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  1. judypic2

    SEVERE leg cramps!!!

    I tried all the vitamins and had to resort to going to a neuropathy doctor, she did all the most painful test and I do not have neuropathy but she gave me the pills for neuropathy (8 pills a day) 4 of one kind and 2 each of 2 others and they seemed to work for a while (about a year) now have to go back a adjust! This is really painful and I tell ya if I would have known about this pain, I would have stayed fat!
  2. judypic2

    SEVERE leg cramps!!!

    I also have the worst leg cramps ever, I take all the vitamins for leg cramps plus my prenatal about 15 different vitamins, Now I had to go to a neurologist and she gave me 3 different muscle relaxers and I got another pill for my doctor, it is like ativan but not as addictive, so that 4 pills and 15 different vitamins everyday if I miss one of any of them I can feel the spasms starting up in my legs again. I am 18years post opp and 2 years ago I weighed 117 lbs, now I weight 156 lbs after drinking 64 oz of electrolytes everyday. I guess it was nice while it lasted but now there seems to be nothing any doctor can do about the cramps just take all these pills and vitamins every day for the rest of my life! NOT FUN!
  3. judypic2

    SEVERE leg cramps!!!

    I will try it, just because I am tired all the time from the muscle relaxers
  4. judypic2

    SEVERE leg cramps!!!

    I have leg and hand cramps, I tried the bananas and the potassium, I now take 2 5000 mg of d3, 2 potassium pills, b6, b12, b1, calcium, prenatal, A, and k. I don't miss a day, but now it is just getting worse, they thought I had neuropathy but not just the surgery, now I have prescription muscle relaxers I take 2 in the morning with my vitamins and 3 of one kind and 2 of 2 other kinds just to sleep and make the cramps go away, they will be here forever because of the surgery and a 4oz glass of tonic water in the morning and one at night! And some time I take a muscle relaxer 2x's a day in-between! oh and 64oz pedilite!