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  1. An even stronger argument can be made that glycaemic load is far more important than glycaemic index..... And that cuts out all those grains used by the supposed diet company frozen meals. Interestingly though using glycemic load let's all the fruits in. Glycaemic load takes normal portion sizes into consideration which isn't something considered by glycaemic index. Yes I realise this was a necro-post, but wanted to make the very important distinction between glycaemic load and index.
  2. They really are just meeting their patients demands though which is really sad as well. I was talking to someone a few months ago who had already revised from sleeve to bypass due to regain. She was regaining again after not following her diet, and when questioned about it by a third party to the conversation, just said she'd go back for another revision when it got bad enough. Seriously no concern at all for just how seriously these surgeries change up the strength of the stomach tissue. In Australia though the private health insurance companies don't have the final say when it comes to approval, if a surgeon says you need it, they have to pay if your cover level includes bariatric surgery. In this case I think the insurers having more input into the process could be advantageous, especially from an education requirement.
  3. I'm not a great fan of his "pound of cure" diet, but I do find much of his actual surgery information sessions quite informative. The further I move away from my surgery the more I tend to agree with him. He definitely has an interesting stance on revisional surgery, one that I very much agree with but would put him at odds with many surgeon's happy to make the bucks from revisions without really caring that there may be nothing in them for their patients. That's a bit of a soapbox issue for me I'm afraid.
  4. A good watch @tracyringo
  5. This popped up on my YouTube last night and was very interesting regarding restriction changes. Definitely worth watching.
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    I have a complete blood count, liver function tests, kidney function tests, MBA20, iron studies, D3, B12....standard every 6 months but were every 3 months for the first year. Calcium is measured in the standard testing, but it's meaningless really. Blood just takes calcium from the bones if there isn't enough in the blood stream. The only real way to test that you're getting enough calcium is through a DEXA bone density test.
  7. Just use the search function. There are lots of threads with really good information regarding iron supplements. Sorry, I can't help you at all.... I have the opposite problem with super high ferritin.
  8. While sleevers have that section of the stomach removed where ghrehlin production is most prominent thereby reducing their hunger initially, RNYers have other unexplained hormonal changes due to bypassed intestine. The body is such a clever biological factory though that it does eventually learn to produce these hormones elsewhere. I'm told that happens earlier with sleeve surgery than bypass, but I'm not even close to an expert on this stuff. According to research I've read, that would explain the three year regain trigger point for sleeve as opposed to the five year danger period for RNY.
  9. Haha!!!! Gotta love our dogs. My gosh you look so strong!!! I need to get some arms like you before winter....I'm not looking forward to having to swing an axe this upper body strength is non-existant right now and I'm seriously concerned about that even though I've let it happen.
  10. That's why they say dense protien first. That tends to fill the pouch and hang around for a bit. Other stuff though....well for me at's straight through into the intestine. We have about a 10mm opening o the intestine that fluids flow straight guys have a valve that has to open before anything can move through. That's also why with bypass we can drink right up until we eat. I'm unsure though if or how my revision makes me different. I was told I'd have a smaller pouch by necessity, but to compensate for that my opening to the intestine would be larger. I've only over-eaten (maybe under-chewed) once.....that was last year on Christmas Eve....oh the pain!!!! I vowed never do do that again even though it was purely accidental. A couple of days later I felt the same pain with just my morning latte in my stomach when I took my vitamins. I'm gathering from what I've since learned that the pouch becomes very irritated and swollen when it's limits have been tested and it's wise to return to a liquid only diet for a few days to let it calm down....given for me the next day was Christmas Day that was never going to happen anyway, and I probably just made matters worse!!! I manage my food volume by dishing up the correct amount for me in tbe first place, and no going back for more. Eating out is a bit more difficult, but I do find that by eating more slowly than others, by the time they finish what's on their plates, I'm pretty much done..... so just get my plate removed with theirs. That way I also don't hold up their other courses. I also can't throw up after a meal. I've always assumed that's because the food has already passed out of the stomach pouch and into the intestine. A surgeon, not my own, recently told me that is most likely the reason.
  11. I can generally only eat around 100-150g protien, so two eggs, or two chicken wings, half a scotch fillet steak, maybe two thin sausages, one hamburger etc....I think you get the measure from that. I also eat probably around a cup of vegetables. If I eat the veggies first then I'll get the meat in, but if I eat the meat first then I can't always fit the veggies in. I'm RNY though, and we are different to you sleevers because we don't have to wait for the pyloric valve to open so out food releases into the intestine. If your still feeling good restriction then take that as the reward for having good portion control.
  12. There's no magic fix for loose skin. Plastic surgery is the only surefire way to get rid of it.
  13. He fixed lots of adhesions in the abdomen when he did my revision. Said my earlier open surgery hysterectomy caused a real mess in that regard. The omentum in particular, he described as "shredded". He said they repaired what they could of that, and removed was wasn't possible to repair. Only time will tell I guess. I'm not going to worry about it though. He's given me the heads up and told me under what conditions I need to go to ER, so I'll just play it by ear.
  14. Peanuts are legumes....i.e. not nuts!!!! Just because someone has an issue with peanuts/peanut butter.....doesn't mean they'll have a issue with nuts. Nuts grow on trees...peanuts grow underground!!! PS: this thread is 7 years idea why the resurrection but I couldn't help myself but post.
