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  1. Hypoglycemia?

    Hi everyone it's been a while since I've been here... Just wanted to ask you guys, I think I am having episodes of Hypoglycemia. Not sure if it is reactive and or regular hypoglycemia. Even if I just eat plain protein I start sweating cold, I moved to Las Vegas so I know it is hot outside and here I am sweating cold and feeling hungry. I've tried to eat no more than 11 grams of Carbs per meal. This morning I had 4 little wheat thins one boiled egg, a slice of provolone cheese and a two slices of turkey breast. Right after I ate like 15 mins later I start sweating cold. It also happens if I only eat protein and or if I only drink water which it makes me confused... Does anybody here have experience with Hypoglycemia? What are some tips or snacks or habits I can adapt to to prevent this from happening. My endo told me to eat every 2 to 3 hrs a day but it keeps happening. Even if I just eat protein
  2. Multiple issues, anyone else experience these?

    I'm so sorry You have through a lot. I've have had issues as well, mine are of a neurological side of things though. Have you or any of your doctors ever considered a Reversal surgery for your gastric bypass? Tho that also comes with some serious side effects as well sometimes. The worst would be Gastroparesis. Which is Delaying Stomach emptying, due to nerve damage to our stomach especilly of yiu have had alot of surgeries on your stomach. I am not a Health provider or an expert but due to my many complications I've experienced since surgery for the past 9 weeks, I've done a lot of research and have learned a lot payout Gastric surgery. I get a lot of migraines non stop since surgery, Can't sleep at all even with meds, they say that it is something that my body is missing that I used to get that now my body can not absorb. The problem with that is trying to find out what it is, it could be anything. I know a lady that had nausea and vomiting episodes non stop daily amd had to have a reversal because of that. I know that it is very frustrating. Hang in there. I'm here to talk if whenver you need to.
  3. Need some advice please!!!

    Thank You ..yes I even asked them to referred me to a Neurologist, I even lose my vision for a sec or two, it is very Scary. But my Bariatric team keeps telling me it is normal aMD that my body is just adjusting to the changes. But I really do not hear alot about people complaining about passing out, vision loss, memory loss, body tingling amd twitching, insomnia, migraines, eyes burning, I even went to My eye doctor amd they told me my eyes are super dry. My hands shake and my legs, my face twitch amd hurt, sometimes I even feel it on my Jaw. Scary things... I also get the whole tired amd fatigue but figured that's also normal. All I want is not to be dizzy I think I could deal with the other stuff but at least I would be able to walk without feeling Motion sickness
  4. Need some advice please!!!

    I know... Thank You. I know you really mean it. I just need to keep on fighting for myself since nobody else will. I think how sad it is that Some Doctors do not like talking about the rare cases, everybody seems to focus on the Positive and turn their heads on the rare cases, but just because they are rare does not mean that we do not exist, and I've found a very nice group of people that have had Complications one year and up after they had Bariatric surgery. At first they were doing great, but after a couple of years, their situation got very complicated even to the point or their death. We do exist and I am learning alot from them. We support each other and it is very nice to know there are people like me out there.
  5. Need some advice please!!!

    is this the video or lady you were talking about?
  6. Need some advice please!!!

    Went to my Bariatric team on Thursday, they did some blood work and they called me back to let me know that the results they got the next day were normal aND that They were still waiting for some other ones to come back. The problem that I see tho is that What might be normal to me might not be on the normal range to others. I might x need more or maybe less of certain vitamins and or Minerals for my body to function properly, but These doctors do not listen, I guess one size fits all, but in real life is not like that. I'm trying to sell everything that I have to get a reversal surgery so that if I'm having any neurological issues they are not permanent. I'm also scared of A reversal because of the chances of Getting Gastroparesis, there is a 5 % chance amd of course I would have to pay put of my pockets to get the surgery reversed. I found a Doctor in Mexico willing to do it for cheap, but sometimes we get what we pay for. I think I found the lady you were telling me about. She suffered from neurological issues as well just like me and she had a reversal but tye damage to her brain was irreversible. I'm going for a second opinion tomorrow with another doctor, maybe this one will listen. I have found out that for the most part doctors don't want to deal with Bariatric patients, they seem to always send me back to my original Surgeon. And well If my original surgeon's team is not very willing to help us, we are basically SOL. Thanks for asking how I'm doing. I'm still the same I'm just going to try a different opinion now. I can't stop until someone listens, it is the only thing i can do.
  7. Need some advice please!!!

