of July. Well, it's not going away ... probably for many reasons. One, I am not drinking enough water. Two, it's been resistant to 3 different types of antibiotics. I am on my 4th medication now. Three, doc is concerned about the extra calcium in my urine so they took me off it for a bit. The medication is really hard for my stomach to tolerate, so I have been doing toast and crackers with it. And, I since the pill and the crackers 4x per day are filling me up, I am not getting enough protein. And then I am tired. And I don't feel good. And then I don't prepare/plan food well. And then, and then, and then. Anyone have any advice for getting the medication down easier? OR, any thoughts on how to kick a stubborn UTI? Thanks! Lori
  10. What a great attitude. I am so sorry your heart is hurting, but I am glad you aren't taking it out on your body! Hugs! Lori
  11. Ooohhhhh ..... I was so nervous! But, it wasn't that bad at all! Now, I am hoping for some energy. Tomorrow I am 4 weeks post-op and I am still exhausted by the end of the day (and, quite honestly, could take a nap mid-day if I had the time). Have a great weekend! Lori
  12. I am looking forward to actually finding those bones! Lol! Thanks for the insight!
  13. I hear you. I am 15 days out, and if I never see another thick, creamy, shake it will be too soon. The only way I could choke them down was over ice and let the ice dilute them a little. Once I could do THINNNNNN Cream of Wheat (1 week out), I used vanilla protein drink to mix it. Not so bad. Brand wise - Kaiser likes the High Protein Boost -but I don't. I like the Unjury Vanilla made with skim or 1% milk. Good luck. You'll make it! But, that cottage cheese will be the best thing you've ever eaten! Lori
  14. So, yesterday and today a new (yet annoyingly painful) symptom popped up. I am pretty sore under my shoulder blades and sore (although less so) lower back. Any ideas? I don't feel particularly gassy. Thanks! Lori
  15. Wow. Thank you Claire. I am 13 days Post-Op and I am going to print this post and put it in my "important to remember and think about file" so I can refer to it often. Thank you! Lori