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  1. @Ladybugzzz86 I'm not a native english speaker so it's a bit difficult for me to express myself, but I'm sending you my best wishes and all the strength. My gallbladder has been removed on January 29th as well, and I can feel (a little part of) your pain (mine wasn't complicated, just a simple gallstone). Get better soon!!
  2. Last monday I had my gallbladder removed and on tuesday I went back home. It felt weird at first, somehow I wasn't hungry at all (just like the days after bypass). And then on wednesday something strange happened: hunger returned with strength. This week my body has been "asking me for food" almost continuously, but I've lost 2 additional kg. I suppose this will stop again and I will stabilize my weight. Sensation is like having something liquid bubbling or running down my stomach all the time (¿bile dripping?), doesn't feel like GERD, it's different. It's not acid, doesn't burn. But it changes my behaviour, I'm looking for something to cook all day. Has anyone felt the same? Thanks for your support!
  3. Today's my firstsurgiversary -47 kg off... Trying to stay there Next monday I'll enter the OT again, to take my gallbladder off... wish me luck again!
  4. I use myfatsecret, pretty similar to MFP but for free...
  5. Today, I am at my endocrinologist's goal. BMI 24. 65.4 kg. Next visit with my surgeon it's scheduled for september 13th. This august I've been travelling and my food has changed (living at my mother in law's for a month, and visiting London and Ribadesella). During that month my weight "stabilized" (eating about 1300 kcal per day, and crackers and cheese as staples, at more or less 95 grams of CH and 60 grams of fat per day), and when I've come back home I've started losing weight again (about 1000 kcal per day, no crackers, only low fat cheese, about 60 grams of CH per day and 40 grams of fat). So I believe that now I know my maintenance calories and macros (aprox.). Anyway, I think I will stay on plan until I reach 60 kilos (if I ever do), and only then I'll start to "actively maintain"...
  6. @tmcgee Which is my own goal weight? Hm, that's a good question. I don't feel bad at this very moment, my aching knee doestn't hurt anymore, my BP is always normal now, I don't have high cholesterol anymore... For my height, "normal" is somewhere between 57 and 67 kg. Talking about BMI. If I was able to, I'd love to get to 60 kilos (vanity!), but I would only accept it given that my lean body mass wouldn't get lower than now. I don't want to feel "weak" and my knees need muscle to stay stable. So maybe 45 kg of lean body mass + 15 kg of body fat? That's 25% body fat which doesn't sound bad at all. But as @Res Ipsa has said, I need to get a healthy look, so I don't know if this "ideal estimation" fits the real world and the healthy look or not... I suppose time will tell... I'll stay on plan and see!
  7. Hi to all! It seems that I've reached goal weight (my surgeon's suggested goal weight; my endocrinologist still wants me to lose another 2-3 kilos) in 6 months after surgery. BMI 25.2, 40 kg lost. But I'm still actively losing weight (slower but actively losing). Does it stop spontaneously? Do I need to do something to stop it? Do I really need to stop it? Thanks!!
  8. Desigual T-shirt size M (size M!? On me!?), black H&M shaping skinny jeans size 34, comfortable leather sandals from Pikolinos (made in Spain). I still need to do something with my hair...
  9. My Nut also prefers whole dairy. Skimmed ones don't keep their A, D and E vitamins. Also you don't get so many less calories by eating skimmed (about 1.5 grams less fat per 100 g of milk). Different thing are matured cheeses, in that case it's better to choose 17 g of fat per 100 g than 33 per 100g. A lot of difference in calories...
  10. Well, sometimes I've read not everyone dumps on sweet food, only a small percentage of patients does. I've always been curious about whether would I be one of them or not. Yesterday I had a visit with my NUT who cleared me to try rice, as every food I've tried till now has been ok for me. We talked about sushi. It's clear that sushi rice is sweetened with sugar (7%) and vinegar, so trying sushi dishes has some risk of dumping. Anyway she told me that as long as I dindn't eat more than three pieces it would be difficult to dump. So guess what. When I got out I went to a japanese take away gluten free place and bought a salmon-avocado-masago cali roll. Not much rice in it. One roll makes 8 pieces. I started eating them and when I reached 3 pieces I thought: "I'm not as satisfied as when I eat fish alone". So I ate a little more. Surprisingly I was able to eat the 8 pieces (I'm never able to eat such a volume of meat, I swear!). I arrived home feeling tachycardic and a little dizzy. I laid down on the sofa for half an hour and the sensation dissapeared. So two learned lessons about myself yesterday: - First of all: yes I dump. If a little of sweetened rice (mixed with fish and avocado!) can make me feel dizzy and tachycardic, it seems that I will dump if I eat things such as icecream or cookies. So: don't eat! - Second but not less important: protein first. It's easy to "override" the volume restriction imposed by our RNY if we eat softer foods. So: never ever eat first course first. Always "second course" first!
  11. Isaare


    You're my hope @Cheesehead! I pray that mine end up firmer than before, as it happened to you, XD XD... I've breastfed tree kids, two of them twins. Size 95F (36F in US I believe) pre-surgery, I'm already seeing my size go down and my girls sag (more). Anyone here can tell me there's hope and some people end up firmer than before?
  12. Beautiful! I must say that I love your hair as well!
  13. 6 months ago I started working on muy preop weight loss with my Nut. 46 lbs lost since then, of which 24 have been post-op. Feeling alive!
  14. Holly cow @Cinwa! I don't expect my shoe size to change, but if it happens, it will be welcome. At the moment I wear size 42 (men's size in Spain, women's usually aren't sold in that size; I believe this is 8.5 in US for men and 10 for women) but I can roughly remember a time in which I used size 41 (8/9.5) or even 40 when I was 15-16 years old (7/8.5). Can you imagine I go back to size 40 and I'm able to buy women's shoes again!??
  15. Really? Well so then omeprazol or lansoprazol daily to start with something... and if it's not enough, then your GP can change it. Sometimes you can use as well almagate or sodium alginate, it acts in a few minutes just as @Amber76bailey says.