  15. I believe my real hunger signals have pretty much gone. I eat to a schedule these says because I need to. Skipping meals/snacks is something I really notice in energy levels. I can get dizzy and unsteady on my feet if I skip meals, and I definitely need to eat before any exercise...even a walk. However, all that controlled appetite goes out the window if I eat high GI carbs....after those it's a free for all!!!!
  16. So I had my two year follow up today....slightly early but have to fit in the surgeon's visiting schedule. A couple of things were forefront....firstly he said the high ferritin should have never been an issue so to forget it and just tell my usual doctor to get used to seeing those high numbers. He says it's all about the hemochromatosis gene I carry. He did tell me I'm not to donate blood though until I completely stop losing weight. I'm okay with that given I now have to get a therapeutic venesection form done by my doctor and that requires lots of tests etc to be done to rule out all kinds of conditions that could make me an ineligible donor....things like Hep B&C, and nearly every autoimmune disorder under the sun. The second issue was the intense abdominal pain I sometimes experience.... This wasn't as easy....he suspects it's a bowel kink. He wasn't impressed I'd been riding these episodes out without going to ER. At least he has now given me some parameters for that, and had the ER surgical registrar note them clearly on my file along with his concerns. That way they won't mess about with me if I end up going to ER for those intense cramps....the registrar will just get called in immediately and that should trigger the call to the surgeon. He has told me that if he is correct, that will necessitate further it's just a wait and see deal for now...I have to go back in three months, if not to ER before then.
  17. Well done you on staying so close to goal for so long. Given my experience with progesterone, I'd pretty much guarantee that is your problem. I didn't last a week on that medication....I turned into a walking timebomb along with weightgain. I was prescribed it for a different reason though. I don't know how anyone can stay on it to be honest.
  18. Great to read things are looking up again for you @Nana Trish
  19. Well, my sneaky attempt to donate some blood didn't go well. Now I'm barred until I get a Dr to fill in the paperwork for therapeutic venesection. Turns out my ferritin level was 2.5x the maximum acceptable level, so they wouldn't even be able to use it even if they did take it....they just bin it. And just to make me dislike them even more I went to the online link they sent me to give my doctor. The Dr puts in certain info on you BMI, blood test results etc, and it spits our a list of the most likely causes of high ferritin for the patient. Mine came up with most likely reason being "malignancy", followed your a whole list of auto-immune diseases. While I'm not going to worry about it because it's far more likely the hemochromatosis gene....I'm clearly going to end up having a barrage of more tests and therefore Dr visits I'd rather not have to attend...or pay for!!!!
  20. So I got my latest iron studies results yesterday and both my stored iron and ferritin levels are up yet idea what's causing this as I don't take iron supplements, only really eat chicken and pork as far as meat goes, and rarely have green vegetables. I did find out the mobile blood donation unit is in town next week so I'm going to try to book a sneaky appointment before I see my surgeon on Thursday. I need to lose some blood before my haemoglobin level rises above the level at which they'll take it. I've been turned down for donation before because they won't take it over 165. I probably shouldn't say I don't know what causes it when Dr google tells me the first two causes to look for are hereditary hemochromatosis and hyperinsulinemia.... I have been diagnosed in the past with both. I'm going to have to have a serious discussion with the surgeon I think about actually doing some insulin testing. So far all they've been testing is blood sugars and using those results to presume what's happening with insulin levels. It's cheaper and easier to test blood sugar levels as opposed to insulin levels.
  21. Interesting that they recommended MGB with existing reflux. Mine ruled out MGB due to my existing reflux issues....hence why I had RNY reflux issues since then other than when I had issues with systemic thrush.
  22. You can't just drop this line and run.....please share!!!! Sincerely though, congratulations on the two kids and your surgiversary. I had two children as well after my original WLS. I would have just had my 33 year surgiversary for that if any of it still existed.....all that remained of that went into surgical waste (I assume) during my revision.
  23. I revised from the old fashioned stomach stapling to RNY. I'll start with the easiest question....the decision was made for me when it was discovered that my old stapleline had ripped apart. The biggest difference between the two surgeries was firstly the RNY actually works and was performed laprascopically, my first surgery was open. Also these days there is far more information available as well as ongoing support. The hardest thing for me to deal with though has been the reactive hypoglycemia I developed pretty much immediately after surgery, and the ongoing health issues that causes me. I'm on more prescribed medications now than I ever was before my revision. Results wise though, I'm actually a "healthy BMI" these days, which I never came close too with my first surgery. I was only watching a Dr Matthew Weiner video on revisions last night and he claims revision to bypass is very effective after lapband (which is probably the most similar to my original surgery than the others), and has limited effectiveness for regain if revising from a sleeve or original bypass....he reckons only about 20lbs extra loss and some patients actually gain!!!! I assume though, like anything, what you put in effort wise helps determine what you get out of it. I lost 100% of my excess weight, and that's also not what surgeons expect. Sometimes I wonder where they pull their statistics from.
  24. Sounds like you need to log everything you're eating and drinking, print out your logs and visit your dietician.
  25. Calling @Jen581791 and @NerdyToothpick. Both had surgeries in Mexico.