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  1. Iron pills issues

    I've actually found Costco a great place to purchase vitamins in Australia that aren't readily available at chemists or supermarkets. Calcium citrate is another that is very hard to find here in an inexpensive form, which given how much we bypassers need, is worth joining Costco for just on its own. Here most brands are calcium carbonate. I'll be looking for a carbonyl iron when I go to the city next week. If I can't find any then I'll just stick with infusions for the time being. I know that if my only option is ferrous sulphate I'll be non-compliant, so no point wasting time or money attempting to go that route.
  2. In need of some help

    I second a recumbent stationary bike....even I can use one!
  3. Iron pills issues

    Due to iron overload prior to my bypass I was told not to take iron supplements. 10 months later I have very low has steadily dropped since my surgery. The surgeon told me to get my family doctor to do an iron infusion rather than struggle with supplements. Had one done two weeks ago. It took about an hour from start to finish, and no real discomfort other than the cannula which was put in an annoying spot. I gather the plan is just to watch my levels every three months to determine how often they might need to be done. The usual iron supplements available here extended release ferrous sulphate....seems I have most of the major "contraindications" for their use.
  4. Certainly was like that...breat bone to navel first WLS!!! They also had a 10% mortality rate!!!! I would imagine (from what I've learned since from my surgeon) that the long term complication rate was really 100%. The shoddy stapling techniques of the 70/80s saw to that.
  5. 9 months Post Op

    OMG!!!! Incredible!!!!
  6. Mania creeping in again

    Hope all goes well Trish. Your experience at the moment with medicos is sounding similar to the hassles I'm having getting a new doctor. PITA!!! All the best know we all love you here and wish you the best getting this sorted quickly.
  7. Things are looking up

    Best news ever kt.
  8. Cookbook recommendations?

    If you have the internet then there's really no need for cookbooks I've found. I have a few but rarely if ever use them I do follow a couple of sites on Facebook that often have great recipes. One is Nutrition for Weightloss Surgery (incidentally they do have a cookbook written by one of their dieticians Sally Johnson) specifically for WLS patients, another site that has some excellent recipes is Skinny Ms.
  9. Overeating?

    Like Athenarose I haven't been able to vomit since surgery either. For that reason I always have papaya enzymes in my bag. They usually do the job for me. Mind you I haven't needed to use them for months now as I've gotten much better at knowing just how much of different foods I can eat comfortably.
  10. Systemic Candida Yeast Infection

    Time for an update. Today is day 6 after my iron infusion. Yeast infection has completely disappeared. I haven't treated the yeast infection with any pharmacy thrush medications for almost 3 weeks. The only additional medication I was given by my gyn was a vaginal estrogen cream 3 days ago. No more oral thrush, ear infection, genital yeast, plus no more productive cough or abdominal pain. I don't believe the estrogen cream could have cleared all the symptoms, so I'm putting it down to the iron infusion regardless of the doubting Thomas medical fraternity. Now I just have to hope they won't let my iron levels drop that low again before taking action to raise it.
  11. I was lucky and was able to schedule my preop a month before my surgery due to the distance I needed to travel and having another commitment in that city at the time. If I'd had to have my pre-op later my surgery probably would have been delayed due to a nasty chest infection I had between then and the surgery. It really was touch and go right up until the day if I'd be able to shake it off. I'd also had an abdominal CT a few months earlier for another reason, so the surgeon was able to use that rather than waiting to have another one. Good luck with the upcoming tests Coach. It sucks when these things rear their ugly heads during the run up to surgery, but better they deal with any potential issues now rather than find them once you're on the operating table. I sometimes feel like pre WLS we get the most thorough medical workout well ever get at any other time in our lives!!!
  12. Ladybugzzz.....

    Sounds like a colonoscopy might be more the key to getting an answer. I guess it just depends on exactly where the pain is. Mine is definitely lower in the abdomen. One spot is definitely more pelvic than abdominal.
  13. Hives/Rash 1 week post op

    Pain relief meds have a tendency to cause that in many people, particularly when their body resources are low after anesthesia. My body does that to me everytime I have anesthesia. Unfortunately I've also discovered it does the same when my iron reserves are low.
  14. Quitting Cigarettes at Midnight

    Sitting on my back porch has been my downfall everytime Ive quit!!! It sounds lame, but the habit of smoking when I sit there is so very real.
  15. My Journey

    That's a different Optifast to the one we had to use. Ours was Optifast VLCD....that's definitely only three per day maximum. There are at least three different types on sale here in Australia.