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  1. So I have gotten back into roller derby and of course since the last time I posted I tried on my skates and that set things off. I have found my joy again and it's a great workout but I find it hard to eat the right things still. I'm plateaued due to having carbs and not eating perfectly. I am starting to beat myself up about it and I know I need to change the things I'm doing. But I'm happy to say despite the hiccups I am enjoying the improved endurance I have gained and how much joy I have found in doing activities again.
  2. Start weight: 350 Surgery date 12/20: 338 Current weight: 253 these two pictures blow me away. On the left was 2 days ago and on the right was about 2 years ago. The difference is astonishing to me and I still have a hard time seeing how much different I look now compared to then. I haven't had my skates on in two years and it was a great feeling to have put them on and stand in them with out pain. There is still more progress to happen but being this far out and losing this much weight I can see myself reaching my goal weight well before my year post op. I couldn't imaging not having
  3. Thank you I got the shirt from Wish and it was to tight on me before surgery and now it's so loose.
  4. So this was me a week ago when I went out with a girlfriend. I hit my 2 month mark and the amazing part was I actually wore those heels all night long. Before surgery I wasn't able to do that. It's amazing how much has changed in just 2 months.
  5. So found a picture from last year and put it with a picture i took a week ago. I do see the change. Its funny how i can see the changes in pictures but not looking in a mirror.
  6. So a few days ago I weighed myself and reached the 300s. When o started this journey before my first consult i was weighing in at 350 pound. I slowly started cutting things back andnnot drinking as much soda and quit smoking and i had dropped a few pounds. When i started my preop diet i dropped about 14 pounds which for me was an amazing feeling. Since surgery on 12/20 , if you go by my preop weight i have lost 38 pounds but knowing where i started from and to where i am know 50 pounds is astonishing to me. I sadly still dont see it in the mirror even when i have dropped 2 pant sizes. Im stru
  7. How much should I take? The bottle says 30 to 60 mL and i cant even get 30 down without throwing up.
  8. So I am 2 weeks post-op and now that I am taking my vitamins I have found that I am having a hard time going to the bathroom. This might be tmi but I'm sure that you all have faced this, but I haven't pooped in 5 days and feeling backed up. I am trying to get in all my liquids and finding it hard, which I know drinking water and getting liquid is helpful Im just trying to get it in normally again. So when this happened what was safe to take? I was gonna try some stool softener but if that doesn't work Im not sure what else to use. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  9. No i havent taken them in a few days. I think its the tape residue that is making me itch but its annoying as hell.
  10. Well I hit the one week mark on tuesday. Saw the p.a. at my serguons office and got the okay to start pureed foods and also got my staples removed. That was the happiest day and of course I immediately had pureed tuna salad with carrots for dinner. Im also down 23 lbs since preop. Right now im trying to figure out when to plan my meals out and drink my protein drinks in between meals. Also I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this but since a few days out of surgery I have experienced itching, not only around the incision sites but all over my body. Its nice to not have my staples in but the
  11. Well Ive been home for 2 days now and havent had much real pain except some gas pain but that hasnt really been bad lately since i was able to actually fart. I also dont have a hard time getting liquids in which im glad for but sadly my experience in the hospital wasnt what i was told it was going to be. I was pretty much self motivating to get up and walk and drank my water and broth or ate jello without being monitored. I was lucky that i got the okay to go home the next day. So the question is how was your hospital experience and your recovery going? Hope everyone is having a wonderful holi
  12. Recovery after surgery was rough. I was crying from pain and throwing up but the gas pain has gone down a lot more then it was out of surgery. Been walking and burping trying to relase the gas. If eveything goes well and o take in my liqiuds i can go home tonight.
  13. Waiting in preop for my chance. Hope eveyones surgery goes well. Im ready even though im nervous.
  14. Oh thats good to hear :). My diet is going okay...there are some missed days but I try my hardest to stick to it. I just had my preop appointment and everything is good to go despite having a cold and sore throat. I will soon be on the loser bench in little over 6 days.
  15. Low fat intake also....when i cook meat for my lunch and dinner i can use 1 tbs of olive oil. Just enough to cook it but not over do it on the oil. My only snack is a protein drink in between meals.
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