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  1. Aussie Bear


    I use a good tablespoon but cinwa's suggestion to start with just one teaspoon is probably a good idea. I always blend mine with ice cubes, so it is ice cold. That also helps with the not so great taste by numbing the taste buds somewhat. I no longer use optislim, although I did use it for many months post-op with the addition of frozen berries or banana because I had so much of it left. These days when I want a protien shake (almost everyday) I use light milk, around 60g of plain Chobani yoghurt, half a frozen banana, ice cubes, two teaspoons of optifibre (the benefibre equivalent sold by Costco) and a level scoop of protien powder. I don't use pysllium these days because I don't want the bulk that gives. Benefibre doesn't thicken so for me has been a better option with a smaller stomach. Where are you having you surgery @the4cookies?
  2. Aussie Bear


    I wouldn't add more protien. Optislim has just the right amount for a meal, adding any extra is really wasted. If you need it to sit a bit heavier I suggest adding pysllium husk....not metimucial as that stuff tastes horrid....just plain husk. You can buy it at the supermarket usually, even better if you have an Indian supermarket nearby because they use it for almost every gut ailment known to man. It thickens the shake as well as filling you with fibre. I always added fibre to my shakes, both before surgery and even now at 18 months out. It not only bulks it up but also helps stop constipation, and believe it or not, supposedly is also used to stop diarrhoea by sponging up loose fluids in the bowel.
  3. Aussie Bear

    I DID IT!!!

    Good on you CJ. I love wearing horizontal stripes these days, and lo and behold I now wear them tucked in my jeans with a belt!!!!!
  4. Many surgeon's will allow NSAIDS as long as acid blockers are also taken..... Not mine as he is anti NSAIDS even without WLS. Sounds like @Kim M is taking enough of those to cover the Advil.
  5. This does change once your consuming dense protien. For now though all the liquid and purees are flowing through the opening from your stomach to the intestine. With the sleeve, your pyloric valve was stopping that flow and only allowing food and fluids out when it was open. With bypass there's no valve anymore to stop fluids flowing straight through. You'll know soon enough as you progress through to a more diet, when your full. I have to say it is a something I don't like to feel, so I tend to portion very carefully and not give myself enough food to actually get that full sensation.
  6. Aussie Bear

    How hard has it been to change your behaviours?

    I worked really hard to change my eating behaviour prior to my surgery and i think that helped a lot in staying on plan after surgery. Sure I've slipped (way too often in my head) since reaching my goal.....the big difference so far has been that I have reached a "healthy weight" for the first time in my life, and have maintained it for about 12 months now. I realise that's not all that long in the scheme of things, but it is far longer than I've ever managed in the past when I've also lost huge amounts of weight. I never believed it was realistic or possible to get down into a healthy BMI range. Now that I know it is indeed possible, I'm not about to let it go. I have given myself an upper weight limit, above which is not acceptable to me. I weigh myself often and when I get near that mark, I know what to do to pull myself back.....and I do it. We all know that 5 kg can easily become 10kg, then 20kg. If we accept these smaller gains and don't address them, we can quickly become obese again. Once at that point it's back to the old mind frame issues that to lose a lot of weight is just too hard. So for me the key is to address any regain quickly and not accept it at any level really. Success is also kind of addictive, and when you can process your achievement, it's easier to convince yourself to hang onto that success with every ounce of willpower you can muster.
  7. Aussie Bear

    Happy one year to me!

    I really needed to read words today like you just wrote Rosy. You are awesome, and your weightloss is also awesome woman. I was just reading through all the information that came with my age 60 national bowel screening kit and got to the obesity risks part...... and was sadly reminded of all the obesity related medical discrimination that I've come across in my life.....sadly too little recognition from the medical community that they do discriminate against the obese. This is particularly prevalent in the govt funded system here in Australia where BMI becomes a major determinant of whether a patient is offered publically funded surgeries, where obesity sees you looked at as not worth the public expense. I too have been obese all my life, and tried everything within my power to become "normal". Bullied at school, bullied in the workplace when I worked in a very public facing government sector, each occasion shrinking my own sense of self worth. I still haven't managed to reclaim that....but I'm trying. Posts like yours just reiterate that we were and are the same talented, smart, worthwhile human beings even under the layers of fat we once lived in.
  8. Aussie Bear

