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  1. I treat myself to a coffee when my family want McDonald's, coffee fills me up! I would probably stay away for now and let your husband know that he would be more of a support if he remains positive with encouragement rather than throwing it in your face! Perhaps remind him of he has a heart attach from his poor eating habits you would be there to support him and you would not respond with well you ate yourself into this situation deal with it! Perhaps he too needs a reality check!
  2. I had Gastric Bypass surgery 7 weeks ago now! I haven't been hungry since! The first few weeks you will adjust to eating on demand and you will eat because you have to! All the best! Keep us all posted how it goes!
  3. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! I think because I'm in a unique situation with working from home and not going into an office or seeing my friends and family regularly, not to mention my boss is a male and not one to compliment, I don't really get many comments! The best compliment I have received was from my 8 year old daughter who reminded me that a shirt I was wearing had been so tight however now there was enough room for her to fit into it with me! I'm watching the weight fall on the scales and most of the food I am eating is vegetables as meat and chicken, no matter how
  4. You look like a completely different person! So great to see your results, well done!
  5. Good on you! You look lovely!
  6. You look fabulous! I can't wait to get to the point where I am able to post some before and after pics! Well done for all your hard work has resulted in a healthier you!
  7. I'm speechless! You look awesome, here's hoping your back condition improves! Good on you!
  8. I had my surgery on 23/05/2016, I lost 10kgs/22pounds, before my surgery I also lost 10kgs/22 pounds so in total to date I am down 20kgs/44 pounds but I just can't see the difference! It can be extremely disheartening! I have had friends and family comment that they can see and my clothes that I was wearing prior to my weight loss are loose but I still look like a blimp! Has anyone else experienced this? I have been so good with sticking to my eating plan and I know that my results for the 8 weeks since I started is good but I just wonder if I will ever feel like I'm making progress!
  9. I found it quite easy as I had never been a regular eater hence my Bing eating in the wrong foods at the end of the day! I feel like I am always eating which is weird and I am on Optifast also and hated it to begin with but it is tolerable! I have my surgery tomorrow and would love to know how you have gone with your surgery today? All the best! I know I am wetting my pants arm!
  10. until
    Here's to a new me!
  11. Hi Everyone! Today I am starting my 4 week pre op diet today! This is the beginning of the end of my life as a fat person! I am hungry and have consumed around 600 calories in total for the day, I have been preparing for about a month by ending my love affair with sugary carbonated drinks and no added sugar to hot drinks. I don't know how I will kick my coffee habit, I have now limited myself to one small double shot flat white a day. I'm so hungry but keep renewing my motivation by envisioning a thinner me!
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