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  1. Maybe my GP is right and someone up there is actually looking after me. I'm not a believer, but my GP is a very devout catholic. Turns out our state borders opened at just the right time and my (currently interstate) therapist will be in my home town, for the first time since February, and I was able to book his first appointment the day after my final diagnostic eye exam next week. I suspect I'll be needing that appointment!
  2. Treating it is just the same as a diabetic treats a hypo...glucose tablets, or lollies (my personal favourite is stardust snakes where three will do the trick) fruit juice etc. Any of these usually kick in within 15 minutes. After an episode they recommend immediately consuming some protien with a complex carb. Bananas are good for the carb as they have some longer acting carbs along with the faster ones. They're just not enough of a sugar hit for me. I tend to have the lollies (and always carry some on me), followed by a cup of milk. I generally also have hard boiled eggs in my fridge, so wil
  3. RNY byoass is the gold standard surgery for getting rid of GERD. I had my revision to RNY for GERD and it worked a treat until I developed an anastomotic ulcer. Once they treated that the GERD went away again. My surgeon still watches me like a hawk even 3+ years later. I had very little weight to lose at the time of my revision, and with an adjusted post-op diet regime I managed to not lose more weight than he wanted. Try not to worry about it until they know what the issue is. I presume your surgeon will do an endoscopy to find out before actually scheduling a bypass.
  4. Great idea! I love the mug as well.
  5. Sorry, I was a bit vague initially about the potential for reversal being my only option. in part that's because I'd given up...to use your word "defeated" by it. It also appeared that even my surgeon was brushing it off as inconsequential, and just telling me it's all about my diet. I still can't get my hopes up because the information regarding bowel length is a totally new concept to me, so I'm certainly not holding my breath on it. I understand that medical professionals are used to obese people telling them they are doing everything thats asked of them diet wise, when the reality is far
  6. You certainly married a very clever man. I readily admit I miss mine, especially when it comes to having someone around that knows their way around fixing things.
  7. Please do continue to document your journey. Some of us (certainly me) will be hanging on for every word.
  8. The MRI really is more about cost, especially when I have new glasses to buy and other bills right now that are more important. While in Australia we do have a universal government funded health care system, it doesn't cover everything. This MRI for example will not be covered (neither are glasses) so I'll be up for the full cost, plus the nearest machine is a very long way from where I live. All the surgeon wanted to know was how long my bowel is, because he strongly believes that bowel length responsible for RH. He measures the length of bowel he leaves as opposed to the length he bypasses.
  9. I don't think there are any members here whose highest weight was over 600lb. Certainly none in the 4 or so years I've been here. The only over 600 pounders I've seen were those featured on My 600lb Life. You can view episodes on YouTube. The reality is that many these days don't even get to surgery as their poor eating habits are so ingrained that they either can't...or won't...make the necessary lifestyle style changes required to even qualify for surgery. There is nearly always a requirement for people your size to lose a significant amount of weight prior to surgery being approved simply t
  10. Get yourself to therapy to deal with whatever is going on that allowed you to eat your way to 600lbs+ in the first place. It sounds harsh, but we all need to address our demons regarding food and find other ways to cope with life's issues that don't involve eating for comfort. You also need to address any relationships with people who are enabling your over eating. While that involves their behaviours, it also involves yours. Not too many people can get to almost 700lbs without the help of others. If you don't deal with this stuff, you will lose weight initially but you'll also regain later
  11. I do know the new surgeon specifically mentioned parathyroid testing. Unfortunately just because we take calcium supplements after bypass, doesn't mean our body absorbs it. In my case I also have genetic hemochromatosis (so iron overload) which can negatively affect calcium absorption. He said I'll be getting a massive list of blood testing, plus he wants an MRI of the bowel. The blood testing I'll do, but the MRI I'll definitely discuss with my surgeon because I know why he wants it, and my surgeon may well have the answer to that without having to travel a long way for an expensive test. To
  12. It pretty much is eggs (with additional fat) all day. I've always eaten lots of eggs anyway, and this diet by including the extra fat meant I also added my other mainstay....cheese....to each meal. I can honestly say though that by the end of the 5 days I was completely done with eggs for a few weeks. You should be able to google it, that's what I did after coming across it on YouTube and being curious. Eggs can be cooked anyway you want, boiled, scrambled, omelette, chaffle etc because of the requirement for extra fat.
  13. Interesting @Nana Trish. I have been having 3 monthly blood testing and including blood calcium and they've always been in normal range. I never really focussed on them because I've often read that your blood will rob your bones of the calcium if you aren't taking in enough...in other odds a flawed measure. Interestingly I have had two teeth crack and break in the last few weeks. You have me wondering now. I did have thyroid testing some time ago (can't remember when but it was at least a year ago probably more) and results were fine then. I do know that will be being done again at the en
  14. So I'm down another appointment ..the eye test. That didn't go well. The optometrist that was doing it kept telling me I need to be checked for diabetes, despite me explaining that I don't have diabetes, rather I have hyperinsulinemia. That he understood better than reactive hypoglycemia. The good news was no cataracts, the shitty news was that my eyesight has majorly deteriorated, my left eye is actively bleeding (he thinks the right eye probably is too) and the pressure test is indicative of glaucoma. He wasn't able to do the dilation today which he needs to do to fully diagnose what's goi
  15. According to my surgeon, and others I've read replies from, you can't actually "reset your pouch". You can reset your head by doing some form of crash dieting, but that won't change your pouch physically. The 5 day pouch rest is a bogus concept made up by a bariatric patient (not a doctor and definitely not a surgeon). Some people feel they get success with it and will turn to that first. It will detox you from carbs quickly. I've never done it, but I have gone back to 2 meal replacement shakes plus a lean and green meal a couple of times just to get my head back in the game. I also tried the
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