    Hi guys

    My husband absolutely refused to have our two dogs euthanased despite seeing the pain in the older one ( she hadn't aggressive malignant cancer excised while having major arthritic pain) and the confusion and lack of mobility overtake out 6 month younger girl after a sudden stroke that left her completely blind and incontinent....she was never able to cope with it. I know that part of his reluctance was due to his own terminal cancer diagnosis.....but it meant that when my husband suddenly passed away I then had to deal with my human children and organise the euthanasia of their childhood pets within days. Let alone having to care for three invalids prior to his death. The only part of that experience that I could reconcile in any positive way was having the furnaces cremated and as a family being able to scatter all the ashes together. Sending love's never easy but it is the right thing to do for our loved companions in their time of need.
  9. Aussie Bear

    Question for the ladies

    I am so glad that part of my life is over!!!!!
  10. Aussie Bear

    Protein Powder

    The Australian Amazon tends to be a fairly expensive (and very limited range) option cinwa. We were far better off ordering from the US Amazon but many lines won't ship to Australia and if they do the postage costs to here are exorbitant. Until they become more price competive, they're not a great option here. Chemist warehouse has a more diverse range and better pricing. I follow a Facebook Page here called Nutrition for Weightloss surgery (they are actually the dieticians from my sisters bariatric practice), they often review products available here, provide some great recipes, and often will give their discount codes for people wanting to order from local websites. I won't pay the ongoing membership fees to join their support forum though!!!!!
  11. Aussie Bear

    Protein Powder

    Okay, that changes things then. I used optislim which I purchased from chemist warehouse.....bargain pricing on it there. My sister used optifast when she had her lapband done three years ago, but for her revision to RNY last week, her bariatric practice recommended Formulite. Formulite has much lower carbs that optifast but she hated the taste. After surgery, and even now I tend to drink Bodiez protien water. I ordered it directly from the manufacturer, but have noticed that it is also available in the fridges at chemist warehouse....expensive but very palatable. The protien perfection powders I find far to sweet, and diluted they simply don't give the same level of protein. I've tried the protien h2o available at some foodlands, but personally I don't like it. Premixed.... Crankt is one I really like with a good hit of protien. I like the coffee best, but can only buy chocolate where I live. This is my go to when driving to the city, a journey where I usually need a big protien hit. It really all comes down to what you want from your protien drink, if it's a full meal replacement then your best to stick to a VLCD meal replacement drink. If just the protien then almost any of them go. Even a 600ml feelgood iced coffee contains 27g protien. I've been told that any more than 30g in a hit is wasted, but I do aim to drink a contain that gets close to 30g. WPI I was buying online from Nutrients Direct....they've closed now and are directing their traffic to I haven't tried their WPI yet but do intend to order from there when I run out. If you are consulting with a bariatric practice, they should have dieticians that will advise you on protien powders....mind you most will push their own merchandising, so always check to see if you can buy stuff cheaper elsewhere. Buy small first time because otherwise it's wasted $$$ if you don't like them. Unfortunately most of the products our American forum folk recommend isn't actually available here.
  12. Aussie Bear

    Hi from VA, looking at surgery at the end of the year

    My understanding is that DS is most suited to those with a BMI >50. It is such a drastic surgery and does a real job on your gut. With the right frame of mind and a good commitment to your post op diet plan, you'll do really well with an RNY. Without commitment, even the more drastic DS won't work in the long term. Of course the choice is yours. RNY surgery has been around for decades now, surgeons have pretty much perfected the process and know it works. It's also reversible if medically necessitated, whereas the DS is permanent so far more difficult to deal with certain complications. DS is also a far newer surgery, and that's likely one of the reasons fewer surgeons do this procedure, and insurance companies often don't cover it. Just some food for thought.
  13. Aussie Bear

    Protein Powder

    I was also told to stick with whey protein isolate (aka WPI). Being in Australia we don't have the same brands as you guys in the states so I won't both expanding on brands etc.
  14. Aussie Bear

    Five years

    A true role model for all of us!!!!
  15. Aussie Bear

    My minimized wardrobe or "What I Might Be Wearing Tomorrow"

    No way could I do this. Apart from anything else, I'm just too much of a grub....I'd have to be washing everyday with so few clothes.