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  1. Loree

    The new me!

    WOW, you look A M A Z I N G!!! I know you're happy & have to feel really successful! It' was a year in June that I got my surgery. Lost 86 pounds & ha, the goal weight kept changing... I think I'm done now... Been this weight for months. From 217 to 130.3... I'll take it. Very happy!
  2. I don't know really how to respond.... My mother died emphysema & alcoholism. I've never smoked but I know with my mother's last breath she smoked a cigarette & had a 32 oz glass of straight vodka... She was a tiny woman. Maybe 5 feet tall. I'm really sorry you're having so much trouble & I'm trying to be sympathetic but because of my past I just can't understand & I watched it! Good luck! <3
  3. Ha, I was ready when I made the appointment however the surgeon had another plan & since he literally holds the knife I had to pay attention. The insurance & the doctor demanded me do an 8 week medically supervised diet plan..... one full year of weight charting & then I was ready... All in all I think it was 2/3 months. I've never been disappointed. Best thing I've ever done. Oh, forgot about the psychologist review! DAMN, somewhere around 196 questions more or less asking the same thing in different ways... To me that was the worst only because I'm not a reader
  4. Loree

    very concerned

    I completely agree with you all about weighing every day. I the same as avoided the scale for so many years & then when I went to the doctor was amazed at how heavy I really was! How depressed I was & never really realized it. I'm a pretty happy person & I remember after seeing the doctor I would just 'file' my weight away & get on with life never really 'thinking' I was really heavy... AMAZING!!! Diane, we have something in common.... it will be one year in June when I had my surgery. Mine was also a gastric by-pass. I'm so proud now of what I like like to everyone else. My son just came by to see me after not seeing me for several months. His pride in me is just overwhelming... just one more reason.... I think it's funny & a little sad how when asked 'why are you getting weight loss surgery?' alot of people say it's for a man... a woman.... it never occurred to me to get it for any other reason but me. I love me! <3 Here are before & after pictures..... I'm smaller now by only about five pounds I have a trike I ride just about every day & do some exercising on the floor. That's all I am able to really commit to
  5. Loree

    very concerned

    Thank you so much Wendy! You are so right. Sometimes the things that are said not to do is your biggest asset. Looks like you've done amazingly well. I am so happy doing everything now. It's so incredible to look at my change! Thank you again!
  6. Loree

    very concerned

    I really appreciate the feedback. I weighed this morning & I'm down to the lowest weight since HS... funniest thing, I wore bigger pants in HS then I do now. I really think my weight this morning gave me a bit of false comfort. :/ I'm a little like you are Kim. I do go out & get things I'm hungry for but it seems I really pay attention now as to 'this won't be the last time I eat this'. When I have pizza, I have two, maybe three little pieces & am done. Not sure about the sweet thing. A friend of mine suggested that cream may be my problem.... though if I have more then a couple of bites, sips of anything sweet I'm just sick... not the hurt sick just soooooo uncomfortable. My main thing now is they say don't weigh everyday. Seems I can't stop myself! I live in AZ & it gets really hot here but I have a problem getting all my water in. I drink throughout the day but the volume just isn't there. That's something I really need to work on. I'll drink tea, V8 splash.... I put cucumber, lemon, watermellon...... anything I can think of just for flavor. I guess that's the biggest problem & it's such a big problem it's not even up for discussion. My son is coming to see me for the first time since I lost most the weight. I can't wait!!!
  7. Loree

    very concerned

    Heddi, first of all I could never be a nurse because I can't take the site of blood.... very weird because my son (34) that past away in September was a diabetic. You're alot better then I am.... I won't try anything on, so I buy big clothes & then end up tying the tops on the side or just making do. My size 6 jeans are a bit big on me but I'm scared to pieces to try a size 4. As you can see I've reached & past my goal weight but the image is still the same. Everytime someone compliments me on my size all I really want to do is tell them it's not true but I thank them, go home, look in the mirror & still see the same old me. I ride my trike two to nine miles a day, exercise & am in search of my bowling ball so I can do that too. Bowling isn't really exercise but I enjoy it. Thank you for answering me back. I love talking to people!
  8. Loree

