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  1. Aussie Bear

    Happy New Year!

    Looking good @NerdyToothpick
  2. Aussie Bear

    Happy New Year!

    Biggest hugs twinnie!!!! Don't disappear like that had us all worried. Great to hear you managed to get a holiday in though.....but where are the pics naughty girl!!!!!
  3. Aussie Bear

    17 months out and hollidays!

    You are definitely in the zone where regain is possible. If you still want to lose weight, the same principles apply as they did for you early out. As for regaining weight or not, I'm a believer that that's also in our own hands and happens as a result of the eating decisions we make for ourselves on a daily basis. Unfortunately we ultimately have to work this stuff out for ourselves, ie work out the best weightloss strategies for our own bodies and lifestyles. If you want to go back to "ketoish" then go for sort of in that arena myself these days and haven't had a gallbladder since 1986. As for targets, I can't give you any as I don't track at all and haven't for years. My daily eating though tends to look something like this Greek yoghurt/ strawberries/30g chopped nuts for breakfast. Glass milk mid morning. Two eggs at lunch either with veggies or cold meat and cheese, followed by fruit. Dinner is about 4oz of meat, salad vegetables and a serve of fruit.
  4. Aussie Bear

    DS vs RNY

    Perhaps it is. There are very few surgeon's in Australia that even offer the DS. I think I've only seen one that even advertises they do it. As a country we don't seem to have the levels of "Super Obesity" that seems to exist in other countries......lots of obesity and morbid obesity, but not a great deal beyond that. Most of my research indicated that DS was only recommended for those that for the "super morbidly obese" BMI category, due to the very serious malabsorption it causes....while that can be seen as a positive for super morbidly obese, it's just an unnecessary risk for those whose BMIs would suggest equally effective results with less malabsorption. As for your reaction regarding my use of the term "huge".....I used it rather than using the standard BMI obesity levels, which given I was using the term in reference to myself seemed reasonable to me. I apologise if you believed I was making pointed judgements about anyone, because that certainly wasn't the case. In fact I was surprised that the OP was even considering that surgery with his BMI. Whether we like it or not a BMI of 50 is considered "super morbidly obese". Regardless of how we feel about these terms, or whether the categories applied to BMI are meaningful or otherwise, we are all subject to being medically judged by where we sit within those catagories.
  5. Aussie Bear

    DS vs RNY

    Often DS isn't on offer so it isn't even an option. I've read at various times that some insurers don't cover it so that would affect people's decisions as well. Then there's the issues that even greater malabsorption can bring with it. I guess if I was really huge, and the DS was an option (as in my surgeon performed it and recommended it) then I would very seriously consider and research it. In my case though it was RNY or nothing for anatomical reasons.....any surgery that involved a "sleeve" was just not physically possible in my case.
  6. Aussie Bear

    I'm going to change things up - Wish me luck!

    Update: I really did end up making some major the end not only did I go totally added sugar free (which many of us pretty much do most of the time anyway) I decided after much research to just bite the bullet and go totally grain free!!!! Even though I'm still eating three servings of fruit a day, one with each meal, I went straight into ketosis. Haven't been there since surgery so was completely surprised when I turned a keto stick purple......never done that before. For me though the bonus has been that in the week I've been strictly adhering to it my blood glucose hasn't risen above 5.5 or dropped below 4.5 that I'm aware of. Bloating and abdominal pain has dropped significantly and my skin rashes have almost cleared up. I admit this way of eating would be really hard to stick to if I was eating away from home and not preparing all my meals myself, but for the time being at least, it's doable. Geez I wouldn't want me as q dinner guest right now, but I'm not accepting any dinner invites anyway, hahaha. I'm really hoping that by the time I see my surgeon again in late March I'm able to convince him that his "oh it's just dumping syndrome, don't worry about it" isn't a good enough answer when a patient comes to him complaining about the severity of post-op symptoms I did. I don't want to have numerous new (supposedly life long) medications prescribed to try to take the edge of my symptoms...... I want those symptoms to actually stop!!!! There was no way I could accept what I was dealing with could be the new post surgery me!!!!! Week 2 starts today. Hopefully things will continue to improve.
  7. Aussie Bear

    Food stuck :(

    I experienced this Christmas eve for the first time.....OMG it's painful. SIL had visions of spending Christmas eve in an ER. It was probably my first trip when I'd forgotten to take my papaya enzymes with me as well.....D'oh!!!! Ended up sipping slowly on a warm cup of tea, that seemed to do the job. I had eaten cold hamburger and it reminded me of someone here posting about having to go to ER and have some meatball extracted by endoscopy.... Hahaha!!!!! Not really funny, but it was what came to mind at the time. It has happened once since, and all I'd had that time was my morning vitamins. Looking back I think I must have been really good at eating slowly and chewing well to get almost 20 months without experiencing it.
  8. Many women when they have abdominal plastic surgery will opt to have liposuction of the pubic area at the same time. That would explain the problem.
  9. Aussie Bear

    The flu....

