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  1. Hey there @Nana Trish. Long time no see. Might be serendipity that I chose to check back in now after a long time not being here. Lots of reasons for that...none particularly good...but improving. I've had a personally very stressful last 18 months or so. Eventually I sought out some therapy, so seem to be more on track now. Fortunately I only gained a few pounds (less than 10) through all the stressful times. It wasn't as much about stress eating for me, as it was about being unable to eat most of the healthier foods I normally do. I ended up relying on (some uncharacteristically for me) slider foods just to be able to eat without ongoing pain. I currently have an anastomotic ulcer (4 days of emergency NSAIDS was all it took). They were taken with my bariatric surgeon's permission, and instructions to take an acid blocker simultaneously... seems that didn't work!!! I haven't seen my bariatric surgeon since then, but did get an emergency appointment with another that works alongside him (and was actually second surgeon for my revision). He ordered an endoscopy... ulcer found!!! Won't see my surgeon for another 3 weeks, so just taking maximum nexium until that appointment. That's enough about my woes. Most of us know you only too well to know that the strong woman you are, will traverse your latest obstacle when you're ready to do so. It's taken me a long time, and some strategic planning to feel back in control again. You will get there. You know that at some point things will click back into place and once that happens, you'll be back on track in no time. Drop some of those "25 balls" you're juggling right now and concentrate on your biggest priority areas. I've had to do that. Being overwhelmed isn't going to help you right now. One thing at a time woman, and acknowledge the victory getting on top of that before taking on the next priority. I still have some of those dropped "balls" to deal with, but getting others out of the picture means I can see I'm back to moving forward, instead of staying buried under what felt like an impenetrable avalanche. You are going to get there as well. With PapaDavid right there next to you, it's only a matter of time before you're back on track again.
  2. Try not to worry too much about the no weight-bearing. I probably spent a good year since my surgery non-weightbearing, either in a cast or a boot. It doesn't have to cause regain unless you let it. You just need to be careful not to let too many carbs slip back in at this time. I still tend to go with the drink first if I think I might be hungry. Even though I may actually be hungry, at least it delays my eating something for around about an hour. Make staying non-weightbearing your top priority for now, if you don't it can really delay the healing process, and having been there done that multiple times over the past 5 years, I'd much rather deal with the small amount of weight regain, than end up booted and non-weightbearing for even longer. Hope you mend soon.
  3. These days most doctors just recommend a 3 monthly B 12 intramuscular injection. No worries with timing when it's injected directly into the muscle.
  4. My surgeon originally wanted to reverse my first WLS, but when he did the endoscopy to plan the surgery discovered there was insufficient room between the original stapleline and the lower esophageal sphincter to be able to safely rejoin the original pouch to the remnant stomach. In the end he was able to cut out my old stapleline by performing an RNY.
  5. Short memory @Res Ipsa....haha!! !That was my original surgery...mind you it was performed 33 years ago now. It was called Gastroplasty back in the day, and the stapleline s always dehiscenced over time, which is why mine was revised. I thought they'd stopped doing it to be honest. it was superseded by Vertical BANDED Gastroplasty. They definitely stopped performing it in Australia decades ago. The lapband really made it a redundant surgery, and I suspect the OP isn't actually talking about that surgery at all. My surgeons had never seen it before in their lives, and said that most were revised within 5 years. I believe my revision from that surgery was the first time ever in Australia to be completed laprascopically, because minimally invasive surgery wasn't around when most patients got revisions. He actually called it a "barbaric surgery", which I found amusing because initially when I used to type "bariatic" it would get auto-corrected to barbaric!!!
  6. My bariatric surgeon says that after bypass there's no reason to space the multi and calcium at all. His deal is that the iron won't be absorbed anyway so is a complete waste of dollars. The calcium absorption isn't affected by iron, but the iron absorption is affected by the calcium. He reiterated just last week that iron is absorbed in the part of the stomach and upper intestine that has been bypassed. Also that iron supplementation is too harsh on the stomach. His advice to me yet again was to just monitor my iron and have infusions when needed. I just had another one two weeks ago. Here in Australia the infusion is quick, it's significantly cheaper than long term iron supplements, it's easier on the gut, and it's absorption is guaranteed as it goes straight into the bloodstream.
  7. Trish, I know I responded to this post about a week or so ago. Seems to have disappeared though. Congrats, you look great and the girls definitely look better than they used to.
  8. Try to get the bypass approved. What have you got to lose. My revision to bypass completely reversed my GERD. Life is so much better now.
  9. Hi Sarsar. Welcome to the forum from a fellow Australian, and a fellow revision to bypasser. Unfortunately weightloss after revisions is usually slower so you may need to lower your expectations if they are based on your previous surgery. Some surgeons say you only get one chance at WLS for this reason. I don't agree, but I'm also not a surgeon. I did lose all of my excess weight after my revision by being extremely compliant with my diet. Try not to focus on how fast you are losing, instead just focus on the fact that you are losing.
  10. I'm from Australia @Songlark. This forum is an amazing support network, even though I haven't been around for awhile, but I totally get the frustration of recommendations for foods etc that aren't available in Australia. If there's anything specific I can help you with, please just ask. You can private message me if you like, although it might be helpful to others to see questions about products in open threads.
  11. Sorry Nerdy, I've been away and haven't been checking in lately. I felt fine when I had mine. Cannula going in didn't really hurt, but the position they put it in was annoying. I knew I'd be laying down for about half an hour while it was done so took a book, but the angle of the cannula needle made it painful to hold the book to read it. If I was tired I would have just slept it off. I googled about them before I even booked it, so I didn't feel like I needed to know anything else. Wasn't like I had a choice to have it, and when I have to have something anyway (like an internal), I just resign myself to it, pull on the big girl panties, and get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Big change from my younger years though!!!!
  12. Visiting Vermont is really the only thing on my bucket....and you get to live there.....magical!!!! Hope the move goes smoothly, enjoy your break, and love your new life.
  13. It's easy to get in Australia. I bought my first lot from Go Vita Health foods, I just happened to stroll I to one and ask...they had it. Since then I've just been buying cheaper brands off eBay.
  14. I had a similar thing happen when an elderly neighbour asked me what had happened to the woman that used to live in my house after my husband died. He was kind of shocked when I told him that was in fact me!!!!
  15. They're really easy Nerdy. I had one back in March last year. The best and safest way to get a lot of iron into your bloodstream quickly. It takes about 30 minutes these days...straight in via an IV. My only issue has been that my iron stores have continued to increase since the infusion to the point that I have to start a therapeutic venesection now to get rid of some of the ferretin. I do have heredity hemochromatosis though. Originally my iron levels fell so low that the specialist thought I'd he fine and need infusions regularly.... This was the one time he was wrong. Anything specific you want to know?