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  1. I'm the same. I was doing okay at first but when I hit about 2.5 years it did really start to bother me. My hubby died before I had my WLS, so that part wasn't really an issue at the time. I've found though that the more time passes there worse I feel about myself. I'm on a surgical waitlist for abdominoplasty, but Covid put that on hold as in my country elective surgeries weren't allowed for about 6 months, and even now it is only really medically necessary elective surgeries that are being done. I swear all my fat that's left is making its way into the apron area, there's only one solution
  2. I just took massive doses of various acid reducers. Nexium, then sucralfate, back to nexium (as the sucralfate gave me hypoglycemic episodes) and eventually back to pantoprozale once I took myself off the nexium after I realised that was also playing havoc with my reactive hypoglycemia. I was on them for over 9 months for a "very small anastomotic ulcer", but the timing was more about Covid restrictions on elective surgeries meaning the surgeon wouldn't clear me to stop taking them until he could confirm by endoscopy that it had healed. My ulcer wasn't caused by diet or h pylori though, rath
  3. Good luck @tracyringo. Ulcers suck...coming from someone who has just had one. At least they are looking early. My sister has just recently had her second emergency (open abdominal) surgery in 12 months for perforated ulcers. It sounds like the revision she had which she thought was to RNY, was actually a looped mini Bypass. The acid was pooling in the loop and burning through her bypassed intestine. After replumbing during her surgery, she now has the RNY she thought she'd had the first time.
  4. This can definitely be a side effect of carbohydrates, especially the higher GI simple carbs (think white here...eg sugar, flour, white bread, rice, potatoes, pasta etc). I have a very severe form of reactive hypoglycemia since my bypass, and WILL have a hypoglycemic episode within 2-3 hours after consuming a glycemic load above about 10. No amount of protien and/or fat consumed with the carbs will stop it, although that is definitely the suggestion for those that aren't quite as affected by carbs as I am. I've never been diabetic, but have been trialled on many diabetic medications since m
  5. It really made me think to see the calories for that 50lb over 3 years was so low. It's pretty easy to overeat by 150 calories a day, and for those that don't regularly check in with their scales, it can and does add up eventually. The regain timing is for standard WLS...not to do with revisions. I've read many an article (as well as been told by a few bariatric surgeons) that the real danger time for regain is 2-3 years for VSG and 3-5 years for bypass, and that the majority of patients will have at least a 10% regain. Of course there will be some that don't, while there'll be others t
  6. I've been doing pretty much the same although I have been used to taking regular daily walks. They unfortunately have been banned for now. What really stunned me was the government also banned all weddings and funerals. I really feel for anyone that had a wedding planned for this weekend. We went from almost no restrictions to complete lockdown (other than medical or essential shopping) in the space of 12 hours....and they wonder why the state had a all out shopping frenzy yesterday. Only one trip to the supermarket each day and only one member of a household can go. Plus there's no leaving yo
  7. I've never even heard of it. Definitely not on any supplement lists I've seen over the years.
  8. We actually went into what is being called "the harshest lockdown in the world" as of midnight last night. Not even allowed to take a walk outside for exercise or take a fog for a walk!
  9. Wow, right before Christmas. I don't think I could have done that. Good for you though. Hope Covid doesn't throw any spanners in the works for you. We've just had our first community transmission of Covid in my state yesterday having had no active cases for months (other than overseas travellers in medi-hotel quarantine)....and boy did that family get around the state....worst still tbey used public transport to get around and we're in various medical facilities as well. Today I've been seeing posts on local WLS pages that people are having their surgeries cancelled at very short notice.
  10. While I'm sure there is a placebo effect from taking multivitamins, as @cinwa has already pointed out, this study doesn't take any account for bariatric patients. I'm well aware that much of the vitamins we consume in tablet form orally make for very expensive urine, I'm also someone that has been dealing with the effects of vitamin/mineral deficiency since my surgery. I do believe that some supplements have value, although not all, and also that not all supplements are created equal.
  11. I never had to do a post-op liquid only phase. My surgeon had us on soft foods the day after surgery before being released from hospital. I was cleared to eat "whatever you can tolerate" at my two week followup. I recall a couple of other members here, who had their surgeries in Europe, had the same thing. Most surgeons in Australia though do a similar slow progression like is common in the US.
  12. Welcome to Thinner Times @LAVSG2020. This forum kept me sane both during my lead up to my revisional surgery, and even now many years after. There may not be many active members here these days, but those that are here are a great source of inspiration and experience. Good luck moving forward. Once you transition to a full diet, life becomes much more easy to manage day to day.
  13. Many people have managed healthy pregnancies (before the recommended time frame) after WLS. Early medical monitoring is your best option right now. You just have to deal with any potential consequences according to how you would choose to deal with whatever they may be.
  14. After months of no community transmission, my state got hit again in this past weekend. So we are back to some pretty tight restrictions again as of midnight tonight. Not as bad as they were originally, but only time will tell if they've closed things down quickly enough. It really hasn't affected my boring life very much, other than affecting my ability to visit my 90+ year old parents in their assisted care facility.
  15. Yep! My state has just been hit in the past 24hrs with local transmission of Covid again. While 18 confirmed cases might not sound like many to the rest of the world, after months of no cases, we are now back to some pretty tight restrictions as of midnight tonight.
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