    Oh believe me, I dye my hair. I just don't do in bright colours! I see so many women in their 70s that dye theirs flouro pink, purple, green or blue....sometimes all four at the same time, and just wonder how they don't see it as trying too hard to hang onto their youth. Reminds me of bad botox or plastic surgery horror stories....we've all seen them!!!!! I'm more into "aging gracefully" but at the same time covering up the grey....I know....hypocritical to say the least.
  10. Aussie Bear

    Protein shake

    It really shouldn't matter. They're both just fluid anyway, so with a bypass will both flow straight out of the stomach.
  11. Aussie Bear

    The flu....

    Loving the pink hair look Trish. I also wouldn't do it myself but I'm older than you and I often think some of the even older people than me who do it just look like old fools. Not suggesting you would, but it does concern me that I would. I had flu just before my bypass....yikes....shouldn't have had my flu shot before because I always react. I hit the vitamin c rich "Immune" supplements. Figured it wasn't going to do me any harm and might actually help. I did get away with it in the end but only because my pre-op checks were done before I got it.
  12. Aussie Bear

    Smelly Fart Odors after Bypass Surgery

    Are you in touch with a registered dietician. Now I'm not normally a big fan of them because my experience has been all pretty negative due to their inexperience where I live. I live in a rural area and we tend to get only new graduates with no real world experience. However, if you are still losing weight then you definitely need help in finding a way to gain weight back. Adding calorie dense nutrient rich foods is likely a necessity for you. I also struggle with pretty severe abdominal pain on transit of gas or bowel movements in a particular stretch of my lower intestine....sometimes it's as severe as childbirth labour was only with no breaks to catch a breath. This I'm sure is caused by inflammation within the gut and will only be resolved by determining the cause and addressing it. At the moment I'm adhering to a grain free diet, only started it 4 days ago so I won't know for a few weeks if it works for me or not. Best wishes on figuring out your own answers. Page 1 of this thread pretty much has all the advice I would have given, other than to potentially look at an elimination type diet to see of particular foods might be adding to your abdominal stress. Once you have some answers to that, you can go prepared with answers/experience to your doctor/surgeon/dietician. That will save you a return visit should they tell you to try one.
  13. Aussie Bear

    17 months post op

    I don't track at all, and haven't since before surgery. Past diets I'd did and it became quite obsessive, so this time have very deliberately avoided it. I do occasionally think it my be interesting to know my calorie intake and macros, but I know that would just be opening a door to obsession again. I don't do any weights work either. I'm another that relies on firewood over winter and that's enough of the heavy work for me. Must say I'm pretty proud of my abilities with an axe, although I admit it has been much harder since surgery than it was before. Congratulations on getting approval to sort out the girls. Yesterday was mammogram day for was very sad seeing my girls via an annoyingly placed reflective surface....but this time around pretty much painless now there's not much of them to squeeze flat, plus they each fit in one image rather than needing two at each angle.
  14. Aussie Bear

    Questions galore

    Oh boy did I have weight gain at first. Even though I knew that it happens because of all the fluids they pump into you and the trauma of the actual was at my asking that the nurses weighed me. My surgeon had not once had me jump on the scales, so the reading made me loom like a liar, and I'd actually the only official weight my surgeon has!!! It isn't that he's being slack at pulling out the scales. Our initial visits weren't with a view to having WLS, and he does ask me every visit what I currently weigh. He once told me when I asked about it, that he has a pretty good idea just from looking at me, and the weight I tell him pretty much confirms what he thinks anyway. While I never had that level of bruising after my bypass, I have seen others post similar pictures over the years. Don't forget that a lot of work is happening internally. The incisions are just where the instruments get inserted through your skin. They're doing all their actual work all over the place underneath, and it's not always in a gentle manner from what I've seen on videos anyway. The bruising will disappear with time. I certainly wouldn't be overly concerned about it, but if you need reassurance then by all means, phone the surgeon's office.
  15. Aussie Bear

    Knee surgery

    Best wishes @Nana Trish. You know we all love you and are hoping for the best outcome possible. Glad they're not making you wait too long.