    very concerned

    Thank you Heddi.... It seems so weird to me... I use to wear a size 22 pants & 1x to 2x top... now wear a size 4-6 pants & s-m top. I know the sizes don't lie but I still see size extra huge!
  9. Loree

    very concerned

    Thank you so much for all support. I know it's just silly & can't wait for the time I look like I look to me!
  10. Loree

    very concerned

    I've been reading several conversations about the 'honeymoon period'. It will be one year come June that I got my gastric by-pass surgery. The last several months I was able to add carbs to my diet. Okay, admittedly the first thing I wanted was pizza.... after two very little pieces I was done. I've tried ice cream twice &&&& a friend made brownies & I had one of those..... made me so sick for at least three hours. I've seen where people have pain... I never have just so uncomfortable!!! So, I've learned that just isn't worth it.... for the past couple of months I've stayed the same weight give or take a half a pound... It's taken this time to realize that after a few bites I'm full but you guys have me scared to death. I love my new weight!!! I have to rely on other peoples opinion of the way I look because I look in the mirror & still see size 22 pants & 1x to 2x tops. Will that ever go away? Please help!
  11. Got to admit the 64 oz of water is a tough one. Sometimes I'd get cucumbers & put it in the water... It really gave it a great taste. I don't know how strict you're diet is... for the first week all I could have was clear liquids & jello. Had a problem with the clear liquids... I don't like broths but as soon as I was able I'd boil chicken in the chicken broth & it at least gave me some consistancy. My biggest problen was constipation & it lasted for a long time. I think you are going to be really proud of yourself & the water will eventually just be part of everyday life. I drink maybe 3-4 cups in the morning & then the afternoon it seems fairly easy to get down at least four more. With everything you do in the day just have a cup of water each time you do it. It is really hard... I'm not a water kind of girl but I just try to get over myself & cup by cup it goes down. Hope this helped!
  12. Mine went very quickly... but looking back with pictures ha, I wasn't as thin & I was heavier looking then I even imagined. My hardest thing then & even now is seeing who I am now. to me, I don't 'look' any different but that obviously isn't right. I was 217 lbs. now 137. & bmi 23.5. Life is good & EVERYONE sees it!
  13. Thank all of you for your warm welcome. I just happened across this site & am so proud to be a part. I hope to talk & help with anything I can. You all are a great bunch of people! <3
  14. I had mine last June & am as happy as can be... no complications at all & I would love to be a buddy. Lpst a total of 80 lbs.
  15. Hi Steph! I had my by-pass surgery last June & maybe like everyone else never looked back. I've had bouts of depression but I guess never severe. the weight loss surgery does help but the depression comes from deep inside. I've gone from completely broke, to one of my sons dying. Life is hard but you need to reach down deep & find out what it is deep inside that depresses you. You are the only one that can reach down far enough to be honest with you. My weight was a huge issue but it was also an excuse I found I needed. Way down deep I found I was really jealous of people I had no control over.... ha, I'm still working on that. You reach a point that you as the saying goes 'God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.' The jealousy I have control over. The pants size(?) not so much. That's where the weight loss surgery came in. You can only work with what you have. The time that you have now take for going on a 'fact finding mission'. Admit to yourself whatever you feel & talk to yourself (I was my best counselor) or your therapist. I was surprised to find out I wasn't crazy. Just because I was jealous of some people, mad at others & (I hate to admit this but) ignorant of other people or things doesn't mean I'm wrong or can't be understood. Sometimes someone just saying 'it's okay' to feel the way you do really helps. Don't worry & beat yourself up... help will be yours & take this time to recognize you. Read more: http://www.lords-prayer-words.com/famous_prayers/god_grant_me_the_serenity.html#ixzz47piU3QVe