    No other ideas from somebody else before I head over to my Surgeon's office appointment? Anybody?
  8. Need some advice please!!!

    Thank You... I would really appreciate it. I'm trying to get into The Mayo Clinic soon. I went to The clinic today and hoping to get a referral to see one of their Bariatric Surgeons there.
  9. Need some advice please!!!

    Has anybody in Herr suffered from Neurological Complications right after Gastric Bypass due to any Vitamin and or Mineral Deficiency? I get alot of Muscle spams, My face especially my forehead seems to Twitch a lot. Especially on top of my right eye. The muscles on my thighs feel very weak, like they are made out of jello and my arms also... My hands shake sometimes like If I have Parkinson's but I know I don't have that, I'm just trying to Explain. Somebody suggested vitamin B1. I am taking 200 mgs of Thiamine 100 in the am amd 100 in the pm. I also take a B complex pill, amd a B complex Shot twice a month. I also take Potassium every day. On top of all my required vitaimns. When I hold my cell phone my muscles feel very weak. I'm only 7 weeks post op. It will be 2 months for me on July 4th. On top of that. I get very dizzy all the time and I have Insomnia. Can anybody relate to my symptons. I also sometimes lose my vision for like 2 to 3 secs, like if I'm about to pass out. I have an appointment with my surgeon office tomorrow at noon, What can I ask my doctor tomorrow since they seem to think this is normal. But I dont think it is...
  10. Need some advice please!!!

    Has anybody ever suffer from Insomnia right after Gastric bypass surgery? I haven't been able to sleep for weeks. My doctor gave me something that's supposed to help me sleep bUT it doesn't work? I heard I can get Melatonin at GNC. Is there anybody here that takes sleeping aids?
  11. My One Month Post op

    Thanks for the suggestion but yes, I started actually going to therapy my first week post op since that's when I started experiencing all of these symptoms, they got me on 2 antidepressants to help me sleep since I can't and to get me going, I've never had anxiety and so I don't know the symptoms but My psychologist Says that I have a very strong depression. I currently found a doctor that reverses Gastric Bypass surgeries, he says that it is too early to even think about that road but If in a few months after I'm healed I'm still not able to function properly than he is willing to help me out. He has done reversals before, another lady I know that went to him because of malnutrition was the one that told me about him, so at least I know in the back of my head that I have that option maybe once I come up with the money to pay for the surgery....
  12. My One Month Post op

    Thanks They did my labs amd they say my blood work looks good. I've gone to 4 different doctors and they all tell me I need to be patient and wait that it gets better. I am planning on going to rehab at a clinic where they help people with dizziness, maybe they will be able to help me? They Seem To Think ThIs Is normal, And That My Body Is Taking Longer To Adjust To The New Stomach. All I want is try to at least walk amd function a little so I can go back to work.
  13. My One Month Post op

    Thank you great article
  14. My One Month Post op

    Thanks. I'm just dizzy all the time even when I'm in bed. If I try to walk I feel like motion sickness, like I'm going to fall amd my legs get very weak. I consume more than 60 grams of protein a day. And I drink about 100 oz of fluids a day. My problem is not with my stomach is the fact that I can't walk because I get lightheaded and dizzy. I have headaches all the time and I can't sleep. Even when I'm tired amd or dizzy if I do it is only for 25 mins I wake up every 30 mins.
  15. My One Month Post op

    Thank you