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  1. So I've been on my pre-op diet about 9 days. I've mainly followed it to the letter, except for the whole not understanding carbs which lead me to add bananas to a smoothie in the first days. I am/was a heavy carb eater. I mostly ate rice, potatoes, bread, over eating meat. So needless to say its been a struggle to stick to the protein thing. If It's not a shake I'm having chicken or eggs, and I have to literally force them down...otherwise I'd eat nothing from the unhappiness of eating something I don't have a hunger for. Anywho...yesterday I factored in two cookie because they only had 14 combined carbs and that still kept me below my daily carb goal, I ran out of popcycles and I couldn't get the chicken taste out of my mouth. Welp I don't know if I ate them too fast or what. I wasn't full when I ate them, and I had some water afterward because there was this strange taste after eating them. But all of a sudden it's like my stomach blew up and I felt as if I was going to vomit for a good 30 minutes after. It was the darnedest thing. Never happened to me before. I mean I haven't been on the low/no carb kick but 9 short days, why would my body react in such a way? Ideas anyone?
  2. Can't get focused enough on this

    Thanks, You know WendyH someone on another forum said the same thing about day 4. lol! Since that's twice I've heard it now, I'm going to take it as fact. Today, day 3 I don't actually feel so bad as of right now. I made a protein shake from "scratch" off a card the nutritionist at my old surgeons office had given me and had it for breakfast, it held up a lot longer in my stomach than just the milk and packet protein shakes. I'm use to not eating very much during the day so its the worst when I'm at home ready to have my "big meal". Last night I tried the eat your veggies before the meat thing and had a good bit of chicken left over which was good. I think I'm just kinda feeling like a fish out of water, I know what to do, it's a matter of doing it.
  3. So my surgery is in a few weeks. This whole thing has been a long time coming. And if it doesn't happen before the end of the year it's never going to happen, for insurance reasons more than anything. So I'm supposed to be losing a few pounds before surgery as most surgeons request. My first surgeon had a whole 2 week plan...2 shakes, protein veggie dinner cut out all the crap. My new surgeon just says you should lose a few pounds. I see other people talking about how their surgeons felt the livers and talked about the size and so on and so forth. Neither of mine have touched me. I know that I had a fatty liver because I had a big to do about a hemangioma on it a few years ago. Anywho I've taken it upon myself to go along with the first surgeons structured plan to do the pre-op diet. Day one was ehh... Day two is ughhh... I'm HUNGRY. All I can think about is egg foo young and chimichangas. lol! Like I'm thinking to myself how bad would it be really if I just keep eating normal and not dieting. I already know the answer of course. This diet is already beginning to feel like too much on top of everything else. I'm trying to stay focused but its hard.
  4. Hi Michelle! I'm a fellow North Carolinian, but I live in Atlanta for right now. I can totally relate to your story. For the last year and a half I have steadily been creeping up on 400lbs. I was just living life, I knew I needed to do something but just never stopped to actually do it. I'm still under 30, so I want to do this now so that I have a better chance at having a family in a few years. I too dread going to Drs and having to pee in a cup, no Dr I've been to has had anything to help the process. I embarrassingly have to undress from the waist down and pray I hit the target. Then when I come out of the bathroom the nurses look at me like whats taken you so long. Lol! Needless to says Dr's visits are always some kind of embarrassment. I'm scheduled to have the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass on August 4th, so wish me luck. I hope to keep up with your journey. There are a lot of nice people on here and bariatricpal.com is a good place too. I say you can never have enough information or enough people to turn to.
  5. Anyone having the bypass around August 10,2016

    Hello DebiW, I'm having the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass done. With my other surgeon I was going to do a variation of the duodenal switch, but my current surgeon doesn't do that type because it hasn't been researched as long. I'm slightly nervous about the whole thing. Which surgery are you having?
  6. Anyone having the bypass around August 10,2016

    Hi Michelle! I'm Tori, I'm 28, and I'm from Georgia. My surgery is August 4th. I attempting to be more social with other going through the process and I think it would be nice to try and make some friends.
  7. This is going to seem a bit odd, but maybe not. I have extremely fat legs, like I have no ankles fat legs. One leg also holds more fat than the other. It started to really become noticeable a few years ago as my weight continued to climb and I thought it was fluid. No Drs ever seemed concerned with it, and finally one Dr says to me it's just the way your fat distributes. It's really unsightly. I'm disgusted by wearing shorts or skirts because of it. I know that losing some weight will help slim the leg I hope, but I'm terrified that it will continue to be this issue of the fat depositing more on my left than my right leg. Is there anyone out there whose has or had a similar issues?