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  1. it amazes me how different each Dr. Is. Same surgery but different information. My Dr only wants me to take pill form
  2. You look fabulous!!!! You have kept your boobs!! I wish I had, you have done an amazing job
  3. Thank you everyone for the good advice!! You guys rock!!!
  4. Hey everyone, Wel, it has been a year an one month since surgery i have not lost anymore weight for about a month now. I am hovering around 127 to 130 in a size 4 and most tops a small I am very pleased and happy with my progress but my appetite is coming back. I am having a hard time at slowing down when I eat now for some reason when I went for my year check up my doctor was so happy and pleased. I don't won't to lose any more weight because my face looks a lot older to me but I feel SO MUCH BETTER now. I have learned so much about myself this past year, i can do it, I can make it, I have the will power, now I have got to keep it up. Since my appetite is coming back it scares me a lot!!!! I finally have gotten over my nausea and I have a protein shake that I love.
  5. half a peanut butter and sugar free jam sandwich on low calorie bread that high in protein. A few grapes with cheese Slice of low sodium turkey and cucumbers A few slices of apples with peanut butter
  6. A friend of mine who is a nurse just told me about the papaya enzyme and I have been using them about 2 weeks now and it has made a world of difference for me. I am almost a year out from surgery, I have had to take meds for nausea every day. Don't know why my dr said it's just that way for some reason. I was paying a dollar a pill with insurance so this is a blessing for me.
  7. I was a 22\24 now I am a 6\8 , almost a year Sept 6. Still hard for me to wrap my head around this, I still shop at thrift stores. I went to Macy one time and got 2 pairs of pants I got both pair tight, I got to wear one pair 4 times the other pair 1 time. So, I just stay at the thrift stores it's still hard to find clothes that fit good. What fits my tummy is way to big for my legs but I am still happy!!!! When it gets cold I will have to buy some pants and a new winter coat
  8. Exactly!!! I have the same pain, sitting in my dinning room chair and my spine hurts from the back of the chair, my tailbone hurts when I sit very long. I have to put a pillow between my knees while in the bed on my side because I dont like that feeling when my knees are touching
  9. Thank you, yes I do struggle with being weak and no energy. It's wield that you feel better and weak at the same time!! I have a lot of dizzy spells
  10. How fast it all has happened!! Putting on a beautiful sundress feels pretty awesome
  11. what a year!!!! Sept 6th will be a year and it has been one of the hardest, longest, fastest, emotional year I have every had. everyday is still a surprise, am I going to be able to eat with out getting nauseated, can I eat this at all. But it has been worth it!! I look in the mirror and I don't know this person I am looking at, she is skinny and can wear a size 6/8 and she is happy and sad. Happy_ because I finally did something about being over weight for 31 years, happy because I can get great looking clothes at Goodwill and consignment shops for almost nothing, happy because my back dont hurt, my feet don't hurt, I can jog and exercise. I can eat a normal amount of food and be full and satisfied. HAPPY when people I haven't seen in years tell me how great I look. Not really disappointed about anything but I do miss some of my old life, enjoying a piece of cake or candy and it not making me sick (but who am I kidding a piece more like the whole bag). I get tired of trying to figure out ways to eat more protein, planning my food for the day, worrying I eating good enough. I miss my sodas, sweet tea, I have a really hard time dealing with all my head hungry and cravings I don't think the cravings every go away. That terrifies me!! As time goes on will I be strong enough to fight these desires. Wish I could have surgery for my thighs and stomach but I doubt that will every happen since insurance doesn't pay. I compare the very first few weeks of WLS to having my babies you forget all the pain and sickness once you start seeing results it just fades away some. Can I keep this up for the rest of my life____ who knows But I believe I have the tools to help me to stay in control ( I pray I do ) Highest weight 262 Day of surgery 246 To date 130. I bounce from 133_ 129, am I through, I hope not but if I am I am very happy with the results
  12. Thank you, I have tried making my own shakes but no luck. I will be a year post op next month, I don't eat Greek yogurt any more or milk but I have moved over to more turkey sausage and eggs, BLT with low calorie protein bread. Lots of peanuts.
  13. What is your protein? I would love to know. I never meet my goal , it's like 40-55 I CANT do shakes , don't care what kind of milk or milk protein I buy it will not stay down.
  14. Minfit

    Protein shakes

    if anyone remembers my journey, I will be 11 months the 6th of August, I have had terrible nausea from day one. When they released me from the hospital we stayed a night in the motel next to the hospital for 2 nights and the first night I couldn't take the liquid Tylenol they gave me because I would throw up so bad. So we went to the office and they gave me the pain meds in pills and wrote me a prescription for nausea my ins. Only will give me 9 a month and they are 10.00. I still take them, I can't drink any kind of protein shakes, milk, almond milk Fairlie milk, this is why I never meet my protein requirements for the day. For a long time I couldn't eat my yogurt and I really love my yogurt. I eat a lot of hard cheese slices, eggs, lunch meat, protein low calorie bread with peanut butter. I thought for sure , before surgery that I could go by the book and be fine because I have always been that patient that got along perfect after every surgery but not this one.