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  1. Scared about dying

    The surgery went well. I ended up having to stay another night but the surgeon said that that was pretty normal. The gas pains were pretty awful. I have not passed gas yet but I am doing some burping LOL. I am on my way home now. Thank you for checking in on me!!
  2. Scared about dying

    I'm starting to worry about the actual surgery..like, dying on the table. I'm relatively healthy, pretty young, 31 yrs old. I just keep imagining myself dying on the table and seeing all my friends and family, and my husband, all devastated. Anyone else have/had this fear? My date for surgery is 8/15/16.
  3. Is it fair?

    Thanks guys
  4. Is it fair?

    Oh he knows...but hasn't offered because he might feel that it's unfair.
  5. Is it fair?

    Hello everyone! My name is Fran and I am getting "sleeved" on 8/15/16. Not sure how many of you out there have a similar story. Through various diets over a few years, I was able to take off 130 pounds. I swore up-and-down I would never get that heavy again. But unfortunately, not only did I gain back what I lost, I am even heavier now than I was at my heaviest before. So here I am turning to surgery for help. I feel like a failure. That being said, I don't look down on others who have bariatric surgery. It's just, I feel like a failure. But wait, if someone has a defected heart, surely they would seek out a way to get better. And maybe have heart surgery. How is that any different from having surgery to help me lose weight? Bah...whatever. Anyway, my question is: is it fair of me to ask my husband to keep out the junk food that he wants? Like, why can't I control myself? I'm an addict...and I feel weak. He should be able to have the food he wants and not have to worry that I will mess up and eat it. So is it fair to ask him this?
  6. Pre Op Diet

    Oh lord. I'm already tired as it is. I can't imagine being even more tired when I start the pre-op diet! hah It'll all be worth it!