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  1. On the subject of controlling insulin.  From the research I've been doing, specifically, comments by Dr. Bikman the PhD Insulin researcher/scientist, measuring blood Ketones is a useful surrogate for measuring insulin.  While there is no direct numeric correlation, the more your body is making the Ketones, the lower your insulin must be.  Even a Ketone number as low as 0.3 (without consuming exogenous ketones) means your insulin is fairly low.  The theory being when insulin shoots up your body will lower or stop making ketones.

    Something to think about.


    1. Aussie Bear

      Aussie Bear

      Oh believe me I've heard and read everything Ben Bikman has to say. You can't research insulin responses without him coming up as the foremost authority on the subject. Thanks for the heads up though. I know I'm in ketosis most of the time now, and my blood sugars are holding pretty steady which is a good sign that for the most part I've got my insulin under control. Still had a massive low two nights ago when I ate something that in hindsight I shouldn't have.....when will I learn!!!!!!

      Cheers, Heather

    2. Rob_VSG


      Bikman also mentioned that some folks that eat low carb could experience rebound hypoglycemia after suddenly eating eating a lot of carbs.  Does that sound like your experience?

    3. Aussie Bear

      Aussie Bear

      I wish that was all it was. Unfortunately it doesn't take many carbs to set up a very high spike and spiral down, even when I take an acarbose tablet before eating. One dietician I saw after first being diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia said it was my fault for being low carb for so long before my surgery.