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  1. My sister has lost nothing with her band since surgery day. The only weight she lost was on her pre-op diet. Fortunately for her she hasn't gained and seemed content that at least her yo-yo lifestyle had stopped. That was until I had my revision and reached goal. Then her son in law had a bypass and has lost loads of weight (his starting BMI I would guess was well into the 60s if not 70s). She never changed her diet much other than avoiding the foods that tend to get stuck. Ice cream, chocolates, pasta etc are all very much staples in her diet....along with copious amounts of alcohol....and I'm talking everyday drinking here. I'm trying to be positive about her revision, but it's really difficult at times knowing she didn't make the necessary dietary changes when she had her band and I very much doubt that will change this time around either. I hope she does but I can't/won't be nagging her in that regard.
  2. Aussie Bear


    I was really lucky in that my surgeon found me and offered to do my revision in our public hospital system for free. It was just under 5 months from listing me for surgery until it was done. I did research him though which is actually how I found this forum. A few members here had used him and that's how I found out the normal wait time for him was actually closer to 5 years!!!! I feel truly blessed that he just happened to be the visiting surgeon at my local hospital on the day I was scheduled for an endoscopy. I wasn't looking for a revision at the time, in fact I didn't even know they existed....on the other hand I wasn't about to turn it down either. I agree with @Readytobeme, if you trust your doctor then trust his recommendation and research the surgeon they recommend. You don't have to go with them but it is definitely worth researching including asking your doctor why they are recommending that particular surgeon.
  3. Aussie Bear

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Fortunately I had just said my goodbyes and was on the way out when it happened. I excused myself and saved my laugh until I got into the lift. Had a really broad smile for the rest of the day!!!
  4. Aussie Bear

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I probably shouldn't admit to this because it makes me sound like a complete biatch....but I'm going to anyway with the preface that I have a very toxic mother. She was probably my biggest fat shamer growing up and that encouraged my older siblings likewise behaviour despite every one of them also being obese. I was always bigger than them so that gave them reason to pick on me and feel better about themselves. My mother doesn't know about my bypass surgery (to my knowledge anyway) because she doesn't believe in WLS, and I'll add has never even mentioned my current weightloss. So last week I visited her at her new nursing home residence and she introduced me to one of the staff as her youngest daughter. This staff member just looked at me and said "I can definitely see the resemblance but she is skinny". Wish I had captured the look on my mother's was priceless!!!!
  5. Aussie Bear

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Looking great there Trish....the "girls" are looking well supported these days as well!!! Love the exposed collarbone....and getting away with wearing horizontal stripes says it all really!!!! As for gorgeous as we've come to expect from you.
  6. Aussie Bear

    Blood work

    Iron IMO is a complete PITA to get in and there are so many variables at play when it comes to absorption, eg iron in meat supposedly absorbs better than plant based iron, vitamin C helps absorption while calcium opposes it etc. My surgeon didn't bat an eyelid when he saw how low mine got, just said to go straight for infusion because it raises levels quickly and bypasses the digestive system altogether by going straight into the blood stream. I'm happy with that as it looks like it will just be every 6 months or so. Anaemia doesn't come into play for me because my blood cells hang onto their iron rather than releasing it. That said my surgeon is aware of the digestive distress I have already (diverticular disease is the culprit there I suspect) without throwing iron supplements into the mix, along with having genetic haemochromatosis which definitely contraindicates iron supplementation as does the diverticular disease. When I looked into it I had all of the major contraindicated conditions for iron supplementation. Expecting my first ever visit to an endocrinologist next month will be a doozy given my recent blood panels are all over the place and I'm taking my supplements to the letter.
  7. Aussie Bear

    Blood work

    Great news on the A1C @Ladybugzzz86. Don't worry too much about the iron for now as long as your other iron markers are okay which presumably they are given you're allowed to try to self correct via diet. Mine fell really low about 4 months ago and a quick and simple infusion took it right back to where it should be. Went from 7 back up to 18 in one 15 minute infusion. I'll need another in a few months as mine was already back down to 13 in my last blood tests about a month ago. It is so much simpler, plus far easier on the stomach to have infusions when needed than worry about taking more supplements. I no longer absorb iron, but taking iron supplements in my circumstances is not only pointless but also contraindicated for a number of reasons. In my case it's also cheaper to have the infusion than to purchase supplements. Even if you eventually decide you need to supplement I'd recommend an infusion to boost you up to where you need to be as it can take ages to get iron up to a normal level by supplements alone. Having a raised B12 level is really a non-event @kristinwitha_k Mine are always high as I have a 3 monthly injection and have done since surgery. If only dealing with hormone deficiencies was as simple....
  8. Aussie Bear

