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  1. Aussie Bear

    Last nut appt over!

    That all depends on the NUT!!! I've seen some doozies in the past that have very much led me astray temporarily. These days I prefer to do my own research rather than their book learnt generic approach.
  2. Aussie Bear


    With a BMI of 32, you are considered low BMI for a WLS patient. When comparing weightloss it really should be about percentage excess weight lost rather than pounds. As a lower BMI person you have less to lose and won't lose at the rate of pounds that someone with a higher BMI will. They'll lose very fast at the start (their bodies need far more calories just to maintain their body mass) then slow down considerably, but the lower the BMI the slower the loss happens. Try not to compare yourself to others....easier said than done I know. Follow your doctors plan and the weight will come off. I had my revisional surgery when my BMI was 30 and I lost all my excess weight within 6 months.
  3. Aussie Bear

    13th Month post op

    The injections are so easy and don't hurt in my case. I just get mine done by the nurse at my family doctors every three months. I try to tie them in with my blood tests at the moment which are also three monthly. I do know people that do the injections themselves, but as they have to go intramuscular (plus I've never injected anything into myself or anyone else) I'd rather leave it to a professional. I've found the injections to be be much cheaper than supplements anyway as approx AU$11 for 3 vials which 9 is enough for 9 months.
  4. Aussie Bear

    One year surgiversary!

    Looking it as well. Interestingly you didn't actually look as big front on before as your stats would suggest. The side images though show just how much your hard work has paid dividends.
  5. Aussie Bear

    Did your immune system change?

    I have definitely had more issues since weightloss and look after my gut bacteria like it's my job. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have helped in my case. I had my routine checks done last week and my regular family doctor is even expressing bewilderment at why I am getting almost continual infections of one kind or another. Antibiotics have been blamed for the continual candida outbreaks I have to deal with almost a year now even though I haven't taken any since early February. My doctor would have to tie me down and force feed them to me if he tried to prescribe them again. All my blood tests keep coming back within range other than iron. That's either too low or off the scale much so he's told me not to have any more iron studies taken until he deems me "healthy" again as inflammation etc will skew iron testing results. Kidney, Liver, thyroid function testing is all "good". Just seems to be the gut bacteria that doesn't want to play ball. Surgeon took biopsies last week when I had an endoscopy done but I'm not holding my breath that they'll give us any answers either, but I really hope that this isn't the new me.
  6. Aussie Bear

    Pre-Op Diet day 4

    Mine were as well. Optifast by any chance? They are the go to shake used by most surgeons in Australia. Even at three a day I still went into ketosis. Not sure why they want so many carbs here doing the liquid diet, but I guess it's still way lower than most obese people would normally be consuming. I lost the majority of my excess weight before surgery using shakes that had 17g carbs per shake. Be aware if it is optifast that these shakes are nutritionally balanced complete meal replacements..... Unlike other protien shakes mentioned. Don't substitute your surgeon's plan without checking with them first.
  7. Aussie Bear

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Sounds about right to me. I get weighed these days at doctors (never did before....wasn't even weighed at hospital on Tuesday before my anesthesia) as he doesn't want to see it go down anymore....that doesn’t mean I agree though. I think for myself I need to go below where I'm comfortable to realise where that comfort point is. That plus I'm still very aware of the "bounce rebound" stage my surgeon has told me to expect. I'm about to try an elimination diet to try to find out what food group it is that I'm clearly not tolerating at the moment. That might help get me a few pounds lower. Gosh I hope it isn't dairy.
  8. Aussie Bear

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Holy cr@p Nana Trish...... I want my scale to look like that one day!!!!!! I truly wonder how much having a normal weight (as opposed to what we did have) aids in getting better medical treatment...... I suspect it's rather a lot! Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but so glad you have a good and caring medical team to look after you.
  9. Aussie Bear

    Checkup today.....dilation tomorrow morning!!!!

    That could happen.... Something like that has happened with him before where he organised for me to be seen by someone else sooner. The fact is though that Im heading away on Friday and won't even be back until just prior to his next visit. If he hadn't pulled the strings my endoscopy wouldn't have even happened until his next visit in 4 weeks because he is the only upper GI surgeon that comes here. I genuinely wasn't in an emergency type situation. I actually have been extremely lucky with my surgeon and the aftercare I get from comparison to others in the same health system. I'm certain that if he had seen anything that concerned him, he would have made time to see me after the scope. That's certainly what he's done previously. The other patients he operated on yesterday (he did a general surgery list so everything from biopsies, vasectomies to gall bladder removal) will be followed up the week before mine. I feel much better knowing that he'll be doing my followup himself after past experiences where surgeons who know nothing about bariatrics have been completely useless. It seems to be pretty rare in Australia that patients see their bariatric surgeon for followups after the initial post surgery check. Surgeons tend to have other employees handle the aftercare whether they be medical practices or dieticians and exercise physiologists.
  10. Aussie Bear

    Checkup today.....dilation tomorrow morning!!!!

    I was definitely asleep for the was after being woken up that it was so painful. Came home, took a couple of painkillers and pretty much slept it off. My previous two endoscopies were nothing in comparison to this one.
  11. Aussie Bear

    Gained 20 pounds... 14 years post op

    I've found whenever I've needed a kickstart that I just need to go back to the basics of dense protien first with vegetables.... no carbs other than what's in the veggies or dairy.
  12. Aussie Bear

    Sensitive to gluten?

    Same here only mine drops regularly to <40. I have no option but to take Glucobay (acarbose) anytime I eat food prepared by someone just never know when someone else adds sugar or sauces made with sugar etc, to flavour their cooking. I've been caught out everytime I've eaten at a restaurant or Cafe.
  13. Aussie Bear

    Checkup today.....dilation tomorrow morning!!!!

    Back home now but OMG....I've never had an endoscopy that caused so much pain. I have no idea what he saw or did other than being told by a nurse that he didn't have to do a dilation afterall. I'll wait to hear from him if that was the case. I suspect though that I was gassed up to bursting point because the gas pain is horrendous. Is that really what life with a tiny pouch is like? Also suspect that the gas made its way into the remnant stomach because the pain coming from the right side is over the top, and I never get pain on the right side. Loads on the left but never on the right. Was told by the theatre nurse that he took many biopsies, but I won't see him again for 4 weeks to get the results. Not concerned by that because I know that biopsies are a normal part of endoscopies and I've never had a bad result from them before. I'll check in with my family doctor when I'm in Adelaide next week and get him to read me the surgery report. His other surgery patients today all have their followups a week earlier with a different surgeon, but as I was coming out of the anesthesia I heard the nurse saying that he had insisted my followup was to be done by himself. Happy about that because I'd rather hear from the Dr that does a procedure than one who just reads the reports. Plus he's the only upper GI surgeon that comes to town, let alone the only bariatric surgeon.
  14. Aussie Bear

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    You're in my thoughts @Nana Trish. Hope it's not MS, or anything else serious.
  15. Aussie Bear

    Checkup today.....dilation tomorrow morning!!!!

    Well Im heading off to the hospital in a few minutes, so will be able to let you know in a few hours what he finds.