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  1. You might want to research Noom. Every review I've seen done by both folks who've tried it, and dieticians.... Well let's just say they haven't been good!!! Seriously, you don't need an expensive diet subscription, you just need to get back to your basic post WLS rules. Track for a week or two if need be, and go from there. If you need the behavioural stuff, then get a referral to a professional. Noom don't use professionals, they don't tailor their programs to individuals as they suggest they do, and any behavioural advice they throw at their clients is readily available for free else
  2. I ate both sweet capsicums (that's what papers are called in my neck of the woods), and found low joule pickled onions and cucumbers as well.
  3. Summer here in Australia...haha! Seriously though, can't wait for it to be over as I know from experience we still have a LOT of 100+ degree days left before it starts to cool down again. I admit I look at pictures of snow and think how beautiful, romantic even....but it never snows where I live (I'm in desert territory), so don't even think about how snow would be so restrictive.
  4. Why did you not go back. FYI, in case you don't realise, Ranitidine has been banned in many countries for being carcinogenic (including Australia where I live). In your position, I'd certainly be looking into other options, even if RNY bypass isn't something you want to (or can) do. https://www.ajmc.com/view/fda-recalls-all-ranitidine-products-zantac-citing-increased-risk-of-cancer
  5. Glad to see you finally checked back in @Nana Trish, I've found myself thinking of you a lot lately and wondering how you're going. Zoey is gorgeous and I'm sure will have q huge impact on your lives. @TammyP, I have a Teddy in my life as well...just as adorable as your Teddy... in fact very similar looking although my Teddy is more cream in colour. My Teddy is actually my brother's dog, but I house sit /pet sit for them pretty often. He is a Shitzu x Jack Russell....adoringly referred to in Australia as a JackShit!!! No...not kidding about the abbreviated name.
  6. Congratulations. Perseverance paid off in the end. While I probably would have given up well before 14 years, I'm actually fine with my(what will be) 4-5 years for mine. I wasn't even considering it the first couple of years. I'm still not convinced my fat has stopped shifting, and not sure how that could impact end results. I've read that any fat gain after abdominoplasty can look really strange and uneven as so many of the traditional first fat deposit area cells are gone. I've seen too many people rush for plastics after around 12 months, and regret it when they regain a substantial amoun
  7. Don't get uptight regarding exercise, but do your absolute best to stick with the prescribed diet. 90% of weightloss is about what goes into your mouth, so focus on that. The reality of the pre-op diet is that you are trying to shrink the liver, not build muscle. I do hope you recover sufficiently to actually have your surgery as per schedule.
  8. There are newer abdominoplasty procedures now that are drainless!!! My surgeon said any drains used will be removed before discharge...but...he has patients in hospital for 4-5 days after abdominoplasty. I don't get how US surgeons do these procedures as day surgery given the size of the incisions required.
  9. I also can't help with the multiple procedures question, but good luck with them all. YouTube has some excellent videos made by folk that have had different procedures, as well as surgeons actually performing them, so it might be worthwhile combing through some. As for the abdominoplasty question, I'd definitely be looking to pay the additional cost to convert from just a panniculectomy to a full abdominoplasty. Without the muscle tightening, naval restoration etc, you're unlikely to ever feel happy with the end result of a a panniculectomy alone unless it's solely for stopping skin breakdown
  10. My RNY gastric bypass was about 4 years ago. I have managed to maintain my weightloss since surgery (at a "healthy BMI" level, for the first time in my life. I did lose the bulk of my excess weight prior to my surgery though, and have done that too many times over the years. It isn't "easy" though. I still have to watch almost everything I eat. Unfortunately, despite taking all my vitamins, and eating a mostly wholefoods diet with lots of protien and calcium, I now have Osteopenia having lost 12.5% of my bone density over the past two years. I also struggle with severe reactive hypoglycemia s
  11. Well done you!!!! Time to update your current stats in your profile. No reputable surgeon/hospital will risk a lawsuit by using equipment not rated for the weight of a patient, so your daughters fears are baseless. That's is of course unless you're flying off to some shady ultra-cheap establishment in Mexico, Dominican Republic etc. Not sure how it is in the US, but in Australia the weight-ratings on equipment is actually tested at 3x the maximum rating, and under movement/force that most equipment would never be normally subjected to. The only real concern when it comes to your weight b
  12. I had zero support from friends or family. That didn't stop me going ahead. I lost all my excess weight and have been maintaining that loss for over three years now. I still have people make digs about my supposed obsession regarding my surgery, which is more about how I eat rather than what I say. A lot of it is jealousy in my case, and recognising that is what is happening has been pretty important to me. I'm going to live my life as best I can manage, with or without the support or positive affirmation of others. I didn't have surgery for them, so what they think or talk about is irrelevant
  13. Congrats on the day. I have heard of surgeons not requiring a long liquid diet for some patients. Ideally depends on the state of your liver which they can determine via CT Scan or even just looking at liverenzyme results from blood testing. I'm sure, given the delays you've already had, your surgeon doesn't want you waiting any longer than necessary. They will have assessed your risks prior to scheduling your surgery so quickly.
  14. I had one years before my surgery, so wasn't required to again. My first study I did have severe sleep aponea but the results went from one specialists inbox to another and took three months to surface again. By then I'd lost about 20 kg, so was told the test needed to be redone. I lost another 10 kgs before having the second test, by which time I no longer was deemed to need any treatment. Regardless of your test results, weightloss generally resolves the issue at some point. Some surgeons require sleep tests here in Australia while others don't. Even if someone tests with sleep aponea,
  15. It's certainly a very different world these days. Covid is also the reason I'm still waiting on news of my abdominoplasty.... who knows when that will happen!!! I hope your WLS is rescheduled fairly soon. It's disappointing to be all ready to go and something as uncertain as a pandemic comes along and pulls the rug out from under you.
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