    The upside of excess skin

    Wow Stephtay....glad you are okay.
  9. Aussie Bear

    Feeling the heat...

    Sorry but you folk don't know what "hot" is!!!!!! Hahaha!
  10. Aussie Bear

    Low Carb And calories

    Absolutely. I haven't counted a single calorie for many years now. Of course nutritionists hate that approach, but it's not their body I'm dealing with. I find a more mindful approach to the quality of food I consume far more useful to me than a calorie limit. I know of WLS patients that live off marshmallows, soft serve ice-cream and chocolate, sure they lose weight when they stay below their daily calorie limit.....but I guarantee you that I'm healthier and I'm managing to maintain within my few pound boundaries, without being calorie obsessed. All calories aren't equal, so why dieticians and nutritionists treat them as they are is beyond my comprehension.
  11. My original surgery was a Gastroplasty....the old fashioned stomach stapling which I had in 1986. I had the revision due to stapleline dehiscence. My sister has a lapband and is in the process now of getting a revision to RNY after seeing how well I did with my revision. Her surgeon isn't a fan of the sleeve, so doesn't do many of them. The plan is her band will be removed in July and the bypass will happen in October. Her surgeon insists on a minimum 3 months passing between removal of the band and a new surgery. On the subject of reflux, my surgeon doesn't do Omega loops for those already suffering reflux...I suspect the relative newness of the surgery means he just won't take the risk. Plus he is a public hospital surgeon and I've been told there is a 5 year mandatory wait between surgeries (including lapband removal and a revisional surgery), so he really can't risk not solving existing reflux issues, let alone potentially making it worse, and then not being allowed to fix the problem.
  12. Aussie Bear

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    They are actually really modern, roomy, airconditioned trailers that are pulled by a prime mover. Huge things that travel around the state to ensure every woman has access to free mammograms. So nowhere near as bad as it sounds.
  13. Aussie Bear

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    I agree, mammograms are far less painful these days. Added to that, being a rural person we have a breast screen caravan where ours are done. Prior to my weightloss there were times when I had to have extra squeezes to get extra boobage in the machine....not anymore!!! I really have no idea if the machines in the travelling vans are any different to those in permanent sites.
  14. Aussie Bear

    Did you start to feel fat after maintenance?

    SNAP!!!! I suspect we are so used to looking at ourselves very critically that it becomes a habit we'll never lose. Let's be honest, we'll always be able to find fault with ourselves and the pursuit of perfection would be a life long battle that we'd lose if we focussed on achieving it. I often find myself these days looking around me at other people and realising that most people around me are actually bigger (read fatter) than I am. Of course there are those people who've never carried an ounce of fat on their tiny frames in their life, but they don't bother me. I've just decided that they are genetically blessed....mind you the tiny people I knew as a younger person are now all obese older women... I wonder what they think of themselves now. If I'm sitting in a waiting room, I usually realise pretty quickly that I'm one of the smallest there. I use these experiences to keep me grounded in just how much I've achieved, along with how much I want to stay where I am. I've made a conscious decision to accept myself now as I am and to stop focussing on the negatives. Afterall, most others don't see our imperfections the way we do. I just want to be happier and more engaged than I have been the last few years, and for the most part it does seem to be working. While cruel comments still cut pretty deeply, I realise they come from flawed people that I don't need in my life anyway.
  15. Mini Bypass aka Omega Loop surgery is very uncommon on this forum. It's much more popular in Australia than the US where most members here are from. My surgeon in Adelaide does them, but I wasn't a candidate due to reflux. My revision to RNY bypass is the best decision I've ever made. I lost all my excess weight, which never happened with my original surgery, and haven't had a single night of reflux in over a year.