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  1. Three tablespoons is fine. Even though you don't feel a ton of restriction usually when eating puree, you still can't overeat on them....especially at the tiny volume you're having now.
  2. Sure does. @Nana Trish....I didn't think I'd ever see it either. Even when shopping this morning I kept double-checking my reflection in glass windows. Might have to rename myself Aussie Fonz next time if my obsession with mirrors right now doesn't change....LOL!!!!
  3. Wish we could get it in the land downunder. Always hearing positive comments about this brand....we have nowhere near the options here in ready mixed protien drinks.
  4. Thanks. I still can't get over that I can see it now in the mirror. It's like a light bulb moment where my eyes have finally switched on. Prior to this I was aware that the clothes on display in plus sized shop windows looked huge to me, I would also look at people I know that we're so much smaller than me and think they'd stacked the weight on....I don't know if they have or not, but it seemed to my eyes they had. Of course I'd never have said that. I still keep checking in the mirror like I can't believe what I'm actually seeing now. It's a good realisation, just very bizarre.
  5. Mines super strict as well. He just has different rules. Real! Cravings....definitely. To be honest I eat pretty much according to the clock because if I don't, I fall flat. If I want energy to get through the day then I need to eat something about 2 hourly through the day. I don't feel any real restriction these days, but that could be because I do eat measured amounts and maybe I've got the amount about right.
  6. I decided to update this thread folks. Today I looked in the mirror and actually saw a thin person! I've been so surprised I keep going back and checking!!!! I don't see the "too skinny" person others seem to like to describe me as....ridiculous.....instead I see a healthy looking thin person. About time I say!!!!! My weight has really on varied by +/- 4lbs for the last 12 months, so it's not eyes just finally seem to have adjusted to seeing me like I am instead of how I was!!!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!
  7. Coming from South Australia where this research was done, I should maybe be invested in the result. However they are talking about insect studies here, worms and fruitflies, neither of which would be adapted to eating protiens. That article also doesn't mention what they consider "high protien". The carbohydrate stuff I don't even care about to be honest. As humans our body doesn't need carbohydrates for anything...and as they disagree with my body I'm happy to keep them at an absolute minimum.
  8. Depends on the surgeon. I left hospital already on soft foods. By day 13 I was cleared to eat whatever I could tolerate, with all restrictions lifted.
  9. Excellent job Sarah. You've definitely earned the right to be proud of your accomplishments. Good news for me this week is that not only have my dietary changes really helped overcome some very frustrating health issues, I've also dropped to my lowest weight ever!!!! I've also started to see the real me in the mirror instead of the fat me I was still seeing before this week, and I'm starting to find "my style" as far as clothing goes. That's been a problem up to now, but from here on in I can buy clothing to my style with a definite idea of where to head moving forward with a more mix and match wardrobe.
  10. You've definitely had the worst run with your surgery than I've ever heard about. I can honestly say that I did hear the ugly side of the surgery from my surgeon.....he was particularly gruesome because mine was a revision and therefore so much more risk was involved. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we tend to skip over the "gruesome" because that's so rare, and the chances that as an individual we'll face those outcomes is minuscule. You really did draw the short straw, and for that I'm really sorry. There are always risks with any surgery....death being a very real possibility. Everytime I start to feel sorry for myself....and I admit I have done that on occasion due to my own post-surgical issues, I'm just grateful I'm still here for my adult children, and hopefully one day to enjoy them giving me grandchildren to love and spoil rotten.
  11. No advice, just best wishes for a successful surgery.
  12. Excellent post Kim. I've been having a really hard think about my life lately. I just passed my 33 year anniversary of my original WLS....I think so anyway because I know it was February 1986. So I've been trying to think about what makes things different this time. I've hit a much lower weight, I've maintained reasonably successfully this time with just a few minor ups and downs. I've definitely not been "perfect", nor will I ever be, and I don't actually want to be. Deprivation isn't something I'm prepared to accept. Even reactive hypoglycemia didn't / doesn't keep me on track. I know that the type of surgery I had before was later deemed not a successful type, but that's still just an excuse really. I have been making really good choices the past few months and I'm back down to my lowest weight.. Sure I weigh daily, but at times have allowed the excuse of new medications to explain any gains. But I've finally (it's taken 20+ months) realised that food is just fuel. It's taken me 60 years to get that!!!! I do have some unhealthy options at home but I don't eat them. If I don't have them here and get cravings I'll go to the store to buy it, and if I've gone to that effort then I'll eat it. If it's here already I find it easier to say I don't really want it. I know that's the opposite of how some others feel. I often tried these unhealthy choices during my honeymoon and they just didn't give me the pleasure I remembered. Then I started having a few bites of things I shouldn't. If they didn't give me pleasure, or made me feel guilt, I'd bin them. Lately I've found that when temptation hits while I'm shopping I can think back to the time I threw it in the bin, and that's enough to tell me to put it back. This time around I also check nutritional panels to see just what fuel I'm going to get from something before I buy it. More often than not that's enough for me to not buy it. I've also finally got to the point where I ask myself before I eat if I'm really hungry. Truth be known I probably haven't been hungry since my surgery. I do feel a need to eat though because I do feel my energy lag and often my blood sugars dropping, so it eat meals by the clock rather than anything else. I've also realised that I don't have a "full switch" so I will always portion my meals totally disregarding that I could easily eat more than I do. Eating from a share plate just won't work for me. Even eating out I need to remove food from my plate before I sit down to eat. I don't know why I don't feel restriction, but I am going to ask my surgeon next visit because I suspect it has to do with the way he structured my revision. He did tell me prior to surgery that he was planning a large pouch to intestine opening because my pouch would by necessity need to be much smaller than he normally makes them. All I know for sure is that second time around I'm making better choices and I'm very much in control of what and how much I choose to consume. It sounds like you've got yourself back on track as well. As revisional patients we have something others don't. We know how easily things can slip and get away from us, and we know how difficult it is once things get away from us to retake control. Clearly you're drawing on that experience now, and that's great. Keep up the hard work. You know it pays great dividends.
