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  1. They don’t let you take your gallstones home anymore. I had my gallbladder out in February. I asked my surgeon beforehand if he’d save them for me, but he said he wasn’t allowed to do that. I really wanted them, too!
  2. We’re you, by chance, taking Prilosec (Omeprazole)?
  3. My nails got worse, then started getting better after my gallbladder was removed in February. But they recently started lifting again. I’ve concluded that it MUST be Omeprazole. Let me explain. My gastroenterologist switched me to Protonix a few months ago, but I ran out, he moved his practice, & I needed something for the GERD in the meantime until I could get more Protonix, so I took Omeprazole for a few weeks. I was so proud that my nails had grown out, almost to the free edge, ATTACHED! (First picture, taken May 27). However, one day last week, rather suddenly, I noticed they just felt really strange again. I was wearing nail polish, & when I took the polish off, I was so incredibly disappointed to see that they had ALL lifted again! So they’re clipped back to nothing, & I’m doing every treatment I can think of to get them back to “normal.” (Second picture, taken just now).
  4. Mine’s not fungus. I know what causes fungus & what fungus looks like. I, also, did acrylic nails for many years.
  5. Did you ever get an answer to your question? My nails did this, & my doctor said it looked like lack of protein. Not possible, I said, because I eat 60+ grams a day! This is particularly distressing because by trade I am a nail technician! (Currently not working, but worrisome nonetheless!) Upon doing some research on my own, I have concluded that although I’m eating plenty of protein, my body is not utilizing it properly. I believe that my stomach acid has gotten too low to break down the protein, & so most of it just passes through, literally getting flushed away! The cause? I’ve come to the conclusion (on my own) that the malabsorption is due to taking omeprazole daily (twice most days, in fact) since my VSG. I’ve uploaded a few pictures of what my nails started doing & what they looked like a few months ago. They’re much worse now. I’d love to know your thoughts, & if you were ever able to get any answers!
  6. Hi, I'm Bethany. I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy four weeks ago today. I was 360 at my heaviest, about three years ago. I weighed about 320 on the day of my surgery. I'm 303 now. I seem to have hit a plateau. I know I shouldn't focus on numbers, but it's hard not to. Anyway, I'll upload some pics soon.