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  1. Hi, everyone. Today marks my one-year surgiversary. This time last year I was just starting anesthesia. Now, I’m 160ish pounds lighter. The last couple months haven’t been great as I’ve hovered in the same five-pound range. The honeymoon is over. But that’s on me to change, and it’s completely doable. It’s been a helluva ride. Hope you’re all doing well.
  2. How's everyone doing? Looks like the thread has been dormant for a few months. Just passed the 150-pounds-lost mark Monday. Once I hit month six or seven post-op, it really starts to feel like work to keep losing. We all know it will eventually, but it's taking a little time to adjust. Really trying to increase my activity and follow the you-bite-it-you-write-it accountability (I have issues w/ grazing). Overall, though, happy with my progress and my quality of life. Would love to hear updates from everyone else.
  3. Speaking of support groups, curious if anyone will attend tomorrow's meeting. Hope to see some of you there.
  4. Question for the vets: Did you wait to begin exercise until you were at the six-week mark, or until your follow-up appointment with Kaitlyn? I'm six weeks post-op Monday, but my next round of appointments aren't scheduled until 12/22.
  5. MGap, I might see you there. I was sleeved on 10/31 and have follow-ups on 12/22. Not sure if I can make the support group, though.
  6. How many calories did most of you average during a typical day in the soft foods phase? I'm consuming roughly 675-825. I've noticed my loss slowed considerably in the last week (I'm three weeks post-op), but I'm attributing that to the vagaries of the scale common during the first month post-op. I'm achieving my daily protein goals and exceeding water intake.
  7. My upper endocsopy came back with a clean bill of health, and my surgery is scheduled for Oct. 31. Can't wait.
  8. Hi Fitz, Dr. Nagle. I believe it was Kaitlin, not Dr. Nagle, who ordered the EGD upon chart review.
  9. Qiana submitted to insurance today. I'm a little nervous until the approval comes through, which for Anthem can take 15 business days. Hoping I receive approval soon and can get scheduled ASAP.
  10. Third nutrition class yesterday. I have one appt. with a nutritionist in a couple weeks for an August weigh-in before submitting to my insurance. While I'm still a little nervous, I'm very ready.
  11. Hi everyone. Attended nutrition session 2 recently. Quiana will likely submit for approval in August after my final weigh-in for insurance purposes.
  12. Thanks, kjhen1985. Best of luck with your final appointment and insurance approval.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just starting the process with Dr. Nagle's office and was ecstatic to find this thread. So far it's been a bit daunting managing this process with work and life in general, but I'm chipping away at the to-do list. I attended the informational session in mid-February and met with NP (Kaitlin) in mid-March. Since then I've watched the videos, completed my PCP documentation and blood panels, attended a sleep study (was diagnosed with apnea and will be fitted for a CPAP tomorrow), met with the dietitian (Ashley), completed my psych eval, and will attend my first follow-up session with Ashley this coming Monday. I hope at that point she clears me to attend the first nutritional class and to schedule a surgical consultation. Per Ashley's recommendation, I have observed the pre-op diet two nonconsecutive days a week throughout April and have modified other aspects of my diet. As you'd suspect, the insurance submission worries me most at this point. It seems like quite a bit of upfront work without any guarantee of approval. But after pondering bariatric surgery for years, I knew I wanted a great surgeon and would be willing to jump through the hoops. Whatever tips or thoughts you have, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.