  13. It's definitely helping, but I don't think it's the complete solution. I'm certainly not having the same levels of inflammation, very little bloating.... I can wear my clothes most of the day now without them getting too tight, my joints feel better, thrush is almost resolved, and my skin irritation is a LOT less but still around. My gyn thinks I may be allergic to a particular medication but I have to take it (fortunately only weekly at the moment but today's the day so dreading that). I had gained about 7lb before I started this routine and that's come off again with a couple of friends, so definitely happy with that. This is still all based on how I feel though rather than any test results. My gyn ran some bloods about a month ago and while everything he tested for was within range (for our pathology standards), he is concerned that some of my markers seem very low (eg, cholesterol and A1C), in Australia they have upper limits for these tests but no lower limits for some reason. Haha, who'd have though a couple of years ago that those could be a concern. I'm having the balance of my usual tests done before my next bariatric follow up in a month. I'll be interested to see what my ferretin levels are like then. My ferretin level has always been the marker of inflamation for me and over the past year has been 300-400% higher than it should be.
  14. We have similar issues here in the wide brown land of Oz....These days though we get the slightly more expensive option of grass fed (which pretty much means raised in the southern states). If I were a fish eater I'd also be buying wild raised. So sick (in my case literally sick) of farmed, corn fed produce....chickens are a prime example here....they can live in horrific conditions.
  15. Love you too NT! Oh the return of the I have missed your humour!!!!!
  16. Of course our insurance systems are different, but I've only ever seen GERD accepted as a reason for revisional surgery to be approved. There are other less invasive surgeries that can be performed to resolve GERD. Let's be realistic, insurers are going to go with the least expensive solution to an issue.
  17. Mine wasn't from original surgery pre-dated the sleeve by thing I ever did though. Reflux went away from surgery day with the added bonus of losing all regain and even more. I do have reactive hypoglycemia now but that doesn't keep me up at night or cause pain and oesophageal damage. I just have to be really careful with carbohydrate intake and that's not a bad thing for someone needing to lose weight and keep it off anyway.
  18. Call them again. Reflux after bypass is NOT normal and usually indicative of a restriction forming whether that be by stricture, bloating putting upward pressure on gases, or other reasons lower down the digestive tract. My original stoma scarred over 30 years after my surgery, which just goes to show we're never fully out of the woods with regard to complications. The nurse is probably triaging appointments so those that really need an appointment are given priority. While ongoing reflux isn't an emergency, I suspect you'll find you will be booked an appointment in a timely fashion once she knows the history.
  19. I physically can't throw up since my bypass, even a finger down my throat won't do it, so I'm also a papaya enzyme advocate....they only work on protiens though in my experience.
  20. While it may no longer cause undue stress like it did early after surgery, I still miss the pleasant feeling I used to get seeing the figure on the scale drop. I suspect I'm just overly conditioned to wanting to see it go down.
  21. The other issue with protien first....according to my endocrinologist..... is that our bones need lots of protien to stay strong. We can take all our calcium supplements but still end up losing bone mass because we are using up protien from our bones when we don't consume enough in our diet. I don't eat protien first anymore because I want to eat more veggies, but I do eat my protien requirement after eating my vegetables. I figure that's okay because not only am I getting the required protien, I'm also getting the fibre and nutrients from a good selection of vegetables. Good nutrition after WLS really is a delicate balancing act.
  22. Believe me @BurgundyBoy, government funded health care has even higher hurdles to scale for all sorts of surgeries with wait times blowing out to around 8 years for WLS. Knee and hip replacements have average waits in Australia of 5 years. It's a nightmare that costs even more in lost productivity and medications that would be unnecessary if they didn't have such long waits. I looked at the requirements for WLS at the hospital where I had my surgery and it was BMI >45 with at least one comorbidity (from a very specific list), or >40 with 2 comorbidities. They have actually just closed their wait list and won't even assess any new patients for surgery. Another has kept their bariatric clinic open for consults but stopped all bariatric surgeries because they've no budget for surgeries..... the same thing happened with their orthopedic centre and is the reason I had no option but to selfpay for my foot surgery. When they pull this sort of action, they lose their experienced surgeon to the private health sector. According to my surgeon, none of them want to work in a system where they see patients in desperate need of surgery, but can't offer it, so they leave and go to a system where they can actually follow through and make a difference even if only to those patients with an ability to pay the costs involved. Honestly, would you really want someone like Trump responsible for determining whether you could have surgery or not.... dependent on his budgetary restraints.....because that's really what public healthcare comes down to.
  23. LOL CJ....have you read any of his posts!!!!!!
  24. Doesn't sound like dumping to me....maybe it's all your attempts to get things moving all coming together at once.
  25. Logged in too late to sent best wishes before surgery. Hope the recovery goes as well.....six million dollar Nana!!!!